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    • The last year

      5 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      So a year ago today I got an email that would change my life..... kinda

      I was in the middle of organizing the 2012 RvB NZ (we have since become Rooster Sheep)
      and was trying to find out if it would be possible if anyone from Rooster Teeth would be in our area around the time of it.
      Any way this particular morning I woke up to an email from Chris Demarais who I had met a month earlier whilst traveling round the states
      The email was very simple it said that unfortunately they would be heading down to NZ a month after my event but as I was involved with film would I be keen to help them out with a shoot.

      I of-course said yes, as any die hard fan would do, and from that moment was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what I'd be helping them with.
      After going through all of the legal stuff we set up a skype session and Kerry & Chris told me of their plan to walk from Matamata to Ngauruhoe
      They, at that point, gave me the option to back out and just provide road support (like my sister ended up doing) but I was committed to be a part of that walk.

      After that I had about 6 weeks to get myself into reasonable shape. I started out by going for run's to increase my general fitness but then realized that I was improving the wrong mussels. So I set about going on long walks, at least 4 days a week I would go for walk, at first they were relatively short at only 10km which would take about 2 hours but as the weeks went on I would go on 20 or 30 km walks carrying a school bag full of history books and dictionaries to simulate carrying a pack.

      I got a lot of questions as to what I was doing and every time I just said I was going to film a documentary that requires me to be fit.

      As well as walking I also did as much research as possible into the route that we would take as I knew the land better than Kerry & Chris
      and at one point drove the route that we would be walking to find camping spots and mark GPS points along the way.

      Finally the time came and picked up the boys from the airport and we headed to Matamata to start our epic adventure which is pretty well documented....

      If you haven't seen it you probably should......

      220 km -ish later and we were done and packing up our things, racing to the airport (I freaked Chris out with my driving) and I was saying good buy to these two amazing guys who I'd become good friends with over the prior week.

      And then life went back to normal, I was battered, broken and had done this amazing thing but couldn't tell anyone about it.....

      A couple of weeks later Chris sent me a rough cut of the first episode and I got to relive it all over again.
      The cutting was great, the fx beautiful and my camerawork didn't suck!

      Chis and Caiti (From Roo Teeth) then told me to get a twitter so I set one up thinking I may get a couple of dozen followers.
      I honestly had not even considered that side of it but figured it maybe a good way to promote my fan event.

      As more and more ep's came out I had people sending me messages to my Rooster Teeth account, twitter and even a few to my facebook.
      All of which I tried to answer.

      I had not being planning to attend RTX but laying awake one night the idea was playing around in the back of my mind so just out of curiosity I decided to see how much it would cost and whether I could afford it. It turned out that if I maybe able to do it if I cut costs everywhere I could.

      So I set about planning everything and at the start of July 2013 I flew out of NZ on my 20 hour trip to Austin.

      We made it into Ausitn at about midnight and were picked up by Chris who let us stay with him, at this point I need to thank Chris so much for letting us stay with him and easing some of the financial burden of the trip.

      In the days leading up to the event we explored Austin and hung out with the Rooster Teeth crew.
      Everyone there was awesome and really welcoming a lot of them already knew me which I didn't quite expect.
      Gavin's double take when I walked in was priceless. I got to talk about cartoons with Miles, dance with Monty and drink with Joel whilst he told me how much NZ internet sucked.

      Then there was RTX itself, I had never been to any thing like it, there were tons of people, lots of games I didn't understand and interesting panels to go to. I loved just wandering around the con floor and seeing everything. As you can see from the RT Life ice cream and fire balls Allen got me quite drunk on the first night of the con and I still was when I woke up the next morning so I apologize for all the people that have my messy signature ruining there otherwise nice posters. Oh and whilst I'm making apologies sorry Jacquie for signing your back.

      Some other highlights of the con was being held like a princess, filming York dance at the mixer, throwing water balloons at Gav, having Gus plug my event at the podcast, signing with Ryan (who has a beautiful voice), seeing master pancake live and all the panels I got to attend.

      A massive thank you to the guardians who helped us out immensely during the weekend.

      Finally I made to to my panel with the boys which was an exciting an new experience to say the least.
      The audience there were great and it was awesome to see first hand how much people loved the walk.

