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    • Beyond Eyes

      4 years ago

      oronena firehawk


      The Basics: In Beyond Eyes you are Rae, a girl who was blinded in an accident. She befriends a cat, Nani, that wandered into the garden she stayed locked away in because of fear of the outside world. When Nani doesn't come back Rae goes on a journey to face her fears and find Nani.

      Accessibility: The controls are extremely simple - left thumbstick to move, right thumbstick controls the camera (which by default is inverted so if you don't do the inversion thing go into the settings menu as soon as you can), and the A button is used for interactions with objects. That's it. The camera can be pretty wonky and I was always fidgeting with it. The game also has an extreme amount of white in it, so if that hurts your eyes consider turning down the brightness on your tv for awhile.

      Achievement Hunting: Almost all of them are missable. If you want to 100% this game in one playthrough I highly recommend having a walkthrough up on youtube as you go. I used the one linked on TrueAchievements.

      What I Thought of Beyond Eyes: This game got my interest at E3, but I never thought it would be released so (relatively) soon after. The art style in this game is gorgeous and it's really cool to see the world be revealed to us the more Rae walks around and follows sound and smell cues. Emphasis on walk though. This is a very slow paced game and at times I really just wanted her to move faster. Granted her slow speed makes absolute sense so I can't fault the developer for it. Rae hasn't ventured far into the world outside her family's garden since the accident. Of course she's going to be afraid and very cautious. The load times between chapters really took a cue from Rae though. They are noticeably slow for a game that's only 1.35GB. I also had a few issues with finding things for achievements, one in particular because I couldn't see the last butterfly I needed. Ironic.

      Final Verdict:This game is beautiful, and the story is touching (absolutely won't even hint at it because really, figuring out the story alongside all your discoveries in the world really makes the whole experience). Do I think it's worth the current $15 price tag? Eh. Not quite. I didn't want to wait for a sale though so I got it. But if you like to save money on your short indie games (because of the whole $1/hr philosophy or whatever) then I suggest waiting for that sale, purchasing this, then taking a few leisurely hours guiding Rae to Nani and your 100% completion.

    • 4 years ago

      oronena firehawk
    • Valiant Hearts: The Great War

      4 years ago

      oronena firehawk


      It's another two-for-one 100% post~ This time with Valiant Hearts: The Great War. I bought the game awhile ago, and perfected it, on 360. When it came up for games with PS+ (I forget when exactly) I didn't hesitate to download it and add it to my "when I feel like trophy finding I'll blaze through this like a boss" list.

      The Basics: Valiant Hearts takes you through some WWI history (that whole Great War mentioned in the title) in a way that makes you actually okay with getting a history lesson while you hunt achievements/trophies. You swap between a small cast of characters, each with their own set of skills, that find themselves in various key locations in France and with stories that overlap like crazy. I don't want to say much more for risk of spoiling it. And yes, you get to control the doggie.

      Accessibility: Controls are very basic in this 2.5D side scroller. Left, right, up, down, and in a few instances diagonals cover your character movement, and when you have objects to aim and throw. There are some QTEs scattered throughout the game, but getting flawless isn't necessary on any of them until the very last set of 3 to do. Subtitles can be turned on and are easy to read. I didn't have any problems with the controls or playing for a long period of time.

      Achievement Hunting: Use this guide from TrueAchievements and you'll have 100% completion by the end of your first playthrough. There's videos to show you collectibles, as well as written text explaining not only when and where to find them in sequence for every mission, but how to complete the puzzles along the way in case you get stuck. Just know that there ARE missable achievements but there's a very good chapter AND mission select in the main menu in case you have to go back for any reason (collectible or random achievement). Easy to use guide, 10/10.

      What I Thought of Valiant Hearts: This was a surprising little game. The story was great, the art style is A+, great to look at. You get invested in these characters and it hurts so much when something goes wrong. Don't act surprised. It's WWI. Of course things won't go flawlessly for them. This plays like a well polished indie game. And it's from Ubisoft. Yep. Ubisoft. I compare it to Child of Light, which also has that whole "great art style and story, feels like an indie title but oops omg it's by Ubisoft, one of the biggest developers/publishers out there". There's a TON of little collectibles to pick up but I didn't mind looking for them all. They all come with a little blurb explaining the significance of that sort of object during the war. That paired with the historical facts unlocked at the beginning of every mission presents a LOT of info about WWI, but in a way that doesn't feel like it's being shoved down your throat. Technically speaking you don't even need to read 30 facts to get the achievement, just hover over them each a few seconds and ding. But they're worth a read. And because I'm a sucker for music I have to mention it. Great music. Absolutely part of the reason why I cried at the ending AGAIN when I finished up earlier on PS4. It's hard not to get attached to these people. Really. Also, there's a doggie. Yep. mentioning it again because IT IS ADORABLE OMG BEST DOGGIE EVER.

