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    • Just one more percentile.

      14 years ago


      99% there. Almost fucking there.

      And with this.....I'm there.

    • Almost there.

      14 years ago


      203 profile views. 63 journal views.

      92% to karma level 12.

      Must get there. I love the 4400. Its a great show.

    • SNES. What a great way to waste a night.

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      My brother and I just spent an entire niht at his apartment playing all our favorite SNES games, despite the fact that we were supposed to be sleeping since his wedding is on saturday.

      Tetris 2
      Dr. Mario
      NBA Jam
      Mario Kart

      Tetris 2. Fuck Yeah
      Dr. Mario? Oh he kicked my ass.
      NBA Jam? I kicked his ass.
      Mario Kart. We both sucked ass.
      Starfox. We owned. Severely.

      What are your favorie SNES games?

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    • Thats better.

      14 years ago


      Went to Roaring Springs water park today, and it was the exact opposite of Olathe. Basically, unless I looked directly at the ground, I was looking at some attractive girl. Of course every once in a while I would be looking at a girl who was extremely attractive, and then realize that (oops) that was just an extremely well developed thirteen year old. Something felt not right at all when that happened, It happened a bit too much.

      My face is slightly pink now, but it will heal before the wedding on Saturday. My sister on the other hand, might not fare so well. In fact, she went to the park just to tan her body more evenly. She has the "softball" tan, and it looks ridiculous. Unfortunately, she didn't tan one bit. Her face is very red.

      We also started to watch The Butterfly Effect at my brother's apartment. Surprisingly enough, it seems like a good movie. Which is odd, because it is an Ashton Kutcher film.

      If you guys are lucky, you might end up with a picture of me in the groomsmen tux. You'll have to get very lucky. I might edit in the face of somebody more attracrive then me, depends what kind of mood I'm in. My brother Jesse is flying in tomorrow with Josh's friend Eric. The four of us get to have a bachelor party on friday. Its going to be pathetic. Really pathetic.

      Josh's fiance's bachelorette party on the other hand might be pretty wild. Seeing as the bride's younger sister told my fourteen year old sister she couldn't go. Apparently, "some things can't be avoided." Of course, the bride then said, "If Joanna can't go to this party, I'm not sure if I want to be there." Oh, christian upbringing is so funny.

      I'm actually getting to the point where I might have to stop updating for a couple days, because the next three days are pretty busy, and I don't know when I'll get to my parent's hotel room to use the internet. Hopefully soon.

      I want to fucking play the God damn new maps. This is bullshit.

    • Joshua's Eve?

      14 years ago


      Today is my brother Josh's birthday. Yesterday was Joshua's Eve. Just like every other year, they had fireworks for Joshua's Eve. There are no fireworks for Jacob's eve. Booooo. Oh well, its Joshua's birthday dinner time. Mmmmmm.....food.

    • And so it begins.

      14 years ago


      Been staying at my brother's apartment while preparing for his wedding. Its ok, he has no internet access, but dear God does he ave a lot of movies. Over 200 DVD's. I'm never at a shortage of enertainment, thats for sure. Just got a haircut that my mother and my brother's fiance insisted that I get. They made me get my hair gelled. I'm washing it out soon, because I can't stand it.

      Anyways, I'm at the hotel my parents and my sister are staying at, so I can use the internet. Thank god for complimentary Wi-fi access. The wedding is on saturday, and my brother is surprisingly calm. I think he has finally realized that something is boundt o go wrong, and that there is nothing he can do about it.

      Now, heres my problem. The new maps came out today. But I can't play them, seeing as my Xbox is still in michigan. Thats just not cool.But you know who can play them? My older brother Jesse. He'll be calling me soon to tell me howgreat they are and gloat that I won't be able to play them until next wenesday. This is fucking retarded.

      Oh well, at least I got to eat some really good barbecue. That was some good fucking steak. Really good.

    • Channel Surfing

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      Several friends and I plan on making a film for our school's film festival next year, entitled "Channel Surfing." The idea is that the viewer is skipping through channels on the TV, occasionally stopping to watch for a slightly prolonged period of time. The entire movie will be done through machinima. Here is an example of one scene.