      So I guess you could say that it has been a pretty intense year since I got that simple email (pun not intended) I hope that there is more to come somewhere down the line. I definitely want to go to RTX again in the next few years.

      This was longer than expected.

    • Spoiler

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      So lately I've been asked a lot about what my favourite colour is yes I spell it colour, with a u

      I can honestly say without shadow of a doubt that my favourite colour is indeed blue

      I has been one of those things that hasn't changed since I was young and I don't see it changing any time soon

      Although I am quite fond of black I don't believe it will become my favourite colour

      Any way I just wanted to put this out there to crush the rumours about my favourite colour being green

      Not that I have anything against green, I just don't see it the way I see blue

      Hope this clears everything up,

      (That guy with long hair and a funny accent)

    • 6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi
    • America, Whaka yeah

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      Ok, so I haven't posted in along time (sorry about that) and a lot has happened in that time...... but I have a terrible memory and can't remember most of it........... so really from my perspective I posted just the other day.

      As most of you know I was on a panel for simple walk last Sunday. It was really fun and I wish it could have gone for longer. It was great meeting all the fans so thank you to all who came out.

      A special mention to all the Guardians who helped us out throughout the entire convention you all did an amazing job and I can't thank you enough.

      The entire event was an absolute blast and I didn't want it to end, But unfortunately it had to.

      Thank you Rooster Teeth for inviting me over and for everything else that you do on a daily basis.

      Love you all

    • Change you can believe in

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      So a week ago I posted a journal about how I was changing the name of our little event we hold here in NZ (formally known as RvBNZ) and I was asking the community for suggestions of names.

      Not only did I ask here but I tweeted and I ran a poll on our Facebook Group. I got many different suggestions and comments on the matter from people all over the world.

      Now for those of you who arn't from New Zealand you are about to learn something so...... prepare yourself. When the Maori people (native New Zealanders) landed on our shores they named the land Aotearoa which roughly translates into Land of the Long White Cloud. The name Aotearoa is pronounced (by many) as Are-tear-row-a. With this in mind I have re-named the event to RTearoa.

      However I didn't stop there to avoid confusion (hopefully) I have named our little group (the people that run and attend RTearoa) as Rooster Sheep because, well, hopefully where ever you are from you know that NZ has a lot of sheep.

      So to wrap up Rooster Sheep proudly presents RTearoa!

      Join us on Facebook and/or our RT Group

      That's all (for now) folks

    • RvB NZ

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      Hey Guys,

      As some of you know I run a little event over here known as RvB NZ. When I created it the only thing I had in mind was to have a day or two each yeah where community members in New Zealand (and some from Australia, Caiti) could come together, grab a beer and talk about our love of Red Vs Blue. However this event seems to be growing and I realize that it is time to make some changes.

      The first thing to kick start the new direction I believe is to re-title the event / group. So I asked the community to pitch in names and we currently have a poll running on our Facebook group.

      So to you, awesome person who is reading this post (and looks extremely handsome / gorgeous), I also ask what is your opinion shall we keep the title RvB NZ, keeping in mind we wish to celebrate all things Rooster Teeth not just Red vs Blue, or shall we change it?

      Leave us a comment with what you think and/or a suggestion for a new name.

      Some examples are
      RT NZ
      RT Kiwi
      Rooster Sheep
      Kiwi Teeth
      Project Sheeplancer
      Rooster Shire


      P.S. If you wish to ask me about ASWIM leave me a message or personal comment.

    • Mt Doom

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      I wrote the journal awhile ago but you know with the holiday season and all that...... yeah any way here it is.

      So the last one is out...... But I feel like there is still more to come there are a few little thing's that happened along the way that I hope will be released in the Collectors Edition 12 DvD set. Chris if you're reading this you know what I mean.

      On to what every one wants to know about, the location of the ring...... Well right now I have no idea where it is because it has been found and is currently in the possession of two awesome fans. Good job guys.

      What I can tell you is that we walked about 1/3 of the way up Mount Ngauruhoe . No we didn't walk to the top mainly because Ngauruhoe is an extremely steep mountain and Frodo and Sam didn't walk the whole way up Mt Doom so we felt we didn't need to go right to the crater.

