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    • Holy Shit.

      1 year ago


      Hey guys, I know haven’t been active at all on this site in years, but I just have to say:

      After watching what is probably the best Death Battle this year so far, I was just speechless seeing what the next fight is going to be, which is the one fight I’ve wanted the most ever since I started watching the show. I know I haven’t made a blog in over 2 years, but after seeing that Sora vs Pit teaser, I wanna do SOMETHING before the fight comes out, whether it be a prediction blog or just another re-do of my Sora blog back then (which I’ll admit now, is badly written in certain sections and I’d definitely improve it today), though I might be lazy again and do nothing, who knows. I’m just extremely hyped that this fight is finally happening.

      That is all. If anyone actually bothers to read this, then see you again in another two years or so LMAO.

      Nah but seriously, anyone still wants to chat or just be in touch with me in anyway, I’m on Discord a lot, so message me or send a friend request at: 

      Nick Memes#7285

    • Grand-Blazer asked nick6464 a question

      Hey Nick. I don't know if you have come around here anymore, but any chance you have a Discord or Skype account? The former would be preferable, but I'll take what I can get.

      Answered: May 22, 2017

      Sorry GB, I haven't used this site in months lol (I've kinda lost interest in Death Battle and making blogs as a whole), but yes I do indeed have a discord: Nick Memes#6694


      3 years ago

      nick6464 HELL YEAH!! For those who don't get it, a while back when I made my top ten most when death battles, my 3rd most wanted fight was Mewtwo vs Shadow. I didn't care that Mewtwo Vs Silver, Frieza, or Darkwargreymon was more likely, this is what I wanted. But now it's happening, YAYYYYYY!!

    • 3 years ago

    • Calling Fellow G1s!

      3 years ago


      Well, this is interesting. Hello guys! For those don't know (don't worry, there's not a lot of you who already do), I'm nick6464, formerly known of nick64_64 back in screwattack. I just got on here I hope to find fellow G1s. If you're a G1 who I know/subbed to back on the original SA, then please comment on here or send a friend request, or whatever you do on this site (again, still getting used to this). Well that was all.

      Edit: Alright so if you're a G1 who just transitioned on to the website also, you may want to join this group: It's basically where all the g1s are gonna chill at to find each other. I might make a Death Battle g1 group but maybe not

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    • Top Ten OTHER Death Battles I Want to see!

      3 years ago




      Now, if you were to bring back any combatant(s) from a previous Death Battle for round 2, who would you want? Think about that for a sec. There have been a lot of fights where the fighters would have fit much better for another combatant. Namely, a majority of Season 1 had a bunch of fights which were very underrated and were probably made due to the creators wanting them even if they weren't requested. Now if I were to bring any combatant back, I would want this: 


      Number 10: Master Chief vs Samus Aran

      Let's be honest, put of all the fights with previous combatants in them, this one is the most requested of them, and while have had 3 Death Battles with already used combatants (Leo vs Zitz, Batman vs Captain America, and Charizard vs Greymon), it wouldn't hurt to have a couple more. I like the concept of this fight a lot. Both of these fighters are heros in space to defeat evil within their galaxies, and we haven't had a Nintendo vs Microsoft fight so there's always that. Plus, in the case that Ben and Chad are making a huge death battle that will take a while, they can always make this since they have the research and a prediction blog to go by, they just have to think who would win and animate it, so it can take maybe a couple weeks. Plus, the other reason that I particularly want this fight is because of haloid, a little film animated by Monty Oum in 2007 which made him popular, and although they did make Samus vs Aran remaster and Yang vs Tifa in honor of Monty's death, I think that this would also be a great fight to honor Monty's greatness. But hey that's my opinion. Now for who would win, I... don't quite know, Both of them have huge arsenals and weapons to use, along with many feats to go off of, but I just don't know. However from what I've read online most seem to think Samus wins this, even though have doubts.


