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    • The Search for Wonka Island

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      Many years ago, a young man named Billy Wonkaroski set out on an adventure. It wasn't a specific adventure like to find a mooshroom biome, jungle temple or witch hut like most sensible adventurers. It was just a generic adventure with no real destination or goal; the type of adventures started by people who simply want to leave home (probably because they're sick of hearing jokes and giggles over a silly name like Billy Wonkaroski).

      After many months of searching for nothing specific, Billy came across an island that was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Colorful hills, trees of cotton candy, naturally growing lollypops, a chocolate river, and the most incredible inhabitants. There were creatures that looked like mooshrooms, very dangerous witchlike creatures and little orange people with green hair. Billy befriended the orange people and found out they were on the losing end of a war with the other two creatures on the island.

      After joining their fight, Billy Wonkaroski became the protector of the orange people, called the Oompa Loompas. It is rumored they created several statues in his honor. Unfortunately, their newfound protector could not turn the tide of the war and it was decided that William B Wonkaroski, the protector of the Oompa Loompas, would lead an Oompa Loompa exodus from their island home to Wonkaroski's homeland. After taking many cuttings and seedling of the local plantlife as well as learning the secret of the chocolate river spring, they traveled back to Wonkaroski's home. Once there, William Wonkaroski changed his name to Willy Wonka. He proceeded, with the help of his new orange friends, to build an empire of chocolate and candy with the secrets of that mysterious island.

      While many of you have probably heard this story, or parts of it. What most people may not be aware of is that as a result of the mass exodus from the island, trees from the island have begun to spread outward from the island. Adventurers and scholars now suspect that it may be possible to find the island. The trees are still few and far between but they have been seen. Here is a picture of one.


      Single trees seem to grow withing 3000 meters (blocks) of the main island and small clusters of "Wonka" trees seem to grow within 1500 blocks of the island. It is widely suspected that the island is within a 10000x10000 meter square around the origin so there are unlikely to be any signs of the island further out than 5000 meters in the north, south, east or west directions.

      There is a little prize for being the first to find the island and posting screenshots or quoting what is said on the signs near the mouth of the chocolate river. It's more fun than useful.

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    • 6 years ago

    • Capture the Towers

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      The new team arena game Capture the Towers is now ready for a Lets Play event.


      The goal is to turn off the lights on the opposing teams towers by building bridges of wool from your towers or the central platforms over to them and pressing a button on top of it. Once the lights are turned off, they cannot be turned back on.



      Each player will have their home set in the red or blue spawning room. Here there is access to red orblue armor, light blue and light red wool, bows, swords and arrows. Don't take too much though because those chests don't get refilled mid-game.


      You have the option of teleporting to the middle platform or any of your team's towers. You cannot build in the two blocks directly on top of the platforms but you can build over them or off the side off them. There are also limits on how high and low you can build.

      If we have enough time and players, we'll give it a shot tonight after the dig down.


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    • 2019 years ago

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    • Evon yep

      6 years ago

      Your profile is pretty empty, sir.

      What the hell? Where are the screenshots of your builds?

      • Evon yep

        6 years ago

        You should be sharing them with the world!

      • pato_negro

        6 years ago

        What you need screenshots of my build for? You have the world files that contain them all. :)

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