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    • La la la la la la la la la la la la.

      14 years ago


      I have the smurfs song going through my head.I don't know why, but its kind of freaking me out. My internet connection is now perfect, but the god damn file still won't print. On a positive note, I got my driver's permit today, which means just ninety days till I can get my license. If I do my full fifty hours of driving in that ninety days. and if ten of those fifty hours are at night. Why do they make this process so fucking hard?

      Besides keeping stupid drivers off the road and making the world safe for pedestrians.

    • Argh

      14 years ago


      I am growing steadily more an more angry with my computer. Our connection just keeps getting slower, the keyboard is locking up, and I can't get it to print my God damn adobe acrobat file. WTF!!!

    • WTF

      14 years ago


      Once again I marvel at this websites community. How is it that I can spend five straight hours on this website doing nothing but modding and posting and only go up one Karma level, but I can leave for seven or so hours and come back with four more modpoints, a boatload of new friends and friend requests, a bunch of image comments, journal comments, and messages. And go up from a thirteen to a fourteen. I'm not complaining. Its just, my karma rating saw four times as much activity in the past ten hours as it did in the previous four days. Oh well. now I just have to get to fifteen.

    • Too much wasted time.

      14 years ago


      Well I've wasted much time online. The past five hours in fact. I think I will now go downstairs and play some lego Star Wars.

    • Good times.

      14 years ago


      Sense I'm not in the mood to talk about the rest of the bachelor party right now, I give you this story instead. Oh the ingenuity and drive I used to posess.

      I shall tell you the tale of the virtual snowball fights. back in the seventh grade, a friend of mine came up with the wonderful idea of sending virtual snowballs to annoy people. These consisted of the following words. "You have been hit by a virtual snowball. Splat. Splat. Splat....." On and on forever and forever. Every once in a while though, somebody would recieve an e-mail that was slightly larger. These were very amusing as they involved incredibly long twenty page stories about dreams. most would go something like the following. This is a shortened down outline. You are sleeping, dreamiong about the weding of your dreams. Thus the dreaming. But suddenly it all goes wrong. The pipe organ lets out a horrible noise and as you glance to the ceiling towards the pipes, you see none other than David, standing with a snowball in his hands. All hell breaks loose. all audience members join in the fight. You run for your life. Later in the woods heading home, you stop to rest against a snowman. You are horrified to find it is David in disguise, All hell breaks loose, with lawngnomes throwing snowballs everywhere. Why lawngnomes? Because we can. Finally, at home, you are horrified to find that in the kitchen, instead of your mother, you find David. You lose touch with sanity." These stories were very detailed and a complete waste of time. By the time these had been sent to over a hundred people at our school, we were very annoyed. VERY annoyed. So we retaliated. How? By recreating the very dream the E-mails spoke of.

      While at a church gathering, we convinced the youth leader to allow us into the rafters through use of a service passage. Somebody banged on the organ keys, and then twenty different people rained snowballs on David from the heavens.

      That same day when David came home from the church gathering, we surprised him again. We built a styrofoam snowman suit around a friend of ours and then packed it with a thin layer of snow. When he arrived home, it was to a six foot snowman he didn't remember being there before. He assumed it was his sisters doing. As he opened the door he was hit by a snowball. He turned around and the snowman had become animated. Suddenly snowballs reigned down from the roofs, accompanied by twenty-three lawngnomes, alll holding signs that said "Die David."

      David rushed inside to avoid the snowballs and walked into the kitchen wher he smelled cookies. ten of us were waiting for him, snowballs in hand. Not one of us missed. And that is how we ended the most annoying e-mail series our school ever saw.

      That night when david went to bed he came across another horror. We had put up the pictures of one hundred different lawn gnomes on his wall.

      Good times.

    • The day of reckoning has come.

      14 years ago


      Time to talk about the bachelor party.

      It was at first, nothing special. There were no plans, and we most certainly had no intentions of making any, because we are all lazy bums. When I say we I refer to the groomsmen. Naturally however, as my brother's final day as a single man approached, we realized he had to go out with a bang. We tried to make that happen.

      Ok.......no we didn't. But we did have some fun. It started the night before at the rehearsal dinner. We were sitting at a table eating our hearts out, when one of the groomsmen (Eric), expressed a desire to go white water rafting. My brother's fiance (now his wife, and my sister-in-law) didn't like that idea, because she didn't want Josh at the wedding with a broken arm. But the bridesmades were on our side. One in particular. Stephanie, who had worked as a guide for a white water rafting company several summers in a row, made a quick call. We were set. Friday. 10:00 AM. Danni wasn't necessarily ecstatic, but since she had rafted that river before she wasn't too worried.

      We spent the night at Josh's apartment watching some piece of shit movie that I've forgotten already. Nothing much happened that night. At all.

      At 8:00 AM the next morning, we were on our way. The river we were rafting was an hour and a half away. Our party consisted of me, my brother Jesse (the not engaged one), my brother Josh (the engaged one), Eric (a friend from church, 27 years old if I recall correctly, and available, for those of you who might be interested), my dad, and Dan (Josh's college friend).

      We arrived early, and proceded to grab a cup of coffee at a local diner. It was decent coffee, and every table was stocked full of books like "If life were fair......" and "The real reason your life sucks is....." Those books provided us with much entertainment. specifically the quote that I thought related very well to my little sister.

      "If life were fair, little sisters would get to play the nintendo as much as their brothers."

      Finally it was time. We suited up, grabbed our paddles, and the company we were rafting with drove us to the drop off point. It was quite a fun time. It started out slow, just us drifting down the river, and our pilot telling jokes, one of which I relate to you now.