      Number 9: Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn

      Ok I lied, there's another fight that would be great for Monty. Now this fight has been in mind ever since I've seen RWBY, and may I just say this fight makes a lot of sense. Both of them are badass, female, scythe-wielding protagonists who go Weapon academy's to train to defeat evil. Now I haven't watched Soul eater, but from what I know she wields a weapon called Soul Eater, who is actually a person who can change from either form at any time, and since Maka and Soul's are connected, Maka is able to wield Soul and use him to great effect. Ruby Rose was once your ordinary teenager, going to a weapon wielding school, but one day when robbers stealed from a dust shop, she was able to defend from them and because of this go to Beacon academy two years ahead. Now initially I did want Ruby to fight Marluxia from Kingdom hearts, since they both wield scythes and are similarities to flowers, but they dont have much in common beyond that. Now for who would win, it's greatly in maka's favor. Why? Well, while Ruby does have an advantage with speed and long range with a sniper rifle, Maka trumps in everything else having more experince and destructive capability, plus RWBY is still a relatively short series, so the series just needs to evole and eventually Ruby may have some more feats and giving Ruby more experince. Also, anything to get my Waifu in a fight is a Thumbs up for me.


      Number 8: Mewtwo vs Blackwargreymon

      Yes, while I did have Mewtwo vs Shadow as number 4 on my original list, this actually a fight that I've wanted to see for a while. Not only is it a very close Pokemon vs Digimon fight, its also a fight where both combatants have similar backgrounds. Both were genetically created beings copied from another being (being Mew and Wargreymon), and were made to be weapons os mass destructions, while both of them also being bad ass anti heroes. Also, most people tend to agree that this is probably the closest PokeDigi fight out there, as shown with this prediction blog. Now for who would win, I think it should go to Mewtwo. Both of them have insane destructive capability being about even, however Mewtwo speed blitzes Blackwargreymon along with being much more intelligent. However if Blackwargreymon is considered to be dark type and/or DB doesn't use a composite Mewtwo with mega evolutions, then this fight goes to Blackwargreymon easily since Mewtwo would be much less effective against him.


      Number 7: Jigglypuff vs Hatsune Miku

      (Note: I actually had to make this image since there was none I could find on the internet. Feel free to use as you please.)

      Now a long time ago, I made a Death Analysis for Jigglypuff. Now without a doubt it was the easiest blog I've ever made, but surprisingly if you were to search up on your browser "Jigglypuff Death battle" or anything along those lines, my blog would come up first in searches (#Winning). But anyways, when I made that blog, the only combatant I could find was hatsune miku, since Kirby is way too OP and fluttershy doesn't make any sense. Now the reason I want this fight is not only because I listed it in my Death Analysis, but also because it actually has a cool concept to it. Both of them are the most popular singers in fictional history, and honestly while Jigglypuff is a glass cannon, Miku hasn't shown much canon fighting experince aside from using a leek as a weapon. So because of this, they are evenly matched because they're both very weak, and they'll have to fight eachother using their signing and very little things they use for battle. I honestly don't know who would win but this would probably be the best joke fight DB ever has if this happens.


      Number 6: Larxene vs Phosphora

      Alright, this is the first KH fight on this list and it will not be the last. But anyways, DB seriously needs to get some elemental fights. We've only had 3 so far and we are definitely in need of some more, and why not have it be a cat fight since we barely find those too? Larxene and Phosphora are very similar in that they both use Electricity as their main weapon, but both of them in different ways. Phosphora has insane destructive capablity with her lightning, while also able to fly and move around like a Lightning bolt. Larxene on the other hand while not being as destructive, she's able to create clones of herself as she needs to and uses kunais as her main weapon, while also being able to mix electricity in there too. Not only that but it's also A Kingdom hearts vs Kid Icarus fight which I also like in particular so it can be a good fight too. Now I don't know who would win but this will be very close nontheless.


      Number 5: Natsu vs Haru

      Now if you have seen a certain other g1's top ten death battles they want to see, then you'll notice that Natsu vs Haru is very high on the list, and while I haven't seen either Anime that much (DONT KILL ME PLEASE). I do think that it should happen. Why? Well, Natsu in general is highly requested to be in Death battle and while there are other good suggestions such as Luffy and Tsuna, this one makes the most sense since they had a crossover and they do have some similarities there and there too. With Natsu's dragon slayer fire against Haru's ten commandment powers (I kid you not that's what it's called), this can make for a very good fight too.


