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    • Going to the capital city tomorrow.

      14 years ago


      Off to Bangkok again. Driving this time, but not me of course. Somehow when I mention going somewhere -- like dropping my dad off at the bus station, for instance -- people always ask me, "Oh, do you drive?", and I give my standard reply, "I'm 14. What do you think?" (or something in that sense). Anywho, only there for two days this time. Don't know if I'll be doing much. Been avoiding the internet lately, don't ask me why.

    • OH GOD.

      14 years ago



      Well, I don't hate that person, per se. But I am very pissed off. Anywho this little Journal Entry involves: a spoiler, J.K Rowling, and a certain very popular book. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

      So I'm chatting with this sweet (when she's not whining) girl from my school. She mentions that she's read Harry Potter but only a few chapters. She also wants me to leave her a comment on her MSNSpace. I go to badminton, and by the time I come back, she has an entry. I figure, yay, time to go comment. And then BOOOM.

      The biggest spoiler ever. She wrote what was going to happen in the last pages of the book! Severely, SEVERELY pissed off. People who like to "accidentally" flip to the last pages of a book just annoy the hell out of me. It's like some twitch.

      Anyway, she said that ----


      You seriously didn't think I was going to write that, were you?

      By the way, I watched Garden State today, it was awesome.

    • I Have Two Mod Points left.

      14 years ago


      Not that I mind, but I like modding. It's very fun, though I do it seldom. Which means that I've got to step up my activity on this site. I'm very lazy and I often like to pre-occupy myself with Real Life and snacks; or at least going to the refrigerator and looking for some.

      I've recently added Lukie to my watchlist. Seen the RvB Insider? (I'm too lazy to link :P) I love how Gus seems like such a celebrity. Gus is cool.

      In other news, I've gone back to reading Harry Potter! It brings back many memories =) but the experience is not quite the same. I'm halfway into the 4th book, then going to read the 5th.. but I'm not sure when I'm actually gonna get to that. Got wayyyy sidetracked. Fanfiction is such a guilty pleasure. Hmph.

    • New things!

      14 years ago


      I went to Bangkok for about five days, whoo! It was an awesome trip, really. I got to do tons of things, and I bought lots of stuff. Well, not that much, but it felt good! I got lots of stuff too! Anywho, a quick run-through the highlights will now commense! In no particular order, these really awesome things happened!

      One: I got my PS2 fixed AND got to buy ultra-cheap PS2 games!
      - Of course, YAYYY!! Exclamation mark, exclamation mark. My PS2 had been broken for quite some time (disc read errors, what a horror) and finally we got it fixed for 800 baht. A kind of yikes-ish price, but my ever-bargaining uncle got him to knock off a 100 baht. And yes, I got to buy some new games!!! Ooooooh! We went to Yaworat, this downtown marketplace of some sort. It was crowded and busy, and there was lots of walking involved but totally worth it. I got my games for 50 baht each! That's practically half the price of what you'd get it for here in Chiang Mai! Went a little crazy with the buying (it was, after all, a very rare opportunity) and my cousins and I bought a total of 21 games. (!!)

      Games bought: Katamari Damacy (awesome), Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant (awesome), Silent Hill 4: The Room (scary), Dynasty Warriors 5 (doesn't work on my PS2, whimper), Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (whimper), and Star Ocean 'Til the End of Time (whimper). It's not that the games were of bad quality (I can't say the same for the boxes, however) but it seems that my PS2 is not quite as flexible as my cousins. Oh yes, I bought Kingdom Hearts too but I think that was because I had been temporarily out of mind. Why would I pay to play a character who was put on a spinning disc that has a picture of Snow White on it? And aside from the dizziness of it all, they would have me push a box! Ridiculous! Preposterous!

      Two: The Sights of a Big City
      - When you go to a big city like Bangkok, everything else seems much, much smaller. I'm a small-town girl when it comes down to it! Everyone who lives in Bangkok complains about the horrible traffic, which, I guess is true; but seeing as I was not actually living there it didn't seem to affect me that much. I'm sure I would hate it too if I had to endure it everyday, but there were a couple of things that made it more than bearable. My cousins are quite well-to-do, and they had a Toyota Avanza, and a Camry. Both very very comfortable cars. (And if you go to BKK you will notice that there are quite a large number of cars similar to that.. tons of Honda Civics, Cities, Toyotas, the like.. all either, black, bronze, or silver. All very shiny.) So even if the trip did take an hour and a half, I was quite comfortable, and I think most everyone fell alseep. Though in retrospect I'd feel sorry for anyone who'd have to drive through all that traffic, or really needed to go to the bathroom.

      Going on the tollway was particularly fun. People tend to drive very fast in Bkk, and some would say, a little violently. The taxi-meters, for instance. Lots of lane-changing; not exactly pleasant, but the cars have very nice interiors, though kinda expensive really. You have to pay around.. 25-50 baht to go on the tollway. Once you go up though, you can see Bkk very well, the skyscrapers are really a magnificent sight, and there are of course, all the advertisement boards. A great place to see the sun set as well. =) You're also free of the traffic, on other lanes you can see cars lined up as far as the eye can see.

