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    • Noble Gus

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      I've been thinking King Gus isn't good enough to describe Gus. So how about these titles instead "Lord Protector Gus" "Emperor Gus" "Czar Gus" "His Lord High Mightyness protector of the realm Gus" or "Gus Earl of Rooster Teeth"

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    • How do I?

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      How do I change my email for the website? I don't use my current email anymore so how can I update it?

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    • Burt Reynolds

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      I think Achievement Hunter needs A poster of Burt Reynolds Nude on a Bear Skin Rug. Do any of you concur?

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    • It's D&D!!!!!!

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      Yea I'd like to see some of the guys at Rooster Teeth do a Series.

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    • RWBY question placement?

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      Where do I post them? Does catnip effect Faunus like it would with cats? Will their be a Big Bad Wolf like character for Ruby? Will their be be more of the three bears? Will we see any of Jaune Arc sisters? Lastly Is this too many questions?

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    • When I was a kid

      4 years ago


      When I was like 8 years old me and my friend where walking well I was walking and he was on a bike. We heard barking from a mean dog and just forgot about it. So we got about 1/2 way between my place and this T-junction. a loud snapping sound we said "That's weird." we hear a dog growling so looking back spotting a giant black Labrador then we look at each other and we bolted he was on a 10 speed bike I was on foot and I out ran my friend on his bike I ran inside my house. I braced myself on my door. I don't know what happened to my friend, because soon after that my friend moved out of the place where I lived.

    • Joel and Gavin

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      Is Joel the prototype to Gavin, or is Gavin the prototype to Joel?

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    • Fun Fact

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      All them name brand sunglasses are all owned by one company Luxottica Group S.p.A. in that they control 80% of sunglasses.

      More fun facts to come.

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      5 years ago


      [9:45:11 PM] divakittys525: hey cutie
      [9:45:24 PM] Volk Woodtooth: hello?
      [9:45:40 PM] divakittys525: so, whats up
      [9:45:55 PM] Volk Woodtooth: Who are you?
      [9:46:27 PM] divakittys525: well, before i tell you exactly who I am..I want to show you, will u watch my cam show?? I think you'll be very surprised at what your about to see lol
      [9:47:03 PM] Volk Woodtooth: No you will fucking tell me who you are before I go anywhere.
      [9:47:32 PM] divakittys525: hey thanks for adding me, found your name in the skype member search...24/f, you?
      [9:47:52 PM] Volk Woodtooth: Are you retarded?
      [9:48:25 PM] divakittys525: well I'm home for the summer from college, trying to get myself into some trouble ;) lol are you into college girls or cougars?
      [9:49:16 PM] Volk Woodtooth: If you won't answer my question you are not a college student.
      [9:49:45 PM] divakittys525: of course lol?I'm recently single and i really like chill drama free guys who i can show my little body off to lol, promise you won't record me if i show you?
      [9:50:25 PM] Volk Woodtooth: I could say any thing. Like I will axe murder your family then you.
      [9:50:47 PM] divakittys525: lol ok one minute while i put on something cute, ok?
      [9:51:18 PM] Volk Woodtooth: I have come to the idea that you are insane and have a very low IQ.
      [9:51:48 PM] divakittys525: ok :) go here HQGV9jVlJl.cammeetups.com do u see my cam? it may just be my pic cause ur not a member yet
      [9:52:54 PM] Volk Woodtooth: Why god have you sent me this retarded human being to chat with I am getting dumber by the sec.
      [9:53:20 PM] divakittys525: ok ya just accpt the invite and it'll connect us :)
      [9:53:33 PM] Volk Woodtooth: Why?
      [9:54:04 PM] divakittys525: oh, i think you might have to fill out some stuff...everyone gets verified as being real on here, keeps the creepy people away!!! lol
      [9:54:31 PM] Volk Woodtooth: Why are you insulting both your self and me?
      [9:55:00 PM] divakittys525: k, yea i had to do the cc part too =( that how i got my profile verified as real (kiss) did u get in?
      [9:55:19 PM] Volk Woodtooth: If I say yes will you go away?
      [9:55:34 PM] divakittys525: no problem! PEACE!!
      [9:55:59 PM] Volk Woodtooth: BEGONE DEMON!
      [9:56:27 PM] divakittys525: k let me know when your signed in so i can send u some private time loving! (kiss) mmm
      [9:56:45 PM] Volk Woodtooth: I SAID BEGONE!
      [9:57:02 PM] divakittys525: please come...im waiting :)
      [9:57:04 PM] Volk Woodtooth: BEGONE!
      [9:57:19 PM] divakittys525: k

    • Shirt Idea's (please move if wrong)

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      I was hoping that some of mine, and fans idea's for shirts would get picked from this thread by Rooster Teeth.

      "I felt like I was falling faster then Gravity - Gavin Free"

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