      Number 4: Zero vs Meta Knight

      "So a lot of people of have been-" NO! Not THAT Zero. (Seriously though, that guy is a legitmate smash player and is currently the best Smash 4 player right now, and he played MK in brawl). Anyways, while this was a OMM, that doesn't mean it has to be just that. It has been highly reuqested and sooner or later they're gonna have to do this fight. Why? Well, both of these characters are two of the most badass anti-heroes in video games, and both of them wield a very powerful blade too. For who's gonna win, I think MK will win. If you have read Kirby Kid's MK blog, you'll know that MK is one powerful motherf*cker with his very powerful tornados and his infamous feat where he travels from one end of the galaxy to another in seconds. Zero however still has a chance since he is no slouch in speed either and his saber could be good enough to kill MK since it's a freakin lightsaber (well, not really but it's basically the same thing).


      Now let's talk about Silver from the Sonic the hedgehog franchise. On my original list I said that Mewtwo vs Silver just doesn't line up well as a matchup. Aside from both being psychics, neither of them didn't have much in common plus it can be a stomp depeding on what is included (Mega-evolution, Chaos emeralds, archie feats, etc). However that doesn't mean I don't want Silver in a death battle. I like Silver as a character but his most requested matchups (Mewtwo and Trunks) aren't really good imo. Luckily there's one matchup that although not really requested, is a really good matchup nonetheless:

      Number 3: Silver vs Ness

      Now HERE's a fight that would be epic, and make a lot of sense too. Both are are teenage boys (yes silver is that young) that come from a futuristic timeline that time travel and, most importantly, they're both psychics. Silver uses his psychokinesis to move objects, destroy objects, hover, and even go supersonic speeds while hovering. He is also able to use Chaos Emeralds to go super form and use chaos control. Ness, while not exactly being a psychic, has a huge amount of abilties uncluding psi freeze, psi rockin, psi fire, and his nuke-equivalent destructive power of psi starstorm, along with wielding a baseball bat and yoyo. Now for who would win I think it is close and can go either way. You can argue that Silver wins due to Super form, but you can argue Ness can last long enough and heal himself while also having more destructive capability. Either way this can be a very entertaining fight, and in the end whoever wins will be saying it's no use.


      Number 2: Blue vs Gary/Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck

      OK OK I know ties on Top 10s get people mad, but please hear me out. I was gonna make number 10 be an honorable mention, but I couldn't decide which one of these two fights really deserved to be number two. So, I just made them a tie since both of them have somewhat similar concepts, and technically there is actually a third fight that would be here, being Dark Pit vs Roxas, but since Sora vs Pit is my most wanted fight I thought it would be cheating, plus I already made a prediction blog for that, and it's no big deal. Anyways back on topic, both of these fights are follow up fights from list, Ash vs Red and Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse.

      For Gary vs Blue, both of them of rivals of the two most iconic trainers of all of the pokemon franchise, and moreover these two are actually more copies of eachother than Red and Ash. Gary is Ash's first rival in the anime, being one of the biggest assholes in all of the anime, with cheerleaders with him where ever he goes and getting 10 gym badges in the KANTO region only. I'm not joking. Blue (or green, whatever you wanna call him, I call him both), is a bit less of an asshole and more of a respectable character than Gary, even being the champion for a little while in Kanto. Now I seriously don't know who would win, but if they were to use their most recent/most canon teams, I think it can go either way.

      For Daffy vs Donald, both of them are the two most known Ducks in all of fiction and cartoons, and both of them have a lot of similarities, most notably both of them being extremely angry and grumpy in a lot of situations. Daffy comes from the looney tunes universe being best friend to bugs bunny (if you can even call him that) and Donald comes from the Disney universe being Mickey Mouse's best friend. Both of them also have extremely over the top abilities, with Daffy at one point fighting in space and becoming a super hero, and Donald being a wizard and huge user in Magic in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I don't know who would




      Number 1: Axel vs Zuko



    • Top Ten Favorite Video Games Of All Time!

