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    • Wow.......

      13 years ago


      I can still feel the bass vibrating through my chest. That concert was intense.

      I love Relient K, and MXPX wasn't half bad either.


      I'm gonna be awake for a couple of hours I think.

    • Relient K

      13 years ago


      I'm going to the Relient K concert tomorrow!

      I have to buy a couple shirts.

      The Black one with the lines of hot pink Relient K skulls and crossbones looks pretty sweet.

      Went to open mic tonight, and once again, all the stupid people have invaded, and its chock full of annoying freshmen and sophomores who can't shut up.


      Also fucked up pretty badly on my trig test. Oh well, at least it was only that problem.

      I can't think of much else to say, other than that it seems pretty stupid when a girl says she can't date you because she doesn't know you well enough, but you never get the chance to talk to her so that she gets to know you better.

    • Today was a long day.........

      13 years ago


      A sure sign that you are either depressed or very strange:
      Listening to Death Cab always makes you more happy, regardless of what song you are listening to.

      A further sign:
      The same Relient K song that at certain times makes you ridiculously happy also sometimes makes you ridiculously sad.

      A sign that you may be normal after all:
      Breaking a drumset when playing way too loudly on your drumset due to general frustration is still a comfort.

    • Bleh.....

      13 years ago


      Today was a very depressing day.

      I wasted all my good luck in second hour, when I got my quiz back. 37 out of 29, not a single thing wrong.

      Then I got to satistics only to find that I'd gotten a 69% on my most recent test. That really sucked.

      When I got into Honros Trig it was to find I'd gotten an 89% on our last test. Which should have been great, but was terrible. The test was higher than my class average, but lower than my test average. Therefore it brought my test average down and in turn my overall average.

      Thankfully, I was stopped from making a potentially stupid mistake of asking a girl out by a friend. As I was told, she felt like she needed to know me better before she could go on a date with me. So I tried to acomplish that, or at least start towards it. My friend was over and we were passing out Haloween candy, and we called her up and invited her to come over and hang out. She couldn't come, because she had promised to take her sister (a freshman, mind you) trick or treating.

      I totally support her wanting to know me better, but every time I try to create an opportunity for that to happen, she can't come.

      At least I aced my gov quiz.

    • I heart bubble tea.......

      13 years ago


      I just saw the King's Singers in concert. And they have to be one of the most amazing acapella groups I have had the priviledge of listening to. It was awesome.

      On a completely unrelated note, despite that amzing concert, my day was rather lacking of that hot date I had hoped for. Its cool though, cause I've got plans. Oh do I have plans.

      And in case you're still not sure, that actually means I'm out of ideas, and have absolutely no plans whatsoever.

      Actually, maybe I do..........

      That idea could very well work.

      ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      I like it.

      I really ddn't do too much today. I played a fair amount of video games. Quite frankly, I played far too many hours of video games today. I suppose I am that much further in Kotor II. Which is obviously a plus.

      But still, sometimes my life feels rather pathetic. Like my time spent on this website of late. Undoubtedly way too much of my life of late has been spent on this website. Getting pissed off at dicks in the forums.

      And I've decided I must have myself that 5th generation iPod.

    • Emograss!

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      Chime in if you love Nickel Creek! And Chris Thile. I have seen God, and he plays the mandolin.

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    • Mark O'Connor

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      Without a doubt the number one fiddler in the world. He played a concert at our high school recently with a local group known as the Daline Fiddlers. Quite frankly, he is amazing. Post if you love him as much as I do. Somebody on this website has to like fiddle music. And hot swing.

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    • Yay!!!!!!

      13 years ago


      I tuned my hammer dulcimer! Bringing it to school tomorrow to practice after school.

      Today I came to school with the intent of asking a girl out on a date. I was determined to do it. Only to find out that she was sick. I was sad. Then I find out from a friend that she got better and came back to school during third hour. So I was happy. but when I went to talk to her and ask her out on a date after school, I couldn't, because there was always someone talking to her.


      But still happy about the hammer dulcimer.

    • The hills are alive......

      13 years ago


      ....with the sound of music.

      I had a band concert tonight. We played several pieces, but the best by far was Selections From The Sound of Music. It kicked ass. I played timpani, the single greatest percussion instrument ever. Except maybe the cowbell.

      And coming back to find my karma level boosted up two levels was pretty sweet. nweasel is the greatest and I wish he was on more often. Thanks man.

      And now to more important matters.

      1337 Chef! I've got my cooking apron, and it kicks ass. Yay for the 1337 Chef!

      And also, it was cold today. And there were a couple different funny moments. I offered my services up for manual labor, but apparently i wasn't neded. I used to my calculator to make a picture for Maria thats said "I (Heart) Maria." i thought she might flip out, but she apparently thought it was awesome. Which I find to be kind of amusing.

      I got a 97% on my statistics project. Which was awesome. Cause its a 97%.

      And basically nothing else, except for rocking out in Villa's car. Good times.

      "I was thinking, overthinking......"

    • Yeah....

      13 years ago


      I've decided I tend to make things way too complicated. So if I don't get this figured out pretty soon, I'm going to do one of two things. Neither of which are necessarily advisable.

      On a more positive note, I went on a hay ride yesterday and did other fun things and I threw a football all the way to China. Which would be more funny if you were already aware that I hung out with several people yesterday, one of those persons being a girl by the name of China.

      In retrospect, still not really that funny.

      Stupid people. People suck. Mainly just girls though, because I can't understand them.

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