      Final Verdict: Get it. Just get it. Unless you don't like history or easy 100%s or something. It's available on everything: 360, XB1, PS3, PS4, Steam, iOS, and Android. Pick your platform and get playing.

      See you next game smiley12.gif

    • Pneuma: Breath of Life

      4 years ago

      oronena firehawk


      Today on gaming with Bri we have yet another game for an easy 1000g. Yaaaaaaay \o/ This time it's Pneuma: Breath of Life, an indie first person puzzle game out now on XB1 and Steam. Apparently it'll be out July 7 for PS4, so says the official website (I consider that a chance to go get dem easy trophies too).

      So what is it?

      The Basics: In Pneuma you are Pneuma (surprise!), an entity that calls itself a god and does a LOT of musing about things as you progress through a world that reacts to essentially your mind. You have no hands that you can see, and no run ability. There's no avoiding taking a literal stroll through the quite pretty areas in the prologue, six chapters, and epilogue. Most puzzles are related to line of sight and manipulating "eye" sensors, with the occasional button press or lever pull. That's about the best description I can give. You really have to experience it to understand how the physics work out.

      Accessibility: The controls are very straightforward in this game. Left and right analog sticks for movement and camera as usual, A to jump and X to interact with buttons/levers. That's it. For the most part I was able to play it just fine. There are a few puzzles that require some pretty precise camera movement that I had some trouble with (argh fine thumbstick movements x_x), but eventually I managed it. The game has subtitles that can be turned on and all the volume controls you could want. And just in case anyone was wondering because I know I was when I started this lonely world game, there are no jump scares. Just a sense of unease the whole time because 1- empty world and 2- "eye" sensors looking at you. I played this very late at night and was okay.

      Achievement Hunting: I checked on TrueAchievements for a guide though ended up using Maka91's "speedrun" of the game for solutions when I got stuck, and for 2 of the 3 optional puzzles needed for additional achievements worth 50g each. Maka also has a vid for the third optional puzzle. Follow those when you're stuck and 100% completion is yours in a few hours. (If you're in a bit of a time crunch just know that chapter 5 is the longest one, all others are doable fairly quickly).

      What I Thought of Pneuma: It's very hard NOT to compare this to another puzzle game I recent played: Thomas Was Alone. Both have a single narrator that is the sole source of story/letting you know just what the eff is even going on as you hop along or stand there staring at a puzzle going WOT. But where Thomas excelled in pulling me in, making me laugh or feel all the feels for a bunch of rectangular AI, Pneuma ... mostly didn't. Pneuma makes some fairly interesting/amusing observations, though he's really self-obsessed (I know I know, he's a ~god~ so why shouldn't he be?). But Pneuma is also very easy to tune out when you're concentrating on a puzzle. I couldn't tell you almost half of what he rambled on about. And I still wouldn't be able to tell you as the replayability of this game is next to none. The only replaying I did was what was required for the Soul puzzle/achievement, especially since I used a guide to get the other two optional puzzles along the way in my first and only complete playthrough. I got this game because I had been curious about what sort of puzzle game it was, and just how the whole sight/manipulation gameplay mechanic worked.

      Final Verdict: Pneuma is an interesting, pretty puzzle game, but is very very short. If you go by the whole "$1/hour of gameplay" philosophy then this is probably not for you. But if you don't mind dropping some money for some easy achievements then go for it. I waited until it was on sale for $10 with Gold (not sure what sort of sales it sees on Steam, or will see on PS4).

      On to the next game smiley12.gif

    • Contrast

      4 years ago

      oronena firehawk

      Just a bit ago I completed a playthrough on XB1 of Contrast, a puzzle platformer developed by Compulsion Games. With the help of a handy dandy walkthrough on TrueAchievements I 100%'d the game in one playthrough. And because it was so easy ... I did it twice.