      4 years ago


      Number 10: The Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

      And now you're all mad that I didn't put Orcarina of Time or Majora's Mask on here, but you know, I'm personally not a fan of the 3D zelda games, but I still love the 2D games, and this is my personal favorite Zelda game. This game took what Link to the past had, but made you feel more powerful, made this between toon graphics and realistic graphics, gave you a bigger arsenal, and also smoothed out everything. Link Between Worlds has a huge amount of dungeons and boss fights that are memorable, and unlike most zelda games, this actually gives you the master sword very early on, which you can shoot beams out of and upgrade later on to give it more damage. The graphics are great for the 3ds, as wile it may not be 3d like OoT 3D or MM 3D, it still has great graphics in a overview perspective (similar to Pokemon X and Y/ORAS). The game's puzzles are not particulary lacking, as the puzzles are difficult and long like a lot of zelda games, and there's plenty of them with the amount of dungeons and side dungeons. The innovations in this game are great too, as you can upgrade all of your items, and you can merge into walls allowing different types of puzzles for you to solve. Unlike most Zelda games where you have to unlock items with dungeons/side quests, you actually rent/buy them in ravio's shop, as this means you can actually get every item in the game if you get enough rupees, which is a bit easier than most zelda games. Overall, this is my favorite zelda game, though that may change when if I ever play Wind Waker.

      Number 9: Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

      Now, one thing I need to admit is that I am a Sony AND Nintendo fan, so you're gonna see both on this list, and I'm also a fan of THIRD person shooters, not first person, so you're also gonna see that too. Now, Up Your Arsenal is considered to be the best Ratchet and Clank in the series, and for good reason. This game had the perfect balance of Puzzles and Combat, and, like every other game in the series, had a huge amount of weapons. The platforming is at it's finest, the boss fights were great, the story wasn't confusing as hell, and had enough difficulty to satisfy you. While Crack in Time, Deadlocked, and Into the Nexus are close seconds as best Ratchat and Clank game, I personally like this game over the others because the arena is actually harder than the others and this game has a story that's not confusing. The game has puzzles that, although not incredibly difficult, are still entertaining, and the boss fights are still hard enough for you to do them over and over again until you succeed. The arena is still hard and fun, as in the arena you must do certain challenges under certain circumstances without dying, as if you die, you must start over or quit. The game has enough post game content to last for a while, and if you complete the game, you can play it again but with a bunch of add ons to it. Overall, this game is very fun for a Third person shooter/platformer.

      Number 8: Infamous

      Once again, I'm a sony fan. But yeah, I've mentioned before that I like Infamous a lot, and for good reason. When I first played this game, I could feel how dark the story was, and it had great gameplay with the electricity mechanics. The game is very different from most 3rd person shooters, as unlike most which you use a gun, you use lightning and electricity, as any attack you do will use up a meter for your electricity, such as lightning grenades, lightning blasts, lightnig from the sky, etc, and you can refil the meter by absorbing electricity from generators, cars, or any abject that uses up electricity. The story is that there is a virus spreading, so the government decides to quarantine empire city, the city which Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, lives in. There is a type of person called a conduit, a person with a power over something, and Cole MacGrath is a conduit who has powers over electricity, and with gangs growing in mpire city, he has to use his conduit powers to save the city. Along the way, he has to maintain a relationship, deal with betrayl and being heart broken multiple times, and has to fight his future self who goes back in time to prepare his past self to... you know what it's very complicated but I like storylines that are very complicated to understand. This game also is very unique with the karma system, a mechanic that make you good or evil depending on the things you do, and it will effect the storyline and types of electricity you use later on in the game. This game also screams darker themes, as there are multiple things in the game that makes it dark, such as gangs, post-apocalyptic-ness, murder, rape, and viruses, and every infamous game after this is made happier and brighter by a lot (though first light is kinda dark too). Also, this game seems to be a bit longer than Infamous 2 or second son, though that's just my opinion and 2/second son might actually be longer. Overall Infamous, and the rest of the series, is very unique, and it ranks at number 8.

      Number 7: Cave Story

      Now we're actually getting to the fantastic games on this list. Now with Cave Story, the game is actually, in my opinion, the best indie game of all time (unless you count number 5), and this game was a game completely made by one man, Pixel, and he made the sprites, coding, story, everything. This game I personally love because it combines a lot of classic NES and SNES games into one game, while giving a bunch of new innovations. This game was one of the very first, if not the first, examples of an indie game, as it showed it doesn't matter how many or who is maing a game, it can still be a great game. The game itself is fantastic, as it's sprites and 2D animations are great for graphics, and it's gameplay is very fun. The game may be a lot of trial and error (especially in hard mode, where one hit = basically a death), but it is very fun nonetheless. The game is a mix of Mega Man, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, and Castlevania, except on a much larger scale and faster paced. And much harder too. The game is a 2D platformer/shooter, and it does a great job at both, and you are given the most insane of weapons throughout the game. The Game's story is probably the most or 2nd most complicated on the list, as there are multiple enemies with different purposes, a lot of lore, and lot of deaths (like if you cri evry tiem). In the game, you play as a robot named Quote, who has amnesia, and iss sent to a floating island to save the amiga race and stop the doctor. Overall the game is very hard and fun as a nice throwback to classics and ranks at number 7.

