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      God Damnit Church!!!

      4 years ago

      Caboose you just had to bring your best-friend back didn't you! smiley13.gif

      To our valued guests, (From Target)

      Target’s email service provider, Epsilon, recently informed us that their data system was exposed to unauthorized entry. As a result, your email address may have been accessed by an unauthorized party. Epsilon took immediate action to close the vulnerability and notified law enforcement.

      While no personally identifiable information, such as names and credit card information, was involved, we felt it was important to let you know that your email may have been compromised. Target would never ask for personal or financial information through email.
      Consider these tips to help protect your personal information online:

      * Don’t provide sensitive information through email. Regular email is not a secure method to transmit personal information.
      * Don’t provide sensitive information outside of a secure website. Legitimate companies will not attempt to collect personal information outside a secure website. If you are concerned, contact the organization represented in the email.
      * Don’t open emails from senders you don’t know.

      We sincerely regret that this incident occurred. Target takes information protection very seriously and will continue to work to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect personal information. Please contact [email protected] should you have any additional questions.


      Bonnie Gross
      Vice President, Marketing and Guest Engagement

      Dear Valued Best Buy Customer,

      On March 31, we were informed by Epsilon, a company we use to send emails to our customers, that files containing the email addresses of some Best Buy customers were accessed without authorization.

      We have been assured by Epsilon that the only information that may have been obtained was your email address and that the accessed files did not include any other information. A rigorous assessment by Epsilon determined that no other information is at risk. We are actively investigating to confirm this.

      For your security, however, we wanted to call this matter to your attention. We ask that you remain alert to any unusual or suspicious emails. As our experts at Geek Squad would tell you, be very cautious when opening links or attachments from unknown senders.

      In keeping with best industry security practices, Best Buy will never ask you to provide or confirm any information, including credit card numbers, unless you are on our secure e-commerce site, If you receive an email asking for personal information, delete it. It did not come from Best Buy.

      Our service provider has reported this incident to the appropriate authorities.

      We regret this has taken place and for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We take your privacy very seriously, and we will continue to work diligently to protect your personal information. For more information on keeping your data safe, please visit: .


      Barry Judge
      Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
      Best Buy

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      Stretch Armstrong

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      Really? I mean Really....

      If this movie makes money we deserve to be exterminated by superior life forms from some distant planet. Also, they are apparently making a Candy Land movie. smiley4.gif

      We already have a Super Hero with this power his name is Mr. Fantastic. Hollywood is full of morons!

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      Avatar 3

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      It's been announced that James Cameron will continue his successful 'Pocahontas' In Space' movie. Signing a deal for 2 & 3. So, lets think of all the wonderful Disney movies he can rip off. =) I think Toy Story 3 in space would be interesting, done with all Avatar toys and the villains could be Aliens. (If your to young and don't get the reference he directed Aliens, LoL.) Or maybe A3 could just merge with the Halo Live action movie. Master Chief shows up and kills all the blue guys while they start worshiping mysterious ancient technology as if they are the fucking Protoss from StarCraft. I mean the first film had every thing from Halo but a Spartan anyways. smiley4.gif

      *I will post links to any new information about A3 as it becomes available.* Feel free to Love and Hate on this thread. =)

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      We need - Last Visited

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      Any chance we will see a function added to user/member search that can sort out the users by the last time they logged in? Its really annoying when your trying to find local RvB fans and none of them have logged in for years. Side note, isn't time to start deleting non-sponsor inactive accounts anyways, lol... smiley8.gif

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      Halo Meets StarCraft Machinima Challenge

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      Over the years we have all drawn the very obvious connections between these two great brands.

      Ghost = Spartans
      Terran Orbital Drops = ODST
      Protoss = Covenant
      Zerg = Flood

      And so on...

      While, we may never know if the abounded Star Craft Ghost FPS was the ground work for Halo or if the abandoning of Halo as a RTSG lead to StarCraft we can all agree they both kick ass!

      After seeing this fan made video on YouTube:

      I wanted to offer a challenge to the RVB community. Who can top this? I know you can! At the very least get the head bobs going. I would love to see what you guys come up with. The only rule is there are no rules. ;) Hearing the StarCraft audio brought into the awesome world of Halo Machinima is a treat I'm sure lots of people would enjoy. If you want to spitball story ideas here or just msg me, I'm all ears!

      ""You wana piece of me?" "Come get some!" smiley12.gif

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      How much coke did Charlie Sheen do?

      4 years ago

      ......... Enough to kill Two and Half Men. :P

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      Was this game any good?!? Spoilers! Lots

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      Was it any good? Not sure... smiley5.gif I mean I still will hold out for GOW3 but I still feel that for $70 all I got was the rest of GOW1. I blame the story telling. It's like one big tease. And, while its good at keeping me coming back for more, I feel as a consumer taken advantage off. Most games have more than 8 hrs of story, sure it's not going to be a 40hr long shooter game, but come-on! GOW2 should have delivered a full and complete story; not 8 hrs of a broken storyline with no real meat, just bone. At least with Halo, you get scale and a crap load of story, so much story that 4 or 5 books have been written, as well as a comic, Halo Wars, and now Halo 3 Recon, and 8 seasons of RVB + 2 spin off's. smiley12.gif I would also like to highlight everything they are stealing from.

      1. Resident Evil or Halo or I am Legend or Star Craft... We don't know yet and it pisses me off. Are the Locust, Zombies, The Flood, Man Made, or the Zerg...

