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    • Ich bin sehr lecker. Bitch

      14 years ago


      Just two more classes and I'm done with Driver's ed. Hooray, hoorah, haroo. Wonderful. Of course, the moment Driver's ed is over I get dragged to Boise to participate in his wedding. I get to Drive there. Jesse gets to fly there. Stupid, lucky, drugged up brother. Josh gets married, and I leave on the fourth. The day before the new maps come out on Halo 2. Not fair. Boo. And Jesse gets to stay her until the eighth. That sucks.

    • So fucking close!

      14 years ago


      Minesweeper on expert. My time? 101. Just got it. So close to sub-100. Beats out my old record by six seconds, and my brothers record by eleven seconds.

    • Hmmmmmm

      14 years ago


      I went to the lake yesterday with my brother and his friends. We were going to do some tubing. Unfortunately, a storm hit right before my turn. We were sitting at the dock, thinking the storm was going to pass by, and that we should wait it out. Then we saw the most massive lightning bolt any of us had ever seen and we decided weaiting it out was a bad idea. In fact, we needed to head back to the ramp and get the boat out of the water. So there we are, turning the boat around, when we see this rain front moving in our direction. It was like a wall of solid water, and it was coming at us fast. So we get the engne going and start racing towards the dock, skimming along the edge of this rain front the entire time. It was awesome. Still dissapointed I didn't get to go tubing, but how can you see something that cool and not be appreciative.

    • Joy......that makes me happy.

      14 years ago


      I just had a friend make a new buddy icon for me. Its great. It flashes pictures of Samus, Zelda, Joanna Dark, Cortana, and Rikku from FF X-2, and then it flashes the words "Who needs real women?" This is especially nice cause it makes me think of my current situation in a more liught hearted, but still not very happy, mood.

    • Theres always something.......

      14 years ago


      No matter how hard I try theres always somethng I can't control, and its always the same thing.

      And though you didn't mean to, you killed me, broke my heart in two...
      when you did that thing I knew you'd do.
      It was like silver bullets, aimed at my heart, to kill the monster inside. The part of me, that scares you to death, even though you don't know that its there.

      Moments like this call for one word and one word only.


    • Venus-Ben Bova

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      Holy crap, I don't know if you've read this, but it is an amzing book. I love it. Also, read Mars, and Jupiter. Same author. Great books. If you've read them, give me your opinion.

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    • Animal Crossing NES Games

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      I personally enjoyed the core gameplay of Animal Crossing for about an hour. It got ridicculously boring after that. Fro me anyways. However, the game did have one saving grace. The NES games that you could win as prizes or just cheat to get. What is your favorite of the available titles? My favorite is either Punchout or The legend of Zelda. This is what keeps me playing this game.

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    • Macgyver

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      Just wondering if any of you are as obsessed with Macgyver as I am. Great show. richard Dean Anderson rocks. Stargate SG-1 rocks. And again, Richard Dean Anderson rocks.

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    • Relient K

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      This is by far my favorite band. Don't know how many of you know who the are, but they are getting pretty popular of late. There music is fun, and their lyrics can be downright hilarious. Matthew Thiessen, their lead singer and songwriter, and also lead guitar, can write amazingly poetic songs. Go to www.purevolume.com/relientk to listen to some of their music. Be forewarned its Christian Rock and I think one of the songs directly mentions God, but I imagine it won't be a big issue. Also, go to http://www.purevolume.com/matthewthiessenandtheearthquakes to listen to three more great songs written by matthew Thiessen.

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    • Quotes.

      14 years ago


      Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

      Always remember the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.

      Chance favors the prepared mind.

      The wound may not be as deep as a well or as wide as a church door but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.

      They'd love to make an example of me, and they won't hang me by my neck either.

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