      Number 6: Super Mario Galaxy

      Now, I actually have played every main mario game except super mario 64, and even then, this will still probably be my favorite mario game. Yeah, Supr Mario Galaxy, im my opinion, perfected Mario platforming. The game is very fun for it's innovations and levels. The story is made to be a bit more complex than most other mario games. The game's planet/space physics are very innovative and fun, and the controls are very smooth that makes this game very easy and understandable to play. Also, while game does not give you any new moves or anything like that from beginning to end, yet there is a great feel of growth and satisfaction with the amount of power stars you get throughout the game, and the different types/variety of levels and power ups in the game gives the game a feeling that there's never a time where something feels recycled or used over and over again (something which Mario games usually have a bad job of doing). In Super Mario Galaxy, not only do you have to save Peach from bowser, but you also have to have to collect power stars and grand stars to power the comet observatory, the main hub world of the game, and you'll have help from Rosalina, the queen/pilot/whatever you call it of the comet observatory. The physics and controls of the game feels very smoothed out, and the game somehow captures the feeling of moving from planet to planet or having different types of gravity, and it feels very satisfactory too. Now. in case you were wondering, the only honorable mentions in best Marios games for me would be Galaxy 2, SMB3, and New Super Mario Bros.

      Number 5: Minecraft

      *Sigh* yes I like this game. Now, before you get mad about me putting this game high, just remember the only reason the game would be considered bad is because of the children fanbase, NOT the game itself. But anyways, when I found out about this game 2 years ago, my mind was blown about how big the game was and how much of a sand box it really was. The fact that you can pretty much do whatever you want in Minecraft, limited only by imagination, effort, internet, and how willing you are to get a mod in minecraft that you would risk getting a virus on your computer, but mostly imagination. The main point of the game is to mine, make a house, farm, mine, get all of the achievements, mine some more, craft, kill the ender dragon, and many, many more things. In the game you can do many things, even with just Vanilla, such as mine, kill living things, farm, make a house, and just a bunch of things you can do in real life, except there's a bit more illogical things in the game and you get some strange satisfaction from the things you do. Even just hearing a block break, you still have some strange satisfaction that is hard to find in other games. The amount of mods in the game is pretty much insane, and there's even mods that add whole types of items and mods and dozens different types of a lot of the blocks already in the game. The fanbase is a bit annoying sometimes (With the fanbase mostly filled with 8 and 9 year olds), but the amount of popularity the game has reached is insane, with many videos, songs, and series on youtube made just for that. In fact, minecraft is actually the 3rd best selling video game of all time, right behind Wii sports and Tetris. Even with a game like minecraft, with how simple it can be, it can still be very fun and very complex, and it ranks at number 5.

      Now, these next 4 games are the games I consider to be the "Top Tier" of my favorites. Any of the next 4 games can easily be number 1, but it truly depends on my mood at the time, so I am mostly going to place these next four not only order of mood/preference, but also based on how they mean't to me my whole life and how much they effected my life as a whole. Yes, that's how much I like these games. These games, whether you like them or not, are my favorite games of all time, and I consider them masterpieces.

      Number 4: Sonic Unleashed

      If you have seen my top ten favorite sonic games, then you probably saw this coming. Also, due to time constraints and laziness, I am decided to copy paste why I liked this game from that top ten. ?

      Now before I go on to say why I like this game, let me just ask you 3 questions: 1. Did you see this game coming? 2. Do you think this is one of the worst sonic games? 3. Doesn't the box art look extremely badass? Next, let's address the issues. Let me address the main complaints with this game. Yes, this game has lag, BUT ONLY FOR ONE LEVEL AND THAT'S ONLY FOR ADABAT DAY! Yes, this game had werehog levels which are basically beat'em ups, but I like those levels, and I'll explain why later. Yes, this game can be a little bit hard at times but if you're good at the game, it won't be as hard. Those are the all the complaints with this game.

