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      I know most of us know each other from our forum post turned chat room, but go ahead and introduce yourselves here. Tell us you name and one fact about you!

      I'll start! I'm Matt and I play bass in a metal band.

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    • Update On First Video Edit

      2 years ago


      So I have been editing a montage of funny moments from one of my favorite shows, Critical Role. I am setting a deadline for myself to try and get it finished by Friday, so someone try to keep me to it. Hopefully it turns out as well as I hope and I hope that you guys enjoy it as well!

      So look out for that!

    • Decisions Must Be Made

      2 years ago


      In these past few weeks, I have been considering changing my major. I originally wanted to be an English teacher and that is what I have been going to school for. I have recently seem to have fallen in love with video editing as one of my electives this semester is Video Production. We have done a few videos in the class already and I am really enjoying it. Maybe I'll edit some videos on my own to really see if I can do it. I'll post them on here as see what kind of feedback I get from them. So hopefully you guys like them!

    • I Just Want Sleep...

      2 years ago


      Well, college started back up for me about a month ago and I already want to die. Homework is already stacking up and I just bought Rise of Iron for Destiny. SO MANY CHOICES.

      I have been super stressed as of late, so I am thinking that if I post some journals every once in awhile, it'll help bring my stress levels down. So starting tomorrow I will try to  post at least one journal a week.

      So until then, adios.

    • Introduce Thyself!

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      Tell us about yourself! This is here to act as an introduction to those in the group!

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    • Last Two Weeks In Review

      3 years ago


      It's been awhile since my last journal entry, and this may be my only free night to do this, I'll do it.

      So I just finished up my fall semester at college and happy to say that I did not fail a single one of my classes. They weren't that hard but you always have that feeling of, "Oh man. What if I fail?" That was me the last two weeks of this semester. But now that that is over with, I can enjoy a nice month off until my next semester starts.

      Also been doing a lot of Christmas shopping. The amount of money I have does not equal the amount of money needed to obtain gifts for friends. So I got each one of them a bag of chips, because you know, I'm a baller on a budget. Well, kind of.

      These past two weeks, I have also recorded a few Let's Plays with some of the wonderful people in the Communiteam. Make sure to head on over to the Communiteam youtube channel to check those out when they hit! I'll be sure to post a link to the videos as they come out! Hopefully you guys enjoy.

      Well that about wraps up my last two weeks. Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Anime

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      I didn't see any forum made for this yet, so I thought I would make one!

      This can be a forum where we can talk about some animes you are watching or even make suggestions!

      Besides RWBY, I have been really into Fairy Tail! It's am really enjoying. I am just about caught up and was wondering what other animes I should watch. I would love some suggestions. Thanks!

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    • Here We Go...

      3 years ago


      Alright. It's time. The week every college student dreads and every professor looks forward to. That's right. Finals week.

      This past week has been me trying to study for my classes, but you know, that's not happening. I have been watching the RT Podcast instead. So I mean, who's really winning here? There will be more studying for me the next few nights.

      Made a lot of new friends this week as well. Its pretty cool seeing all these new community members like me. And all the older members are really cool and helpful. I appreciate that a lot. There have been so many websites that people don't even acknowledge new people. This community is the best to be in!

      Until next, that is if I survive this week, peace out guys.

    • Ice Nine Kills New Album HYPE!

      3 years ago


      So one band I have been really into lately has been Ice Nine Kills and their new album comes out in like an hour. I have been looking forward to this album for 2 months and now I can finally listen to it and be content in life. So if no one sees me for the next few days, it's because I am in the corner with my headphones in, rocking out.

      If you are into metal music and songs about your favorite monsters that haunt your dreams, check them out and their new album "Every Trick In The Book"!

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    • Caszie

      3 years ago

      Hey! Thank you so much for the friendship! :D

      • okie0099 Conqueror Of Tortoises

        3 years ago

        No problem! Friends! :D

      • Caszie

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        Friends! Haha! :D

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