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    • Heaven......

      13 years ago


      Final verdict?

      274 songs. I have 274 They Might Be Giants songs.

      Lefty rocks!

    • Whistling In The Dark

      13 years ago


      Today was a decent follow up to yesterday's rather surprising overall greatness.

      first order of the day was to go down to Spring Arbor University with my father. He was in a finance comittee meeting. So I sat in the library and read.

      Thats right, I read. Which was awesome. I had a good three hours of reading time before the meeting was over and my dad came and got me. We went and visited several members of the administration, and the Dean of Academics gave me her Spring Arbor pitch. I'm gonna be getting that pitch forever. Then we went to the campus bookstore and I got a Spring Arbor hoodie.

      On ouw way home, we got a call from my sister, who was calling on behalf of a family in our neighborhood who had an extra ticket to a showing of Harry Potter, and wanted to know if I wanted to come. I said absolutely.

      It was sheer awesomeness. And very dark. I keep thinking that when they get to Half-blood prince, its going to be incredibly dark. I mean, just the end......

      My library of They Might Be Giants songs has gone from fifty or so songs, to one-hundred-eighty-eight songs over the past day! Yay. I less than three Lefty!!!!!!!

    • The World's Address

      13 years ago


      Today was a terrible day.

      I did something that arguably could have been an absolutely stupid thing to do. And basically was.

      So I went home. And my day sucked.

      And then I slept.

      And it got better.

      I got three new They Might Be Giants CD's.

      And it got better.

      I played some Xbox.

      And it got better.

      And finally, I had an extended conversation that absolutely needed to be had.

      Final verdict?

      Today was not the best day of my life, but it did go from sucking to being an altogether alright day. In fact, in a way, it became an absolutely great day.

      Can't say that I saw that one coming.

    • A Cappella!

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      For those of you who don't know, A Cappella is a form of entirely vocal music, and when it comes down to it, its just plain awesome.

      Post here about what A Cappella groups you might know of, and if you don't know of any, consider looking into a couple such as these:

      Chapter 6 (my all time favorite a cappella group, just went professional about a year or so ago)
      Rockappella (not my favorite but pretty well known)
      Chicago Voice Exchange (these guys are hilarious. Yuppie refugee is a great song)


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    • I am the one.......

      13 years ago


      .....and being Neo kicked ass. that is, until I had to fight the final boss.

      Seriously though, a giant metal Agent Smith. WTF?

      Path of Neo was a great game, with solid fighting, and with excursions from the storyline that were usually understandable, up until that last boss. How could you not feel cheated after that? It wasn't even a real boss battle, it was like a new minigame. Thats just retarded. Why would you make the final boss a minigame?

      Video game angst aside, the past couple of days have been great. The rest of Path of Neo was enjoyable, and my mother has been finalizing the plans for the A Cappella group she wants to start. My schoolwork has been easy. I got a 57.5 out of 60 on my Trig Test today.

      And now that the positive things are aside, on to the bitching and moaning.

      One fucking point. I took the Michigan Math Prize Competition in October. the cut off score to return and take part two was 16.

      We got our scores back today, and I got a fifteen.

      ONE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      On top of that, I somehow only got a 44.5 out of 55 on my last English essay, which is just stupid, because I know I deserve a much better grade than that.

      And finally, some anger towards girls I want to let out.


      All done. Have a great night folks.

    • I love They Might Be Giants.

      13 years ago


      Been a little bit since an update.

      Relatively speaking that is.

      The DDR party was interesting. I'm still debating wether or not I enjoyed it.

      As David put it, "way too much Zill on orange action."

      Apeaking of David, I went with him to the Millish concert. Wow. Their drummer was absolutely amazing. And that cover of Stairway to Heaven was so sweet. And of course Brad finally convinced me to join the fiddlers, or at the very least audition for them on drumset. We'll see, as it will mean I'll have to take lessons over the winter with Mike Morrison. But, it is the Fiddlers, so it will be worth it.

      Today I had highest call, which ended up being pretty enjoyable.I can never not enjoy free food. And hangin out with China and jansen and Elise and the whole Hghest Call gang is always pretty fun.

      Additionally, I've decided to try and go through with my mother's idea of starting an A Cappella group at the high school. Should be fun.

    • You son of a bitch, I palindrome I......

      13 years ago


      Sometimes I hate my life.

      It was decided that this weekend I would be having a DDR party. The appointed day for the party was friday. I invited this girl named Sarah to the party because quite frankly I like her and it seemed like a good way to get to know her better. She said she could come.

      Then today, she found out that she can't come. so I told her I would try and reschedule the party to thursday. None of my other friends had a problem with that, so I asked my parents if i could have the party on thursday instead.

      Well, as it turns out, my sister has a basketball game on thursday, so my father won't be home. and since my mom will be out of town for a music conference nobody could possibly be home, and so I can't have the party thursday.

      And we have friday off and a half day thursday, which is what made it so easy to throw the party this weekend.

      So the party is on friday and Sarah can't come and I am very annoyed.


    • I hate the awkward moments.......

      13 years ago


      Marching band banquet. That was fun.

      And slightly awkward.

      Nothing hapened today, although I guess I did borrow a book from Mr. Gumenick. I (less than three) Gummi Bear!

      So I think I'm gonna babble for a bit and maybe think of something profound to say. But I'm not usually very good at the whole profound thing, so why not let Relient K do the talking to me?

      I hope it snows this week,
      A snow flake on your cheek
      Would make this winter so beautiful

      Just found that one today. I haven't listened to the christmas album yet, but I really like what little I've heard.

    • Crazy little thing called love......

      13 years ago


      God I do love that song.

      Today was a slow day ingeneral, but a nice change of pace from the rest of my hectic, yet amazing, weekend.

      I'm currently avoiding doing homework that really needs to be done by updating this journal and talking to people on AIM.

      Cause my other option is to do actual work.

      I just found out that my mother is going to be gone from wednesday night to sunday morning. A little hiatus from my mother will be relaxing. And since my dad is a pushover, I've already gotten him to agree to let me have a DDR party, since Vanessa has been begging me to have one for months.

      I should invite lots of people and order pizza. And make queso.

      It should be a fun night.

      MACFest '05 kicked ass, with extreme prejudice. I have to say, the jewish A Cappella group might have been my favorite. Their jewish versions of pop hits were hilarious. "Rabbi's mom, has got it going on......."

      Other than that, nothing is going on, or has gone on for the past twenty-four hours.

      Good night folks, hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

    • MACFEST '05!!!!!!!!

      13 years ago


      Just got back from the 5th annual Michigan A Capella Festival.

      That in combination with last nights Relient K concert makes me a very ridiculously happy person.

      Also ate at Pancheros.

      And had a pretty sweet lucid dream last night.

      And now I'm gonna stay up all night burning CD's for my mother.

      Its been a great weekend.

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