      Ok, you see, this game is what I like to call the TRUE end of the dark ages of sonic, and is the best sonic game of all time. The first thing that got me to like this game was the main theme song, Endless Possibilities. Now, without a doubt, Endless Possiblities is the best sonic songs of all time, though City Escape, His world (Zebrahead version), and Reach For the Stars are close seconds. The Endless Possibilities is the song that can really get you happy and hyped for something, which is what it did for me. Now, the graphics were FANTASTIC for its time, and are still the best games graphically (Generations sarcificed graphics for frame rate and Lost World is very close). The graphics on the PS3/360 have great detail, especially for the werehog, and the PS2 version had great graphics for the PS2 system too. This game was also the first game to use the hedgehog engine, a new Sonic game physics engine which was made for the newer consoles and was technically the last thing Yuji Naka, the father of sonic, created before leaving Sega. The hedgehog engine allowed for better graphics to be displayed and beautiful backgrounds to be displayed too. This game was also first Main Series sonic game to utilize the boost. The only 2 other sonic games to use this were Riders and Secret Rings, though they weren't really popular. The boost functions like this: after defeating enemies or collecting rings, you fill up the boost meter which allows you to boost extremely fast while being able to kill enemies while in the boost. This replaced spin dash, and it was a nice alternative since you didn't need to charge it up for a while to use it. However, the biggest reason why I like this game the same reason any SEGA fan should like any sonic game: Speed. This game is WAY faster than any sonic game. Faster than Rush, advance, Generations, Colors, or Secret Rings. Because of its speed, this makes this game harder, fast paced, and feeling like a roller coaster. Another great thing about this game is that in the PS3/360 version, you can literally level up your stats. I am not joking. After you kill an enemy, you gain experience, which you use to put in a particular stat, as for day stages you can increase you speed and boost meter, and for werehog you can boost strength, hp, combos, shield, and unleashed form.

      Speaking of Werehog, this game tried to be innovative with beat'em up werehog sections. And it freaking worked. Now, I don't usually play beat'em ups that often, but this game's Werehog stages were great as they have huge, fun combos you can do and the werehog stages are a nice break from the fast paced Day stages, but that's my opinion. This game also has one of the best stories in all of sonic games, as the story gets kinda deep, but not too deep compared to 06. With a new character/sidekick in chip, this is sadly the only game he is in, as in the ending (SPOILER ALERT) he sacrifices himself to save sonic and the planet, and with the game as you learn more about him and start he's not as annoying as Omachao or Tails, you really do feel sad for the ending. The boss fights in this game are also pretty good, as since this game had platformer bosses and beat'em up bosses to work with, they got pretty good, though you do only get to fight Eggman's robots and Dark Gaia monsters, which, although are fun/slightly challenging to fight, there's not much else, as in no fights with any other types of monsters or other sonic characters, such as Shadow or Knuckles. This game, overall, is a masterpiece, and although it may not be my favorite game of all time, it is extremely close.

      Number 3: Pokemon Black and White

      Now this is by far one of the most underrated games of all time, and the best pokemon too. Now I am a huge fan of RPGs, and one of the biggest things a person would like about an RPG is story, and most other pokemon very lacking in that area (Bar B2W2, colleseum, xd gale of darkness, and the mystery dungeon games). Pokemon Black and White are also very great for the new pokemon in generation 5. Yes, while there are some pokemon people hate in Gen 5 *COUGH*stunfisk*COUGH*. But there are a bunch of original ideas that they never thought of before, such as Hydreigon, based off a hydra, Samurott, based on an otter, and, my favorite pokemon of all time, emboar, which is based off a pig and bacon, since it is literally cooked pig. In Pokemon Black and White, the story gets a bit more complex and very realistic, as the evil new team, Team Plasma, makes you think if pokemon battling is really just for fun and if all trainer in the pokemon-verse are really nice to their pokemon. In fact, a lot of people compare Team Plasma in pokemon to PETA irl. Pokemon Black and White also introduced many new things in pokemon battling itself, such as Triple Battles, Rotation Battles, and Dream World abilities, all of which gives pokemon battling a lot more possibilities itself. Now, something you may notice is that there is only the box art for pokemon white for the image. That's because while I haved played both games, I like Zekrom more than Reshiram, and White Forest more than Black City, though they still count as the same game. Pokemon Black and White also made a big graphical update over Gen 4, as while Gen 5 is also for the DS, there were still graphical improvements made, such the 3D buildings in the game felt a bit more 3D, the pokemon sprites were animated, and most of the animations for everything feels a bit more smoothed out and HD-ified. The only games that come close this are Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Pokemon B2W2, and Pokemon Red/Blue/Green, and if they made a 3ds/new 3ds remmake of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green, then that would probably be my favorite pokemon game (Mostly due to the fact that for some reason, I'm just not a fan of Firered/Leafgreen). Overall, Pokemon Black and White made a lot of innovations and improvements among pokemon games, and they still have a story that no other pokemon game can top, and this game ranks as my 3rd favorite game of all time.