      "Do you guys follow the news much?"
      "Did you see that article about the guy who was out in the wilderness a couple years ago and got his am pinned under a boulder?"
      "I don't recall it."
      "Apparently there was some big media event last month when he returned to the spot it happened at."
      "Oh really?"
      "Yeah, it was a pretty big deal. Apparently they are trying to sue him uner the patriot act now."
      "What? The patriot act?"
      "What for?"
      "For trading arms with a rock."
      "......I should have seen that coming."
      "Yeah, you should have. Be forewarned, that was just about the only clean joke I know."

      Pretty bad, I know. Anyways, shortly after this joke, things heated up. Our first class three rapid. It was pretty intense at first, and then it was pretty lame. Nothing special. Shortly after that one, we purposely hit a rock so that the front of the boat would tip and we could see if anyone fell out. Nobody did. In fact, nobody fell out the entire trip. It was a bit dissapointing.

      Next up was the cliff jump. halfway through our trip we stopped at a twenty-one foot cliff and my brothers, Dan, and Eric all jumped off. I have a terrible fear of heights, so I didn't. Quite the thrill seeker I am.

      Next was our first class four rapid. Stairway. It was pretty sweet. We took the bachelor run, which only differed from the normal run in that the guide took us directly through an intense rapid that they call A-hole. Actually, we didn't quite hit it, making this rapid a lot more lame.

      Finally came our last class four rapid, and in fact, our second to last rapid period. It was sweet, and very intense. Still though, nobody fell out. And then, our final rapid.

      It was a class one and nothing special, with the exception of the fact that it wasn't rocky and so we were given the opportunity to go down it outside of the raft. Fucking awesome. You have to try it if you can. After that, we pulled the ramp up to the pick up dock, bought some T-shirts, some pop, and drove into the sunset.

      My T-shirt is awesome. It shows a picture of a guy way up in the air, flailing around. accompanied are the words "In most states, getting this high is illegal." It then displays the name of the company we rafted with.

      On the way home we stopped at a gas station and purchased some Abba Zabbas.

      "Abba Zabba, you my only friend."

      I'll post info on where to get pictures of our great white water rafting adventure later, when I figure out where to get them. Stupid information card is missing. Part two of the bachelor party will be posted later when everbody has had a chance to read this.

    • Home sweet home.

      14 years ago


      I am home. Home sweet home. Home sweet bed. Home sweet 61" widescreen TV. I love home. It is much better than Idaho. Idaho is boring. My mother is hoing crazy. She's mopping the floors. She grows more senile by the minute. I have to sweep for her, so the tale of the bachelor party will have to come later tonight. In the mean time, heres something my brother helped me write music for:

      And if I can't tell the world what I mean, maybe.....maybe I'll just start with you.
      And if I can't do that.....I guess I'm the coward that I thought I was after all.
      I use to think that good people got what they wanted, and bad guys got...the ass-whipping they deserved.....
      But it didn't take long to realize that the things my mother told me are all just lies and the things you want the most can never be yours.
      I used to think I didn't need the trouble and the pain associated with this feeling inside. But since its my fault I feel this way, I guess I was wrong, and I should stop....lying to myself.
      I guess the point of this, is take somebody elses happiness....and shove it my face, with each loving embrace that I see.....not a one of them.....will ever be meant for me.

      This is currently in my profile for IM. Causing many of my friends to think I'm helpless, and not being noticed by the person who is supposed to notice it. Thats why I love profiles. Whenever I post something sensitive that I either really want somebody to see, or am not sure I want them to see it but am posting it anyways as a leap of faith.....they don't notice. Oh well.

    • Bleh. Bleh. And a happier "Bleh-eh."

      14 years ago


      Unfortunately enough, there will be no posts on the bachelor party until wenesday. My dad took too long on the computer tonight, and I only just got on, but I have to get off very soon. So, here are some quick highlights:

      The wedding night is over, and Josh and Danni just finshed opening their wedding presents tonight.

      Josh and Danni leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning.

      I leave for home tomorrow morning.

      I convinced my dad to buy me the d20 Modern Core Rule Book. I am very happy. I also convinced him to buy me the d20 Modern Weapons Locker. I'm making some slight modifications here and there. Then come the big modifications. Ultimately a super powers system. Cause I hate the superhero games we've gotten so far, and because some friends of mine requested I find one. No good ones existed, so I'm taking a decent RPG system and retooling it.

      I'll be playing the new maps by wenesday.

      I am eating at Jack In The Box tomorrow. Greatest fast food ever.

      Thats it for now. Detailed posts on wenesday.

    • A bit rushed.

      14 years ago


      The wedding is over. Expect a big update (possibly several) talking about it and the bachelor party sometime this week. Possibly not till wenesday. At the moment, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'll be brief. The 25 mod points thing was insurance so I didn't have to post the picture. On the other hand, if you really want to see a picture of me, just donate a mod point and it could happen. If you don't like that method, too bad. Big updates coming soon. Promise. I have to go to the apartment now with my brothers. John wants to sleep, and Jesse wants to go to the mall. And Josh and Danni are at the hotel right now. "Talking." I want to sleep as well. Have a good weekend.

    • Busy as a bee.

      14 years ago


      Its time for the dress rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Oh boy. Also tomorrow is the bachelor party. Can anybody say white water rafting? I can. I can also say...."We're all going to die!" If I recieve enough mod points to once again have 25 mod points, I'll post the picture of me tuxed up. Thats thirteen mod points.

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