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    • ?????

      13 years ago


      I feel a strange compulsion to take swing dancing lessons.

      I am such a weird kid.

    • Have I gone insane?

      13 years ago


      The answer to that question is yes. I've clearly gone insane. Boredom will do that to a person.

      Heres the breakdown of my weekend.

      My mother and sister's flight was cancelled and they had to fly out friday morning instead. on their way home from the airport they stopped by Best Buy and picked up Flight Plan and the original The Producers. Flight Plan actually ended up being a good movie with a decent twist.

      Kenton came over and we had some fun. Mainly in the form of a game called Full Auto. Full Auto is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. And that really was the extent of my friday.

      Kenton, haven't stayed over that night was able to drive me to David's for a D&D session. Turns out Kyle's horse is a black pegasus and Kenton is a were-bear. And we are all huge nerds who need lives. I attempted to prove to myself that I still have one by inviting Kelsey over to watch a movie that night. We watched the original The Producers (have to thank my mom for buying that one) and Shaun of the Dead. But my plan for proving to myself that I still have a life didn't work. It's pretty clear I just don't have a life. This night basically ended with me deciding for sure that I am stupid. And crazy. And that I need a life. This is probably the 50th time I've decided this.

      After morning service at church, I managed to develop a migraine. Luckily, not before I dragged my father to the store to buy Mountain Dew and new assorted teas. My migraine was a bitch, and I felt very sick once it had passed. Had to force feed myself a pot pie for dinner, wich was not an enjoyable experience. Also last night, I did one of those silly little iTunes quizzes where you set iTunes on shuffle and use each consecutive song title as the answer to the next question. My results were disturbing for a couple of reasons. First, practically every answer ended up making sense as an answer to its question. If it didn't make sense at face value, it usually ended up making sense once I thought about the lyrics of the song (see "Three Little Birds", the lyrics to which are "Don't worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright."). Or when I thought about how the song title might apply to my life in a literal sense (I'm not even gonna go over these ones, but they're the second reason I found this quiz so disturbing). A couple of the answers made sense on more than one level to me, making this quiz even more diturbing. Admittedly, some of these were just plain funny.

      My Disturbing iTunes Quiz:
      What do you think of me, iTunes?
      "Punk Ass/ Are you out of your mind?"-Dane Cook

      Will I have a happy life?
      "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep"-Diana Krall

      What do my friends really think of me?
      "Kill the Boy"-Bill Cosby

      Do people secretly lust after me?
      "You’re Not Alone"-Nobuo Uematsu

      How can I make myself happy?
      "Three Little Birds"-Bob Marley and the Wailers

      What should I do with my life?
      "Do it Again"-Steely Dan

      Why must life be so full of pain?
      "She’s An Angel"-They Might Be Giants

      How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
      "Krispy Kreme"-Chapter 6

      Will I ever have children?
      "Hit The Lights"-Metallica

      Will I die happy?
      "Evermore"-Alison Krauss

      Can you give me some advice?
      "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"-The Rolling Stones

      What do you think happiness is?
      "The Girl From Yesterday"-The Eagles

      What type of girl should I ask out for my next date?
      "Black Magic Woman"-Santana

      How should I ask her out?
      "Sometimes Its A Bitch"-Stevie Nicks

      Today I did practically nothing, and I hated it. I woke up much later than I liked and sat down at the computer, telling myself I would work on my paper for Sem. Naturally I didn't. Instead, I sat at my computer for quite a while doing absolutely nothing, and often, talking to aboslutely no one. I spent a good half hour playing in 7/4 timing on my drumset and then retired upstairs to watch soem TV. As the night dragged on, things picked up pace a little, but not much. Colin and I did had a brief conversation about prom that helped me realize just how insane, stupid, and pathetic I am (not necessarily in that order, but definitely all of those things). Now Colin and I are having a conversation about a game called Morton's List, whcih he is explaining to me. Apparently it is "The End to Boredom," or so the games maker's would have you believe. It does at the very least seem like something I should look into, especially with how bored I tend to get. But Colin has run off to Bush's to get ice cream and so I am temporarily at a loss of conversation, and therefore at a loss of something to do. And thus, I am updating.