      Number 2: Kingdom Hearts 2

      Seeing as though 2 of the DB blogs I've done so far are Kingdom Hearts related, and the fact that I've said that I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, you probably saw this coming (unless this is thr first blog of mine that you've read, then you probably had no idea this game would be so high).

      Number 1: Project M

    • Death Analysis! The Singing, Pink, Balloon, Puffball, Pokemon!

      4 years ago



      Name: Jigglypuff

      Height: 1'08"

      Weight: 12.1 lbs.

      Pokedex Number: 39

      Type: Normal/Fairy

      Jigglypuff, the balloon Pokemon, evolves from Igglybuff, and evolves into Wigglytuff. It is the 39th pokemon in the pokedex and from the region Kanto. Jigglypuff is known for being one of the most popular Pokeon in the franchise, appearing in the main games and Smash Bros. Jigglypuff is also known for its singing, being one of the only Pokemon to actually sing very well, not just using the move. In the pokedex entries for Jigglypuff, it is known for singing to put people to sleep, as nothing can avoid going to sleep if it hears it sing. However in one of the pokedex entries (Pokemon Ruby specifically) it can freely adjust the wavelength of its voice, as at the precise wavelength, it can make foes more drowsy than for a normal sleep. Jigglypuff is also very light and mallaeble. Because of this, she is able to float in the air for a very long time, which gives her great mobility. In the anime, Jigglypuff would get really mad a lot, mostly when people fell asleep when she sings.

      Base Stats

      Hp: 115
      Attack: 45
      Defense: 20
      Special Attack: 45
      Special Defense: 25
      Speed: 20

      Even for a middle evolved pokemon, its stats are very below average. It has frail defenses, a very slow speed, and passable offensive stats, for a mid-evolved pokemon. However, its true strength lies in its very high hp stat, which even for legendaries and fully evolved pokemon, it is very good. With its high hp, it makes its low defenses seem not that bad.

      For those of you wondering, I will be using moves from level-up and Smash Bros.


      Accuracy: 55
      Power: None
      Type: Normal

      Jigglypuff's signature move, it can put anyone who hears it to sleep. In the main games the move itself has a very low accuracy, being very unreliable, and in smash it has a short distance, which can make sing useless.


      Accuracy: 100
      Power: 40
      Type: Normal

      Pound is a weak move that has no competitive use in the main games. In smash, when Jigglypuff uses this in the air, it makes her float in the air, and it has decent damage. It never misses.

      Defense Curl

      Accuracy: None
      Power: None
      Type: Normal

      Defense Curl increases Jigglyouff's frail defense, and it increases damage of the move rollout.


      Accuracy: 90
      Power: 30
      Type: Rock

      Rollout is a rock type move that is also very weak, but it hits most of the time and can be charged to be faster and more powerful. In fact, in smash, a maximum charged rollout is faster than Sonic, who, claimed by Death Battle, runs at 785 mph. If it hits more than once it becomes more powerful, and can be more powerful if the user uses defense curl.

      Double Slap

      Accuracy: 85
      Power: 15 - 75
      Type: Normal

      Double Slap is a multi-hit move that can be hit 2-5 times, even though the move clearly says double slap. It can hit most of the time and can wombo combo foes.