      Filmed with ESPN Track and Field 2002
      You see several runners lined up for a race, and hear two commentators talking with eachother. These two voices will be labeled A and B.

      A: So hear, we are, the race is about to begin.
      B:Let me tell you, we've had some exciting moments at the 2008 summer olympics. Particularly from this fellow here, Ken Black of america.
      A: I don't know, i'm excited to see what type of performance we get from Tado Awaname, of Ethiopia.
      B: Interesting fact about Tado, thats actually not his last name.
      A: Really?
      B: Really. When ethiopians compete they always compete with a battle name. It means something special to them in their native language.
      A: Oh, really? What does his name translate to?
      B: Well, I've been told that it translates to something like "Kiss my big black a-"

      At this point the channel changes.

      I'm sure you all get the idea. We plan on making fun of the Power Rangers with Halo 2, and most of our filming will be done with Timesplitters 3. The variety of character's is perfect for us.

      anyways, I was hoping maybe you guys had some suggestions for scenes that could be in the film. Just post your ideas, and I'll look them over, and be sure to credit you in the film. Just remember to include what game would be used to film the scene, because I may or may not have that game, and I would need to know wether or not I can actually film it.


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    • Psychonauts

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      My sister and i just bought this game in order to entertain ourselves while on the road. It is absolutely hilarious. There have been moments that we just absolutely laughed our asses off. I still have yet to find mine in the mess that is our car. Seriously, this is an absolutely hilarious game. And, its gameplay is pretty fun, if not particularly innovative. going inside peoples minds is a very cool approach to gameplay, especially since everyones minds are different. Tell me what your opinion of this game is. I love it.

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    • Olathe sucks.

      14 years ago


      Olathe has a serious shortage of good looking girls. I mean, they have a shortage of good looking people period, but all I cared about was the women. Everywhere I looked it was ugly ugly ugly. And when there was a cute girl, i couldn't lok without my family noticing and thinking i was pathetic, because the cute girls stuck out like a straight man at a gay bar. It was that bad. In Saline, I can look at the cute girls, because nobody notices. The cute girls are too busy looking at the good looking men, and the cute girls don't stick out, cause there are planty of them. In Olathe, the girls were checking me out. Thats pathetic.

      I feel like I've been deprived of everything that is right and good in the world. On the other hand, the girls in the Target in Cheyenne I was just in was full of cute girls. It was a well appreciated reprieve. I'm pathetic. I need to get a girlfriend.

      By the way, did you know that everyone in Cheyenne is raving about Booty Juice, the latest night club. We ate at a diner, though I suggested we get some chicken wings at Hooters. My parents didn't think it was a very good idea. I did.

      We visited my sister in Kansas City, which was cool, because I don't get to see her much. We ate at a Chili's. We suggested Bob Evans as a joke, but she didn't like that idea very much, seeing as she works there, and she eats two meals a day there.

      We should be in Boise by tomorrow. We picked up a copy of Psychonauts, and we've got our PS2 hooked up to the TV in the car. Its a great game, with its fair share of funny moments. I also brought FFVII, since my sister agreed to let me play it a bit during the trip.

      Plan on going to a waterpark while in Boise. My sister and I went to it four years ago when we dropped off my brothers stuff off for college. We still have great memories of nearly drowning in the wave pool.

      Don't have anything else to really say, so thats all for now.

    • Its wedding time!

      14 years ago


      Holy fuck. My brother gets married in ten days. The enormity of the coming occasion only just sunk in. Holy fuck. Leaving at noon (immediately after my final Driver's ed class) to go to Boise to participate in that momentous event. Perhaps I should make today a big word day.

      Antidisestablishmentarianism: Opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England.

      Bet you never knew what it meant, though I'm sure you like many others used it as an example of a long word. >Points finger accusingly<

      I'm just that smart.

      Anyways, I'll be gone for the next few weeks, so it might be a while before I check back. When I do check up hopefully I'll have lots of random, pointless mod points. Hint hint. Have fun without me.

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