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    • Snow Chant

      13 years ago


      Snow day?! Please?!

      I want a snow day.

      Supposedly its supposed to keep snowing until 6:00 AM, and the roads are supposed to be shit. So maybe I'll get lucky.

      I watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children today.

      That was a great movie. My friend plans on burning the file onto a DVD so that we can watch it on my widescreen. Which should be nice.

      Additionally, in the face of any relationship trouble I might ever have, at least I have Ymir. Last night he promised that if I really needed help, he'd kidnap any prospective girlfriends, tie them to railroad tracks, and let me play the role of the big hero.

      If only that could work.

      Oh well, its the thought that counts.

    • I Rox Ur Sox!!!!!!

      13 years ago


      Just got from my band concert. And wow did that kick ass.

      In particular, our last piece.

      Waves of the Revolution.

      I played timpani, and I have over eight measures worth of timpani solo.

      Which I played really, really well.

      When we finished, our director, Mr. Lampman, pulled me to the front and had me bow to the audience. I've never seen him do that at one of our band concerts!!!!

      When I get a copy of the piece, I'll figure a way to get it out to those who care to listen.

    • Ho hum......

      13 years ago


      Today was a long day.

      I dressed up for the first fifteen minutes of the school day (for my debate), and then felt overdressed the rest of the day.

      All of my lessons seemed to be very long.

      I had an honors trig quiz.

      I came to what was kind of a realization.

      I made a decision that I plan to stick with, but if it seriously takes till February I'm going to go insane. But February is my limit.

      I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm gonna flip out and go crazy this week. Which will probably screw up my decision. Stupid February.

    • Good times....

      13 years ago


      nekokoneko chan: ...aaah my brain is totally off

      OpEagleEye: how so?

      nekokoneko chan: i cant think

      OpEagleEye: heres a little exercize to help focus your thinking.....

      OpEagleEye: imagine yourself hacing the best sex of your life......

      OpEagleEye: got it>

      OpEagleEye: ?*

      OpEagleEye: once you've done that, imagine your actually having sex with Matt

      OpEagleEye: then imagine you are having sex with me....

      OpEagleEye: and ask yourself, which did you like better

      nekokoneko chan:

      nekokoneko chan: thats funny as hell

      OpEagleEye: by the time thats over you'll have such vivid and disturbing imagery, that the only issue will be that you can't stop thinking

      nekokoneko chan: HAHA

      OpEagleEye: and for reference, it would be so much better with me

    • Apathetic way to be.....

      13 years ago


      They file past the princess, see her cold lifeless skin.....
      Wonder at what state of mind she was in.
      But those thoughts are useless now, she will stay just the same.....
      And nothing they say, will erase any shame.
      "Awake sleeping beauty," they all long to say....
      As their memories of her float softly away.
      But she doesn't wake up, she just lies in the sheets....
      While impressions of her drift off to the deep.

      I'd forgotten about that poem.

      Tomorrow is another day.

    • I want to live, where soul meets body...

      13 years ago


      Things went from amazingly great to extremely terrible in a day. On tuesday, having discovered that I was getting the 60 Gb iPod for Christmas, I was understandably very happy.

      It didn't take long till I noticed I was starting to get sick. My state of health got worse and worse until I finally threw up on tuesday night. That was right about when my mother told me that I she thought I was faking and that I was going to school the next day.

      So I went to school yesterday, and was extremely sick. I didn't eat during lunch because I couldn't stomach anything. When I got home, I could barely handle a ritz cracker.

      I feel asleep on the couch, where my parents woke me up two hours later, in order to give my sister and I some very bad news,

      My cousin died on wednesday morning in a car crash. We're not sure yet, but the funeral is supposed to be on sunday. We leave halfway through the school day tomorrow to drive down to Kentucky.

      Today was a very long day.

      Luckily I had some people, who for the most part unknowingly, kept me sane. Especially Natalie, although she knew she was keeping me sane, as I had told her what happened.


    • I am not a geek.....

      13 years ago


      ......I'm a level twelve paladin.

      Actually I'm a level five druid. With a wolf for an animal companion. I wanted a hawk, but somebody else already had that.