      I figured a few things out this weekend. First off, as stupid as I thought I was, I am a million times more stupid than that. But I'm also not sure I care anymore. Sure it could suck in the short run, but in the long run, what is my craziness really gonna hurt. Brings me back to the song my brother and I wrote.

      It's coming soon, cause I've got to try....
      And yet I keep looking for one good reason why...
      Just one good reason not to try.

      So I'm crazy. I should probably care, but I'm just kind of sick with dealing with this crap.

      In keeping with the above passage, the second thing I learned is that I love being cryptic. Unfortunately, I am never sure just how cryptic I am actually being. For instance, sometimes my profile on AIM means something, but usually it doesn't. But when it does, how often do people figure it out? Are they usually as in the dark as I want them to be, and do I even really want them in the dark? After all, if I wanted them clueless, would I post hints in a basically public viewing place? Sometimes I feel like I give people the wrong idea, or maybe even worse, the right idea.

      The third thing I learned, which goes quite well with the second thing I learned, is that I love middle names, and percentages suck.

      that is all.

    • Testing, testing.....1,2,3....

      13 years ago


      Don't worry people, I'm not dead. No no, I am still very much alive.

      I've been doing a lot of this extended absence thing of late, though this particular vacation tops them all. With the exception of course, of my little birthday depression note. But heres a nice little rundown of what you've missed in the life of Jacob:

      Second semester has been a lovely thing. As it turns out, AP Stat isn't particularly difficult, or at least not yet. In fact, I have a habit of overachieving in that class like nothing else. Anything that requires a written answeer tends to get an essay when I'm doing it. So Ms. Jonik pretty much loves me and thats not a big deal.

      Being a teacher's assistant also gives me plenty of time during first hour to finish the homework I didn't the night before, which is a plus. Of course, I usually can't affor to not finish my homework since I'm taking research seminar right now. God damn papers! Stupid Ms. Hodgens!

      I auditioned for the fiddler's on drums, and severely doubt that I got in, but oh well. Its funny too, cause immediately after the audition I felt I did at least decently. The day after
      however, I decided I sucked. Go me!

      I briefly joined pit, but then it became obvious that joining pit was not a smart move. So I will not be playing any form of percussion for the school musical.

      I will however be learning how to play a doumbeck, which is the sweetest arabaic drum ever. Currently, the only rthym I can play at the appropriate tempo is a belly dancing theme, but I can't get anybody to belly dance for me. So much for that.

      We just paid the money for our new computer, whcih is being custom built for us, and will be amazing. I will actually be able to play counterstrilke source and half-life 2 and such. It will be wonderful.

      And for reference, I nkwo exactly why I was unhappy on my birthday, and I am a very stupid person.

      Oh yeah, today was valentines day. And I bought Sarah a flower. But then, I didnt talk to Sarah at all today, with the exception of her briefly saying thank you while we passed eachother in the hall after first hour. it was an odd day.

    • Ho hum and a fiddle dee dee....

      13 years ago


      I seriously don't know whats wrong with me. Maybe its just teenage angst.

      Allow me to explain.

      I turned seventeen about eight hours ago. Now, I have always been of the firm opinion that no matter how much your life sucks, things should at least go your way on your birthday. I can't necessarily say that things didn't go my way, more of I'm just not sure of what "my way" is anymore.

      All in all I really did have an enjoyable birthday. Lots of treats, and countless cries of happy birthday. I think things started to go downhill towards the Fiddler concert.

      The concert was amazing mind you. Quite enjoyable. Brad's solo was great (especially the look on his face when he dropped the stick). Sam Bush was equally amazing to the Fiddlers. All in all worth going to. And theoretically, the party afterwards should have been great fun as well.

      But it wasn't. As the concert went on, and as the party went on, I just got worse and worse. And now, I am in a very unhappy mood. And I'm not sure why I am in this unhappy mood, because I can't think of any reason I should be unhappy.

      Or rather, I can think of each and every reason I'm unhappy, but none of them makes a bit of sense to me.

      Grrrr. Argh.


    • What is going on? Something's not right.

      13 years ago


      So, it seems I have broken my constant updating habit. But I didn't necessarily want to do that. Now I seem to only do occasional really long updates.