      As for the trespassing yeah we did do that, and yes I lied through my teeth to the guy who found us (he was on a Quad bike) I don't think he believed a word of what I told him but couldn't prove me wrong so just let us be, but I still get nervous just watching this.

      Overall I'm really happy that I agreed to do this journey, I had an amazing time and it has given me some inspiration for my next project.

      Finally to those of you who got it yes the final scene was a nod to Avengers and to those few who recognized it yes it was at Burger Fuel in Taupo.

      Feel free to ask me any questions guy's I'll answer what I can. You can leave me a comment here or follow me on twitter

    • Blisters

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      So as with previous episode releases I am once again writing a journal with my take on the event's that happened.

      But this time all I want to do is stress how big of a relief it was to pop those blisters. I think by the time I actually got round to stabbing them (Morning of day 5) I had 9 - 11 blisters between my feet. It was gross when I did it but an hour later my feet felt so much better it was like walking on clouds in comparison to the day before.

      A few people have it in their heads that we weren't wearing appropriate footwear and that we must not have trained enough. I would like to debunk this rumor, personally I trained for about 6 weeks before the walk. I walked every day for 10 - 30 km with history books and dictionary's on my back in the shoes I would be doing the walk in and I believe Chris and Kerry did similar training. However the training does take time and while I could dedicated a few hours to walk every day there was no way I could donate up to 7 hours (if I wanted to do a long walk) every day and I know Kerry and Chris couldn't either as they had the Gauntlet to film along with everything else they do. So whilst we couldn't be walking for hours upon hours every day of the week we did do weeks of training for the walk.
      This obviously wasn't enough as you can see by the third day we all had pretty major blisters. I believe the reason for this was all the weight we had. Due to this being a production we were obviously carrying gear that you would not normally take on a hike and the terrain was constantly changing. We walked up and down mountains, through swamp and forest, on farmland and road. The only way I believe one could train for this is if they did it first with half the gear then came back and documented it.

      Ok that's a bit longer than I expected......

    • They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard

      6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi

      To those of you who haven't watched the second ep, go watch it!

      From watching these the thing I'm starting to notice is that they really don't show just how long each day is, and how can you when reducing each day down to about 4 minutes, but we were walking for more than 12 hours every day. This is why we're constantly looking like we haven't slept in a week.

      Any way to try and keep up moral I would often break into song, for some reason every time I did this Chris suddenly had a question for me, meaning I would have to stop my lovely singing....... must just be a coincidence.

      One of the song's that I couldn't seem to remember all the lyric's to was "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" which you can hear Chris yell in ep 2.

      However the song was stuck in my head for days and about three day's after we finished the walk I woke my self up in the early hours of the morning from singing, no, bellowing out this song in my sleep.

      Not all our injuries were physical it seems.

    • 6 years ago

      nikz07 Kiwi
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    • musick

      8 years ago

      Which day did you go to Armageddon? What didnt you like? Man i spent hundreds, a few RVSBers there too.

    • nikz07 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kiwi

      9 years ago

      Yeah and even smaller country. :)

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Cool, sky is a foot in the door though man, gotta start somewhere.

      Know a couple folks that work for sky. Small world huh.

    • nikz07 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kiwi

      9 years ago

      Ah yes if I could afford to I would but my editing work is mainly un-paid and what is paid isn't enough to live off. So I work for sky tv for my day job.

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Doing the freelance thing currently, enough to keep me busy and buying shiny things. There is a certain attraction to wages but that is negated by the freedom get up at 11am and train kung fu 6 days a week :) Life is good...

      How bout yourself?

    • nikz07 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kiwi

      9 years ago

      Oh sweet! Who do you work for?

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Vfx/cg/3d yada yada :)

    • nikz07 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kiwi

      9 years ago

      Will do. Thanks :)

      So what do you do?

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Yeah, adobe bridge I think its called.

      If you get a chance check out digital fusion, node based compositing software, pretty sweet.

    • nikz07 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kiwi

      9 years ago

      Yes AE is good and its great that all the programs kind of interconnect with each other but having some problems adjusting to premier pro.

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Cool, I have done a bit of FCP. I hear cs5 is good, AE at least.

    • musick

      9 years ago

      Greetings, actor editor eh, what software do you use?

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