      I must admit, I'm a bit apprehensive about going through a D&D campaign. Star Wars RPG is one thing, this is another.

      But hey, why fight your inner nerd?

      In other news, I know what I'm getting for christmas, because my mother was kind of neglectful when it came to the internet history.

      I'll give you a hint, on the back, is engraved the words, "iPod. Therefore I am."

      Score!!!! Its even a 60 Gb model. Double score.

      In fact, this might call for a bow chicka bow wow.

      Additionally, I enjoy not having a lot of homework.

    • A Million Ways

      13 years ago


      If you haven't seen the music video for A Million Ways by OK Go, then you need to go watch it now.

      The moment my friend Ymir saw it, he called me up and told me we were going to perform it for Mock Rock at school this year.

      Mock Rock is an overclocked form of lip synch contest. Only it tends to get really crazy.

      My brother won about three years ago with he and his friends rendition of Yatta (Theres another one to look for), and last years winner was a group of twenty or so people doing thriller. It tends to be funny.

      And quite frankly, the video for A Million Ways feels perfect for the occasion.

      Other than that, I haven't been doing much. My sleep schedule is way off. Which should prove to be difficult given that I do have school tomorrow.

      I've been playing Resident Evil 4 (the PS2 version), and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm really not terribly far, but thats cause I've been busy reading all weekend.

      I finally finished Our Guys, which was an amazing story, if a rather frightening and disturbing one. Now I can return that to Mr Gumenick.

      Also, we built a snowman on Saturday. It was really short. Villa and I call it the totem of Winter-een-mas, and despite the rain, its still standing.

      Now it just has to brave 62 degree weather.

      And theres just one last thing that I have to say,
      As we reflect on the mess of all of this I made.
      It was cowardice that made me push you away,
      I was so afraid cause you were so much better than me.

      I bought Relient K's Apathetic EP!!!!

    • Happy Turkey Day

      13 years ago


      Happy Turkey Day everybody!

      Mine has been especially fine. Nothing is more thanksgiving mealish than a spinach and artichoke casserole.

      Ok, thats obviously a lie, but it was still very tasty. As was the cheesy vegetable casserole, a staple at any thanksgiving meal my family has. In fact, this thanksgiving was rather singular in the fact that I enjoyed every last thing I ate. Not a bit of it was disagreeable.

      After my initial thanksgiving meal I took a nap, and bathed in the glory of the fact that my real thanksgiving meal isn't until tomorrow at my aunt's house. She's a nurse so she had to work today. Just for reference, it doesn't actually become friday until I go to sleep.

      On tuesdat night I bought We <3 Katamari, and I don't care what the reviews say, that game is better than the original. the level design is just plain awesome, and the music is just as great.

      Its my replacemnt for the Xbox 360 I'm never gonna get. Booooooo. Boo for not having money when I could still have reserved one. For all the good that seems to be doing those who did have money at that point.

      On the plus side, the Revolutions going to be cheaper and its gonna have Metorid Prime 3 and the new Super Smash Bros game. So its not all bad.

      I plan on making snowmen on saturday, if the snow holds. Which the weather reports say its not going to. But in the infamous words of Weird Al, which I will now direct towrads meteorologists everywhere....

      "Everything you know is wrong."

    • China Grove..........

      13 years ago


      Hmmm.....past two days......

      In the past two days, I have increased my iTunes library by a good five hundred songs legally, and will gradually be increasing it by a good five thousand songs. not necessarily legally on those last five thousand.

      I played video games. One in particular that wasn't very good.

      I read a fair amount, which was simply great. Cause its been a while since I've really had solid reading time.

      I babysat three kids for six hours and only got $40. But I won't complain too much, cause it is money.

      I slept. Oh god did I sleep.

      Except for last night, when I was busy typing up the lyrics to the songs for our church's christmas musical, which my mother is directing. I have to do all the grunge work for her and those little kids.

      I also has two of the most interesting lucid dreams I've ever had. Which have led to some utterly confusing and entirely unanswerable questions. I've got a lot to think about. A whole lot to think about. Cause seriously, the more I iron things out, the more confused I am.

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