      Isn't the internet great?

      Anyways, moving on.

      It's finals week! That means I have half days on thursday and friday. On thursday I take my Literature and Society final, and afterwards, we finish watching Dead Man Walking in Government. Really good movie. Especially when you're sitting next to Mike. Its also more enjoyable when you pull jazz brushes out of your bag and lay down some phat beats with the music.

      On friday, I have my Statistics and Honors Trig exams. Speaking of statistics.....

      Today Kelsey and I worked vfery briefly on our statistics at my house. It didn't end up being very hard or long, so for the most part we just talked about math and stupid people math and how Mrs Jonik is going to kick our butts in AP Statistics next semester. In all seriousness, we've absolutely destroyed the statistics curriculum over the past semester. Jonik is going to pawn us like the noobs we are.

      Kelsey and are clearly the most awesome people ever, and our plans for our new band, the Emo Ligers, are under way. It will feature me on the drumset, and her on the viola, thus making itself the worst band ever. And since its the worst band ever, it'll be the greatest emo band ever!

      Also concerning statistics, I got a 105 on my most recent quiz in that class. Our class average was way below first hour's average,so she gave us all an additional 12 points on our test. What she neglected to tell us was that the reason our average was so much lower than hers was because first hour got to take it as a partner quiz.

      No, lets be honest. They got to take it as a group quiz. So I'm taking my 12 extra points and shoving it in their faces! Take that first hour. Sorry Kelsey.

      In other news, David and I played some Final Fantasy X yesterday, interspersed with some statistics review. The best moment of the night was clearly when we started the battle against Yunalesca. David pulled out my brothers laptop, opened up iTunes, and started playing "Rock this Bitch" by Ben Folds. That was pretty awesome.

      On saturday, Kenton and I went to Digital Ops, and even brought my sister with us. Seriously though, $20 bucks, and constant gameplay all night long. Thats such a great deal. I played more Half Life 2, as well as some Age of Empires 3. That game kicks butt.

      Speaking of games that kick butt, I love Civilization IV. I just wish my graphics card was truly powerful enough to handle it. Cause honestly, its not. At all. It just barely runs, and its really slow. But it still kicks butt.

      What else?

      Girls are stupid, and I often wonder if they're worth the effort. Or more specifically, I wonder why I bother putting forth effort, when they never do. It just doesnt make sense.

      Don't you just love being told one thing and then watching somthing competely different happen? I know I do. Speaking of things I love:

      *Chocolate in almost any form. Except that I feel it is possible to have too much chocolate.
      *Emo music, since its so strangely comforting.
      *The fact that I'll probably never have a girlfriend, since girls are stupid and make everything harder than it should be.
      *Long posts on the assorted web communities I am a part of.
      *Taking drumset lessons again, since I'm definitely gonna need them to get into the fiddlers.
      *Anything written by Ben Folds.
      *Not being able to play anything written by Ben Folds.
      *Stressing over stupid little things that mean nothing.
      *Completely missing the things that are apparently very important and would make my life so much easier.
      *Macgyver. I will get it onto my iPod, even if it ends up costing me lots of money.

      And I think thats all for now.

    • I return to you again......

      13 years ago


      So for once I can actually claim an extended leave of absence. I remember the days when I was rarely gone for more than four days. Well, its been a bit longer than that. So what have I done since last I posted?

      The last time I posted, I was talking about Katelyn's party and getting my DS, so it looks like I have some work to do.

      Christmas rocked. I got 60 free song downloads off of iTunes to accompany my new iPod, which is a thing of beauty I might add. And when I say beauty, I mean beauty. I love that thing. In all seriousness, that thing has some simply amazing video quality.

      On top of that I got a slew of other prety awesome gifts. Joanna got me a case for my iPod, along with a $10 gift card to Borders. Josh and Dani bought me a shirt from American Eagle and 20 free song downloads from iTunes. the other 40 downloads were from my grnadparents. I used my Christmas money to buy the DS, as was stated in my last journal, and I must say, it rocks.

      Oh yeah, there was that one other gift. The one that might possibly top even the iPod.