      Accuracy: 100
      Power: 120
      Type: Normal

      One of Jigglypuff's best moves, double edge is a move with high power and hits no matter what. However it has a huge flaw with that is has recoil, doing 25% of the damage done to the foe.

      Hyper Voice

      Accuracy: !00
      Power: 90
      Type: Normal

      One of the other sound-related attacks Jigglypuff has, it is one of the only special attacks Jigglypuff can learn naturally. It has no negative effects, kinda powerful, and always hits.

      Disarming Voice

      Accuracy: -
      Power: 40
      Type: Fairy

      Another sound based move, but fairy. It is weak, but hits no matter what, even with an accuracy drop.


      Accuracy: -
      Power: ???
      Type: Normal
      Effect /Physical

      Rest is a move that completely heals Jigglypuff, but puts Jigglypuff to sleep, and she can only wake up from it after a few seconds or by getting hit. However in Smash Bros, it is one of the most powerful moves in the series. In Snakes Codec in Brawl it is said that when it sleeps from rest, there is "a huge build up energy in the center of its gravity". Now how much power it has in the main games if it were to hit is never confirmed in any of the main games. However, I was able to find out how much power it is by doing some math/calculations with smash and the main games by comparing it to pound:

      Pound's Power in Main Games = 40

      Pound's Damage in Smash 4 = 11%

      40 / 11 = 3.64 Power (Main Games) per Percent Damage (Smash)

      Rest's Damage in Smash 4 = 55% (20% initial hit, 35% from flower damage)

      3.64 * 55 = 200.2 Power (Main Games)

      While this is just a theory, it was the best way to find out how much power rest is in the main games. Nontheless, if rest were to hit, it would be extremely powerful, being the best move JIgglypuff. Plus, it heals.

      Puff Up

      Accuracy: -
      Power: None?
      Type: Normal

      JIgglypuff's final smash, Jigglypuff puffs up, becoming extremely larger than its normal size, while being invulnerable. It keeps sucking in air until it reaches its maximum size, and then bows out all te air, blowing all its enemies no matter what, while doing some slight actual damage (7%).


      Cute Charm
      When JIgglypuff is hit, there is a 30% chance that the opponent of the opposite gender will become infatuated, making it unable to attack.

      If any of Jigglypuff's stats decrease, then Jigglypuuf's special attack gets raised sharply.

      Type Effectiveness
      Jigglypuff is a Normal/Fairy type, so it resists Bug and Dark moves, is immune to Ghost and Dragon Moves, and is Weak to Steel and Poison moves.



      • Wide Variety of Moves
      • Can increase Defense with Defenese Curl
      • High Hp
      • Can heal with Rest
      • Has Status Moves
      • Very good mobility due to mallaebility
      • Powerful Moves with Rest, Double Edge, Hyper Voice, and Rollout (with Defense Curl and max charged)
      • Resists Bug and Dark
      • Immune to Ghost and Dragon
      • Hungrybox's jigglypuff in melee is too strong


      • Very frail defenses
      • Very below average attack stats
      • Rest can leave Jigglypuff vulnerable
      • Recoil damage with Double Edge
      • Very Slow Speed Stat
      • Weak to Poison and Steel

      Final Thoughts
      Overall, Jigglypuff is a pokemon that could very well be in a Death Battle. Now I tried looking for combatants for JIgglypuff, but...... there is literaly near nothing Jigglypuff could fight in a Death Battle. Kirby is a good idea but... he can crack a planet in half. The only combatant jigglypuff could fight ever in a Death Battle (that would be near evenly matched and fair) is:

      Ok, bear with me, but this is the ONLY combatant that is similar to jigglypuff enough in terms of Physicality and Similarities. They are both good female singers that can have a huge temper when singing. I have done a tiny bit of research on hatsune miku (mostly thanks to my best freind IRL being a vocaloid fan), and hatsune miku is a bit tougher than she looks, but not incredibly strong, just like jigglypuff. If Jigglypuff vs Hatsune Miku ever happens (as a fight or a sing-off) it would be such a hilarious joke fight for the show, espacially considering who is in it. 

      That is all for my blog which I hope you liked. I am sorry if there was not much info, but Jigglypuff lacked source material Death-Battle wise, especially considering what Jigglypuff actually is: a singing, pink, balloon, pokemon. That is all and I'll see you next time.

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