      In addition, I got to go on the underground electric train. Very cool experience. It was packed with people, though not too packed. It was clean and air-conditioned, and it took about 1 minute between each station. I timed it with my watch. Very fun. I didn't get to go the The Mall, or shopping around a mall, but we went to Seacon Square to watch The Fantastic Four (it defied my expectations, which was good, because I thought it was going to suck, but it wasn't quite Fantastic), got my fixed PS2, and went home. (My uncle had business) In Chiang Mai, there are only two cinemas. In Bangkok, there must've been at least 5. Whoa.

      Ahh... Long entry. Think I should end it now..

    • I had some curry puffs.

      14 years ago


      And I ate the last chicken one too.

      But I still feel depressed. I still want the RvB season three dvd that I'm never gonna get. Or an RvB shirt at least. Sure, no one is ever gonna know what "caboose -1" means, but they never know what anything written on shirts mean anyway. Boo hoo.

      Now I'm off to try and find a book for my brother. Prozac Nation, anyone?

    • Journal.. entry?

      14 years ago


      So I think it was yesterday or maybe the day before that that I went to watch War of the Worlds.. hmm.. I think it might've been Thursday. Gosh I have no sense of time whatsoever.. which is terrible.

      Anyway, it was a pretty good movie, overall. Certainly loud as well. The ending seemed too sudden though.. as if Spielberg wanted to do more, but didn't have enough time. Or the writer had no idea how the heck the humans were going to survive in that no-win situation so came up with that kind of ending...

      Okay, so ending was not so good. Maybe a little ironic, but it's one of those stupid endings you'd get from Charmed episodes. But I still liked the movie anyway.

      There are about 7 different rooms to watch the movies. (I don't really know which word is used in English so I'm just going with 'rooms' for now) Five of them had War of the Worlds.. I guess it's a pretty big movie.

      Edit: I just found that War of the Worlds is a remake. Oops. Stoopid.

    • And by the way..

      14 years ago


      just a little thought from a low, snivelling, plasma duct-cleaning underling whose karma level is only +3.. how do people come up with these kinds of threads?

    • Fuck this sucks.

      14 years ago


      Warning! Rant up ahead.. about.. right in front of you. I'm a little frustrated right now and I would just like to rant a bit. I know I sound like a bitch here and geez, my subject of anger is a 7 year old.. so yeah, I'm attacking a kid.

      I am usually a nice person. Really. Or at least I try to be. But when it comes to people ruining my computer I can get protective. Very protective. And I can only stand it when I'm in a good mood, and seeing that I've jumped up 10 kilos, I'm not. And I'm especially protective when it's a frickin' 7 year-old doing it. I don't care if he's my cousin. He's not planting my computer with a virus!

      Okay.. so you might be thinking.. how could some harmless, adorable (NOT, I tell you) 7 year-old know how to plant a virus? He can't be a genius.

      But it doesn't take a genius to plant a virus. Actually it takes a stupid fucktard. He did it with my dad's computer, and if that computer hasn't already taken ENOUGH of a fucking beating, some idiot has to go in there and get the harddrive wiped. Guess how. By playing some shitty, worthless side-to-side scoller; the objective of which is to collect coins.. point is.. it could only satisfy someone's whose head is thicker than cement!

      And of course what else had to happen? All my Chrono Trigger saves got wiped. Now I have to play it and get through those stupid dungeons.. AGAIN. I don't even feel like trying again.

      Now that same stupid cousin... imbecile has decided to stay over. Why? Because he says that his computer at home isn't fast enough so he wants to use ours. Oh. Oh okay. Sure, go ahead. Mi casa su casa. NOT! Selfish twerp. Not the least bit of courtesy or respect for other people's property. You don't just suddenly decide to do something like that unless your parents are footing the electricity bill buddy, and know what.. I don't think so.

      Okay, so I should calm down a bit. The little peice of ..... is only 7, he doesn't know a thing. And they're my cousins, they're visiting, they're nice to us... blah blah blah blah. I tried. I went and washed a bunch of dishes, if that helped. It doesn't change the fact that he's a fat, spoiled brat and he wiped my dad's harddrive. Grr.

      I lost my steam now. Good. It's 1:09 AM, he's still playing. I apologize again.

    • Dilemma.

      14 years ago


      I guess this is what you get when you start so many things at once. But meh.

      What should I do? Play FF9 or finish those two books once and for all? I'm so torn! I have so many books to read and so many games to play! I have no absolutely no idea what I should do. I can't play two games at once! So I guess I have to finish FF9.. and after that.. what game should I play?? Here is what I have to choose from:

      1) Playing FF8 and/or 07 again
      2) Playing Chrono Chross again
      3) Playing Chrono Trigger
      4) Playing Secret of Mana
      5) Playing The Sims 2 (errr...)
      6) Playing a new game

      It'll probably be another week or two (or three) before I finish FF9 but I've gone surprisingly far in a short amount of time.. and in time I mean amount of days, not hours. I've been playing all day for many days, but I guess I haven't been devoting myself to it as I have other FF titles. Namely, running around and training all my characters. I'm on Disc 3 already.. gosh.

      Today.. I'll be reading. I guess.

    • I suck.

      14 years ago


      I feel really bad. After badminton I got home and the rest of the time I was on RvB and downloading. I didn't even play anything. I'm so sad. *Cries*

      Seriously, I hate not being productive and sitting on my ever-growing butt all day.

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