      That's right, I got my two front teeth. And now I can wish you all Marry Christmas.

      Actually, Jesse, who is now my favorite brother by far, bought me the first season of MacGyver on DVD. That show is ridiculously addictive.

      Now, moving past Christmas. Over the course of Christmas weekend, I did a petsitting job for some neighbor's of mine and netted $125. Which is a ridiculous sum of money, but one with a valid explanation. Their daughter owns a pet-sitting service, and they gave me what she would have earned for the same job, which really just shows that she charges way too much for the world's easiest job.

      So at that point, I was sitting pretty on $125 dollars, and faced with the question of what to do with it. I could save it, but thats no fun.

      Come tuesday I got a call from David asking if I could participate in some D&D the following day. D&D on wednesday pretty much rocked, but one moment in particular. Our party, which is composed of level 5 characters has no hope of taking on any form of actual dragon. So instead, David had us face off against the re-animated bones of a red dragon. I'm a magic user, and there pretty much wasn't shit I could do to it, so instead I cast Bull's Strength on our Barbarian, who was raging and also had been enlarged two size classes by another spell. Giving him +8 strength to his already impressive strength score of 20. He spent several turns beating the bone dragon down, until I finally got sick of it and decided to contribute.

      So I took my club and through it at the bone dragon, doing a whopping four damage. Which killed it. I got the kill! I got the kill! Good times.

      Thursday was spent with David coming over to my house as we indulged in an all day Final Fantasy X fest. Which was pretty sweet.

      Then came friday, the day that led to my ridiculously extended absence.

      On friday, my friend Kenton called and told me he was pretty sure he was about to be fired from Gamestop, so if I wanted to buy anything with a 15% discount, I'd better do it now. I had found my opportunity to use the $155 dollars I had earned. The extra $30 came from babysitting wednesday night.

      This quest for discounted games led us to two different gamestops (we called three), and eventually to an EB Games. i'm gonna be frank, I hate EB Games. The employees there are almost always dicks and I want to destroy them and their god damn arrogance.

      I must admit at least they have a right to be bitches to gamestop employees, as we discovered while we were there. Gamestop has bought out all the EB games, and they're all going to become gamestops. Interesting fact though, EB Games gives their employee discount to Gamestop Emplyoees, but Gamestop won't give it to EB Games employees. And that is bullshit.

      Anyways, on to the part that involved me leaving RedVsBlue for a bit.

      I bought RE4 for the PS2. Great game, I've been loving it. You know, when I've actually been playing it. Cause I also bought Civilization IV.

      It barely runs on my PC, since I have the minimum 64MB graphics card, but man does that game rock. If only so I can enjoy it to the fullest, I'm buying a 128MB graphics card as soon as possible.

      Seriosuly, that game is amazing. And addictive, which is why I haven't been around much.

      School started up again this tuesday, and its been kind of sucky, as per usual. But today, today was awesome.

      School went past pretty normally except for one bit of news I heard that makes me feel pretty terrible, if only because it doesn't really make me feel terrible and I know it should. But after school, thats when the fun started.

      At about 6:00, David came over with Joey and Kyle, and we proceeded to enjoy an all out Final Fantasy fest in my basment. My dad bought us food after they arrived, despite the fact that I hadn't even told him I was going to have them come over, whcih was awesome.

      We had two TV's running, one with FFX, and the other with FFVII (which was being played by Kenton, who had arrived shortly before the other three). After we got done playing Final Fantasy, we discovered that my vrother's laptop has an S-Video port, and with some trickery, Kenton figured out how to get Advent Children to play on my widescreen. so we watched that. and that was quite simply an amazing viewing experience.

      And thats how my leave of absence looked.

      Additionally, Kenton came over multiple times with his 360, and I'm gonna be frank. I'm not terribly impressed. Call of Duty 2 is amazing, but PDZ is an absolute dissapointment for me. An of course, since I'm not a fan of most racing games, PGR3 is lost on me.

      It feels good to be back. I'll leave you with some song lyrics.

      If you can identify the song, then you must know my brother pretty well.

      And as you softly spin through the sky.....
      I can see theres a spark in your eye....
      Cause you're thinking of the things that could never be......
      And that'll be the death of me.