      2. Lord of The Rings... The scene with Dom and Marcus entering the hallow was so ripped out of the scene when they are on the cliffs outside the black gate.

      3. The Giant Worm... Hello Star Wars...

      4. The Leviathan... FFX Boss (and an overused water villain)

      5. Brumaks (Jurassic Park gone Wild? Or hello Rancor? “Master Luke your standing on... Goodness gracious me."

      6. The Lambent = The Flood?

      These are just ripped off from other great media machines, and while Cliffy B has done a great job of bringing them together, while not giving a rich history, like Halo, (Which just rips off Star Craft), but just a much greater detailed world then the first GOW. I mean the graphics have 100x more effort put into them than the story. And the whole Dom and Maria shit was freaking lame. After all the crazy battles they have been in, and with the Locust basically in control of the whole world, what rational person would ever think she was alive. And if you are going to have that story, then Maria should have at the very least been a follower of the COG order (whatever the F* that is...)

      A missed opportunity: I feel that I would have gotten a true GOW2 and $70 worth of game play if they would have just done the following 3 major things:

      1. During the Center where the “creatures of unknown origin where being created or grown or examined, they explain what the hell it is, why we are there, why they would have the location of the Locust queen, how long ago was it opened, why the government didn't investigate it sooner. And had Adam Fenix been there. Who the hell was Niles really and what was he researching.
      2. Why was the queen not a monster creature? How does she know Adam Fenix, what did she mean when she talked about him? Why should we wait another year + to find out, that's not cool. (Side note she could just be another Star Craft Rip Ie 'the Queen of Blades.")
      3. Maria should have had a back story other than Dom wife, the military would not risk the chance of losing the whole human race so Dom can find his (pu..y) Unless, she was of extreme importance. I would have like to see that she was the leaders daughter, or a religious prissiest or something, she needed to be more of a pillar, than just some black hair chick with no relation to the story than Dom had (s3x) with her and she was his wife.

      Am I let down? Yes and No. Is this a great game? Yes. Was it worth the year wait? No. Did it help enrich the story from GOW1 and let you in on what the hell is going on? Not really, just made you ask more questions. Is GOW3 going to be any good? Maybe? But, if they don't tell us sh^t in the story other than minor hits that they never answer, then I will sell off all my GOW stuff and claim it as an “Epic" failure.

      PS. To Epic- If you're afraid of getting sued from basically stealing from every other popular media out there, then why bother creating a story you don't want to tell with striking similarities to every other end of humanity game/movie ever? And if you say, well we just wanted to make a game like Halo, with cooler guns, and 3rd person instead of first, you should be fired.

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      NO Fing Way!!

      6 years ago

      Now... Ok I am going to go back and watch all 5 seasons again... I can see the story that Washington paints that could make Church an AI. But really? And the Director? Come on... I mean clearly if we accept this that would mean this is all about TEX. And his need to fill the void left by her death. So, TEX is really an AI, Beta Perhaps... Then there is the whole Caboose trying to Bring Church Back. Even if Epsilon, would be Churchs memories would the new Church have the memories of his RVB experience or would he even be Church, I mean the Ais all had very different personalities and Epsilon is just a different part of Alpha, not the whole thing which is what Wash is claiming Our Church to be, I mean "Our" Church had memories flash before him, because obviously he didn't have the memories of the process. But, all of these theories hang on the idea that the Director is really the same Church and "Our" Church is really an AI. I would have to say I am still not sold on that idea. Sure they may want us to believe that this is the whole truth, but maybe he really is a ghost, and the Director could be lying or maybe Church is the real thing and the Director is Alpha. This all hangs on the balance of whether or not: 1. Our Church survives the EMP, and 2. What happens when Caboose reactivates Epsilon. Until that happens I say its all speculation with no facts to prove it.

      Also, I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened to Donut. I mean we hear Tucker make a call to command but Sarge says when he is reassembling the Reds he cant get Donut, why? (Its most likely not related but I still want to know.)

      Please Leave Me You Thoughts ~Love, Brittany~ smiley12.gif

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      Has any one yet to unlock this on PC yet? My buddy is Ranked in the top 1000, but still has yet to get it... Has anyone even seen it unlocked yet? 10,000 kills in rank, its just crazyness smiley4.gif

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      Any Good?

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      The Title of this thread says it all lol, but is it? smiley10.gifsmiley10.gifsmiley10.gif

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      Wow, thanks! ;)

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      Hahaha! Caboose smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      "Brian...We want Brian!"

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      HI! Oh, cool.....great!! Glad you like it, we had a lot of fun with those songs! That's my daughter singing in the break on bye nikki bye....she was just a little kid then! 12 now!

      thanks for writing!

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      4 years ago

      Thank you! Glad you liked it. Jeff (user Williams on the site, who has been doing the music for RvB recently) was a HUGE part of the sound -- we co-wrote almost every song on that record, and you can thank him for the arrangements, the crazy polyphonic guitars, etc etc.

      Anyway, thank you!

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      I see you got Joel's award, God Damnit he got to you first. Thanks for joining the group.

      LoL I have had that for years :) He is one funny dude!

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      Cassner Hail Hydra

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      I see you got Joel's award, God Damnit he got to you first. Thanks for joining the group.

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      i thought id say hi as we have not spoke in a while?

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      Thats great, im happy to hear that, its an historic event for any president, so +1 cool on that...