from Arvada, Colorado. =^^=

    • oh_la_la

      swine flu

      6 years ago

      my school has been canceled due to a case of the swine flu.. for one whole week, no school, but lots and lots of work...

      Alright so those of you who pray...

      Its also been brought to my attention that a doctor has called my parents and has warned them of the flu that may have been spread to me.

      So im being monitored...

      this all happened during the New york trip, so.....

      ill update info as soon as i get more....

      -a very scared girl....

    • oh_la_la


      6 years ago

      so i havent been on her for about a week

      i have an explaination!!!
      i was gone in NEW YORK CITY!!!!
      i left monday morning and got back on saturday....

      new york was amazing! I loved it!
      and the rebelious boston boys.. mmmm mmm mmm

      annyways.. another update...

      my mommy is in the hospital :(
      she had a surgery on friday

      i missed her terribly...

      so no one has told me anything on what the surgery was for...
      all ive known and been told is "your mom is very sick"

      but shes doing good we visited yesterday and today...

      so... yea.... im glad she is doin well.
      im glad im home
      im siked for another spring break this next week

      and i am so damn happy that i get to talk to yall again :]

      i am definately a happy camper :]

    • oh_la_la


      6 years ago


      So i did what every one was pushing for...
      and i got a youtube account.

      so i have it....
      but i wont let anyone ad me as a friend or anything..
      until i totally have everything under control,
      and till i figure out how to work the darn thing.

      anyways so i have it.

      i need to get a uhh a first vid up...
      then i guess i could start singing some songs
      either ones that ive written or covers...

      most likely the ones Ive written, although I dont mind doing a cover.

      So msg me for the link or whatever and....
      i need help with the darn site... so yes.


      i dont think it will be the best, but i will sure try,
      and keep your fingers crossed i don't make a fool of myself..
      even if its the funniest thing you ever did see.... well maybe not, but you get the idea.

      alright so msg me.... and ....


    • oh_la_la

      talk about a gamer

      6 years ago

      well alright so..
      i got this call yesterday that was like
      "hey my kid needs a babysitter, he hasnt needed one since he was five. He usually goes to his dads, but they're not talking. So WOuld you mind babysitting him tomarrow night?"

      and I was like yaa sure dude I love that kid and stuff
      so when I get here its like, MAJOR WELCOME and all that fine shit right?
      well i met the crazy dogs
      we ordered pizza and we each have a pizza to ourselves.

      Well here's the bombn part.
      This kid is 11
      hes a skater and GAMER

      Total gamer guys like TOTAL GAMER!!!!!!!!!
      this kid has millions of games, like holy shit!!

      so we go down to his basement and its like.....
      XBOX galore.

      so i'll be having quite a fucking blast kid sitting this kid.
      the sad thing is... no xbox live so..
      im gonna be playn with this kid, kicking his ass, at games I mean..
      and i get payed for it..
      anyways I would totally play against yall ..

      except for the fact that we all now know he doesnt have xbox live.

      alright thats all message me and ill talk to yall later.

      -love from a ... kid sitting ... girl..?


    • oh_la_la

      simple words.

      6 years ago

      To be is to do. - Socrates
      To do is to be. - Plato
      Dobedobedobedo. - Sinatra

    • oh_la_la

      and here it is.

      6 years ago

      i was gone.... for four days
      up in the mountains, it was fun i got checked out quite a bit...

      hmmm i guess i have a nice bod or something along those lines soo...

      yep thats all

    • oh_la_la

      you tube...?

      6 years ago

      okay... im debating.....

      should i get a youtube account?

      like i would put vids up of me possibly singing, or ummmm anything "fun" i do.

      would any one watch them?

      or...... do you think its a complete waste of time...

      as seeing that my only video camera is my sisters...
      and she probably wont lend it to me most of the times I ask for it......

      hmmm oh and i have a new song i wrote, but i havent gotten too far.

      let me know!!!!!!

      -love from a topsy turvy mighty mouse!

    • oh_la_la

      ADD HER

      6 years ago


      search for her

      hit her up

      and leave some love :]

    • oh_la_la

      ok i lied

      6 years ago

      umm she logged in the wrong email address sooooo yea shes gnna make a new one...

    • oh_la_la

      here she is!!!!

      6 years ago

      and if you love her more than me.. good riddens lol :]

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    Im [Nishann].
    I am 14.
    Jesus is my savior.
    Im an okay gal.
    I AM DOUBLE JOINTED, in several places.
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    To be is to do. - Socrates
    To do is to be. - Plato
    Dobedobedobedo. - Sinatra

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    • blueman1


      6 years ago

      well i finally put a pic of me check it out

    • Miss_Nishy


      6 years ago

      guys, its nishann!!! ADD ME i lost my password an I cant get back on!!!!!!!!

    • blueman1


      6 years ago

      hey wuts up

    • runelady


      6 years ago

      DATE: Tuesday, June 23rd
      TIME: 10:00 p.m.
      PLACE: AMC 24 on Broadway (near Country Line) in Denver

      We are meeting for the midnight premier of the Transformers.

      Send me a message if you would like to join us.

    • The_BIG_D


      6 years ago

      Yeah I'm serious. If I'm near enough to where u live I would deffently Drop by, well if u wanted.

    • The_BIG_D


      6 years ago

      If i do end up going to the states i might do.

    • shotgunwhor


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    • rekabsrm


      6 years ago

      hey whats up?

    • breakXbreak


      6 years ago

      Yeah I wish my hair wouldn't have been blowing in the wind so bad!

    • SaltyFishSaint


      6 years ago

      it looked like a arena that i work at out side of canon city