    • I don't want a lot for Christmas......

      13 years ago


      There is just one thing I need
      I don't care about presents
      Underneath the Christmas tree
      I just want you for my own
      More than you could ever know
      Make my wish come true ...
      All I want for Christmas
      Is you ...

      You know, thats my favorite christmas song.


      It's been a while. My brother and his wife are here now and the guest bedroom is the study, so I haven't been able to get much access to the computer.

      So heres the skinny on whats happened.

      Did I realy just say that?

      I got Christmas money from my grandparents. Which was sweet, cause it meant I finally wasn't broke. And since I wasn't broke I could go Christmas shopping. Thats right, I used $150 of my Christmas money to buy other people Christmas presents. I spent $40 on my brother, which was a lot more than I had ever planned to spend on one person. A whole lot more.

      Additionally, I grabbed some of my sister's Christmas money and my own and I bought us each a DS. Mario Kart DS kicks ass. So does Meteos, and also Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. And for my sisters Christmas present I bought her Nintendogs. She really wants a dog, but my parents won't let her have one, so I felt it was the perfect gift.

      For my father a bought a book called Team of Rivals. Its supposed to be really good, so when he's done with it I'm sure I'll give it a read. for my sister-in-law, who is a first grade teacher, I bought Dog Train, by Sandra Boynton. Its a book of children's songs that comes with a CD. They are all really funny. Sandra Boynton's children's music is my guilty pleasure.

      When I brought the DS's home my mother made me put them away and told me I couldn't play them till Christmas. Naturally I didn't like that idea, so they've been going with me pretty much everywhere I go.

      Also, today my sister and I finished up our snowman, because we finally had good packing snow. Thank God. It's a good six feet tall and I love. So even though it wasn't made quite how I wanted it to be made, I'd say Operation Snowman was a partial success.

      I finally saw the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was convinced that Johnny Depp could never top Gene Wilder, but now I'm not so sure. I did like it a lot, though I think the movie took a few too many liberties from the book.

      I went to a party tonight, which was enjoyable, but aso slightly aggravating. Too many people there, and it was impossible to hold a conversation. Thus destroying most of the appeal the party had.

      A bunch of people want me to have a New Years Eve party. And I'm considering it. But I also don't know if I can convince my parents to let me have said party.

      And thats all I can think of right now. I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow, so Merry Christmas in advance to everyone.

    • Operation Snowman is a failure........

      13 years ago


      So lets start back at about tuesday.

      Basically.....nothing happened.

      Then came wednesday.

      And still, nothing really happened.

      Except Villa did let me borrow Indigo Prophecy, which is an ok game. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. The control scheme is fun at certain times and just a gag at others. He left and we went to church where our lesson in teen group is going to be the focus of my final pre-christmas entry.

      Then came thursday. which was just plain awesome. Here we are sitting in statistics, when Mrs Beasley gets a phone call. Simultaneously she looks at the school website and leans into a senior girl and tells her something. Wrong girl to tell.

      "They're letting us out of school an hour early?!!!!!!!"

      So we get out an hour early, because of bad weather, and while I admit driving conditions were horrible, it was the best weather we've had all year. It was quite frankly the world's best packing snow. Muy sister and I made the base for a snowman, and it was a good three and a half feet in diameter.

      Not bad.

      So naturally, with the bad weather, we were hoping for school to be cancelled, but that didn't happen. Which leads me to today.

      School started off pretty mediocre, not bad, but nothing special. Then we got to statistics, where we did nothing but gamble, eat cookies, and watch Elf. How can you lose? In Trig I had a quiz, but it was nothing hard.

      So here is the meat of the story. All wekk I'd been planning on building a snowman today. To start off winter break and all. But of course there was more to it, cause I mean come on, you don't give building a snowman a name like Operation Snowman.

      So after school, I go up to this girl, who I'd been trying to convince all week that she should help me build a snowman today, And of course, cause my luck is just plain bad, I learn the following things.

      Said girl, got excited yesterday about my idea of building a snowman, and built her own at home. Strike one on the magical first snowman count. She then told me she was busy today at five, and didn't want to risk being late for her plans or anything. Strike two on the any snowman at all count.