      I really like the style of this game, both visuals and music. Its platforming mechanic is really interesting. You control Dawn, the invisible friend of Didi. As you go through the story you learn about Didi's family and all the complications in it. There's some fairly mature stuff in it (oh eviction notices and getting beat up over deals). You also learn that Didi's invisible friend has awesome shadow abilities. If there's a light shining on a surface Dawn can shift into the shadows and run and jump along shadows like they're solid platforms. It takes some getting used to, and the controls aren't quite as tight as I'd like them to be. But eventually you get the hang of it. My second playthrough was definitely a lot smoother and better coordinated than the first. The checkpoint system is fairly generous, so if you fail you most likely won't have much to redo. Or you'll be right at the point before fail. There were still moments I wish the camera was better. Ironically it's a little TOO loose and finicky, which isn't so great when you're shadow hopping and the wrong angle means you end up jumping OUT of the shadows and have to start over.

      Controls aside, I would say the only major downfall of this game is its length. A couple hours (if you're a platforming pro) and you're done. There's very little/no replayability either unless you missed a collectible or two. If you buy games based off a dollars spent to hours played ratio then this game will definitely not qualify. If you go more off the experience gained while going through a game (or just really want the easy 1400g total if you have both consoles), then go ahead and buy it, especially if it ends up on sale.

      Contrast is available on 360, XB1, PS3, PS4 (so you trophy hunters could also double up if you wanted to! c: ), and PC.

    • Thomas Was Alone

      4 years ago

      oronena firehawk

      Recently Achievement Hunter posted a Top 5 Easy 1000 Gamerscore Games video (dis one). As I watched the video I thought "sure you say it's easy but is it so easy even I could do it?" I was specifically looking at number 2 on the list: Thomas Was Alone.

      After a bit of pondering I decided to go for it since 1- I've been curious about this game since I've seen it in the store on XB1 (as I'm sure everyone who owns an XB1 has given there isn't exactly a ton in there and it's simple game art stands out), 2- I'm on a gamerscore quest and could definitely use an "easy" 1000g to give myself a boost toward my current 35,000 goal, and 3- it was only like $10. One purchase and quick download later and cue lots of hopping, checking guides for collectibles, and getting those bleep bloops to pop and give me gamerscore.

      So, was it actually an easy 1000g?

      .... yep! :3

      Well, mostly.

      It is 120 levels of puzzles to go through. Puzzles everywhere \o/ There's a surprisingly good mix of easy to deceptively challenging to "oh my god how the hell do you do this?! HOW DO PUZZLE?!?". The levels are divided up in groups of 10 so you can easily just sit, do 10 in a row to finish a sequence and unlock the next sequence of 10, then stop and come back to it later. As for difficulty, it doesn't always go from easy to hard in order, which is nice because it keeps things interesting (and tolerable). Some will be easy, then a hard one or two, then back to easy-ish, etc. There are a few tricky maneuvers to pull off but I never spent a ridiculous amount of time on any one level.

      There's also a nice level select in case you miss a collectible and need to go back to get it. Though it is absolutely possible to get all the collectibles as you play through. That's how I did it starting on April 15. I unlocked the last collectibles achievement yesterday. The last 20 levels are only needed for the "completed the game" achievement worth 100g. In the video they say you can just do the last level of those final two sequences and it'll unlock the achievement. I forgot they said that and played through all 20 levels. They're basically a prequel to the main 100 levels and after playing those and knowing the story it was nice to see what went down before. (It was also nice to just go through some levels and not have to worry about collectibles lol)

      I would absolutely recommend this game to people, and not just because it's an easy 1000g. The story was surprisingly funny, entertaining, and there were even feels. Yes. Feels. I had feels over little different colored and sized rectangular AI with all their various jumping abilities and personalities. (btw the red one on the game art you see in the store is in fact Thomas himself. Surprise! He's a very good jumper too.) The little AI don't speak (so stow those RvB thoughts). Instead, the entire game is narrated by Danny Wallace. For those of you Assassin's Creed gamers he is the voice of Shaun Hastings. You know, the sarcastic Brit that writes all the database entries and snarks at Desmond Miles. He did an amazing job. Loved it. smiley12.gif

      10/10, would play again.

    • achievement unlocked - 10,000

      5 years ago

      oronena firehawk

      First journal entry (oh snap) to show off getting this badass gamerscore milestone:

      Totally didn't see this happening for the longest time what with college, then having full time job, and then health problems and physical limitations on top of THAT. Ugh. But then I got into Borderlands 2 and some little known franchise about a Halo or something and the achievements started adding up like crazy. Happy early birthday to me~ Now to not think about gamerscore milestones for a very long time. Or freak out that it's ending in a 5 and I might pull a Ray, Mr 400,005

      Special shout out and thanks to @shadowvamp for all her help smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • 5 years ago

      oronena firehawk
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      oronena firehawk
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