      And the third strike? The snow was horrible for packing. My sister and I couldn't even make the second base. We rolled up a ball of snow just about big enough for the head of the snowman, and it weighed more than the base! Why? Because we had to dump water on the snow to get it to pack.

      the rest of my day was alright. I decided to compete in a tournament tomorrow at the Ann Arbor library. Super Smash Bros Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash. You enter as clans, and the winning clan gets a PSP. The third place clan gets a DS. The second gets an iPod. I actually want the DS over the PSP, and obviously over the iPod since I already know I'm getting one for christmas.

      So thats what happens tomorrow.

      Additionally, I borrowed FF X from Villa and David and I are going to go through the whole game over winter break.

    • Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

      13 years ago


      I'm struggling for a reason to update here, but I'm bored, so an udpate it is.


      I hate not being able to spend my afternoons the way I want to. None of my homework is done, because I'm a lazy slacker, and because I got dragged to my mother;s choir concert. It was alright, but I'm not usually a big fan of choir concerts.

      The Vivaldi Gloria performance is tomorrow night. I think I might be tempted to sing in that next year. But this year I have to do the whole pep band thing. This time I'm gonna force myself to enjoy it. No matter what it takes. Of course, I know exactly what it will take, but I probably shouldn't risk being that far away from the percussion equipment.

      The plus side of the Vivaldi Gloria happening tomorrow night is that my mother promised she'd talk to Mrs Freeman about starting an a cappella group as soon as Mrs Freeman didn't have to worry about the Gloria anymore. Which will be tomorrow night, after the performance is done. Which means we may finally be able to get this thing started. Funny how I'm usually not a big fan of choral music, but I absolutely love a cappella.

      Especially given the songs we're thinking about performing. But of course, we need people to join in order to start an a cappella group.

      I have to find a case for my pretrial argument in Gov, which is on wednesday. I'm not going to have a case by then. Which is going to suck for me.

      Saturday is my appointed day for snowman building. But I don't think I want anyone else there.

      Technically thats not true, I want people there. Its more of an issue of who I want there. I find it weird to say this, but sometimes I feel like I'm too shy. Which just seems ridiculous.

      Also, I'm going to get my one-year old neighbor to build a snowman with me sometime this winter. You gotta start them young.

      I don't really have much else to say, except that this Diana Krall Christmas CD is really good. I'll give my mother that. She can pick 'em.

    • It won't be a white Christmas......

      13 years ago


      ....without you.

      There wasn't enough room in the title to finish off that thought.

      Anyways, I have returned after a *kind of* extended absence. I've found that ultimately, extended absences are never any longer than say a week for me. But its cool, cause when you don't have a life, its kind of hard to find anything else to do.

      Anyways, this weekend was I'd say, above average, but not terribly so.

      I mean, nobody can aargue with a snow day. How could anybody argue with a snow day? Oh wait, my mom could argue with a snow day. And she did. She wasn't terribly happy when we got one, cause she supposedly had things she needed to do at school.

      And of course, snow days kind of lose their fun the moment your mom goes to the hospital thinking she may have had a heart attack. The good news is she didn't have a heart attack, though they haven't ruled out heart involvement. In fact, the current verdict is apparently some form of over-excitable heart syndrome thingy. Easily treatable.

      My mom isn't sure they are correct though.

      then of course, there was the drive down to Indianna, for the Walker Family Christmas Reunion. Which was great fun. For all the old people. Or even the little children who I swear are not part of my family. I had never seen those kids in my life. It was ridiculous.

      Probably the best part of the trip was the drive. Cause we brought the PS2 and watched movies. Hitch was surprisingly good.

      And now I'm back home, thinking about the trig homework that I didn't do, but also thinking about how easy it is. Seriously, the only reason I dodn't finish it all in class was because I got bored and decided to play Asteroids on my calculator instead.

      Also, pep band wasn't very enjoyable on friday night, mainly because I went into it very aggravated. And so I came out of pep band even more aggravated. And started to go depressed, due to too much time for thinking, and too little tiredness for sleeping.

      Hooray for curing depression by going outside at midnight and playing in the snow for two hours!

      And I'm not kidding either. I did.

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