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    • I need to start posting more

      2 years ago


      I know myself and a thousand other people have posted this exact same message before, but I'm going to start posting journal entries semi-regularly starting soon. Hope to see you there!

    • Burnie's latest Vlog (4th of May, 2017)

      2 years ago


      In Burnie's latest Vlog he and Ashley went to a cannabis-inspired dinner filled with people that - you guessed it - enjoy some of that jazz cabbage. In the comment section there were so many people just utterly bashing on Burnie and Ashley for literally everything in the video, so I'm typing this not to white-knight them, but to just explain why the comments bashing them are utterly pointless and only come out as cringey to everyone else.

      1) Everyone saying this vlog was an ad. This isn't something that should even really have to be said. The point of Burnie's Vlogs is to show the points of his life that he thinks are cool, awesome, or otherwise odd. This is definitely a weird and cool event that is happening and he wants to express that. 

      2) There was a comment that read

      "oh boy. sure wish i was rich and got to smoke weed and fly in helicopters. As much as i love Burnie with all of my heart i feel like this video was just to show off  :[" 

      When you have built a company from the ground up to where there are literally hundreds of employees (I believe animation alone has over 100) and have shows airing literally across the world, you can enjoy fancy cool shit like this. Dream of it and make it happen! Burnie and the others have put in well over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears creating and growing Rooster Teeth to what it is today. Let them have their toys.

      3) There were comments that said that they had lost respect for Burnie for smoking the Devil's Lettuce. It's fine to have an opinion that is abjectly against Mary Jane and that is 103% okay! You also have to realise, though, that everything that you have grown to love and respect this man for still exists. Burnie still did all the other amazing things that have personally made me respect the shit out of him. Learn that the world doesn't operate in a single sphere of your world and there are a million factors that determine a person and their worth.

      4) There was a comment that read

      "Does Ashley actually drive around in the douchemobile Merc?? What utter contrast to the Tesla parked in the same garage. Wow." 

      Like seriously? Out of everything happening right now, you're hating on a fucking car that someone is driving? Grow up. Not only does this not effect you on a personal, work, or political level, it has literally no bearing on the content either! 

      While I'm taking from just this one video, this happens everywhere. Just grow up. Honestly, just because you can say anything you want on the internet doesn't necessarily mean that you should.


    • RT Kansas

      2 years ago


      Hi there! 

      I have officially started the RT Kansas twitter, and I will shortly be making a group on the RT site for this as well, and I'm hoping we can make an amazing and thriving community  barbara


      You can join the discord at

      Thank you for reading!

    • Finding new people within the community

      2 years ago


      I realise the community on the site isn't as hustlin' and bustlin' as it was in days past, but there is just such a cool thing to me to be able to meet and talk with members on the site. If you stumble across my profile, don't be afraid to send me a friend request or shoot me a message!

    • My first script

      2 years ago


      RT00 (RThundred)


      Chris Demarais (Weak Soldier)

      Miles Luna (The New Man)
      Blaine Gibson (Leonidas)
      Barbara Dunkelman (Oracle)
      Gustavo Sorola (Xerxes’ henchman)
      Kerry Shawcross (Xerxes)

      Preferably someone fitting the description (Darque Chocolate)

      Chris: “Why do we have to do this? We’ve been standing here for like three days, guys. Like, is there nothing else to do? It’s just that we’ve been doing nothing for three days! I could be knitting, or cooking, or playing with my kids…”

      Blaine: *cutting Chris off somewhere in his last sentence* “Chris! Come follow me.”

      Chris: “Okay Sir!” *follows Blaine, fade out; fade into a gazebo or something that can house a crystal ball*

      Barbara: I’ve heard you’ve been unfaithful to your unit, Chris. I’ve been told by several… men that you have been slacking on your duties.”

      *Kerry pops his head barely into frame, like he is eavesdropping, then leaves*

      Barbara: *whispering to Blaine* “take him to the brothel, make a man out of him. Pay double to make sure.”

      Blaine: “It is done.”

      *fade to the camp, where the other Spartans are trying to convince Chris to go with them to the brothel*

      Blaine: Come on, Chris, you need to relax a bit. It won’t hurt anything”

      Chris: “I just don’t want to go. I have things to do here… like skip rocks… and read!”

      Blaine: “Just blindfold him. If he won’t have come with us, then he won’t go anywhere.”

      *The men blindfold Chris and leave him on the ground by the fire. Wait a few seconds. One of Xerxes’ men come out and take Chris to King Xerxes. Transition to a throne area*

      Kerry: “What are you doing all alone, scrawny Spartan?

      Chris: “Hey what the hell? I’m not scrawny!”

      Kerry: “Calm down little Spartan. All I need to know is why you’re alone. The others have gone?”

      Chris: “Yeah they are gone… they all left me, it kind of reminds me of when my dad left when I was a kid. He said he would be right back, and blindfolded me and tied me to the sheep out back… oh shit! He never came back! What an asshole!” *Chris still talking in the background*

      Kerry: *whispering to Gus* “What the fuck is wrong with this kid? Just get the information out of him.”

      Gus: I don’t know man! He just started blubbering! I’ll get it, no worries.

      Chris: … and that’s why I’ve never trusted red-haired women!”

      Gus: Hey! Buddy! Where did your friends say they were going?”

      Chris: “Oh they were just going to the brothel, and I didn’t want to go because I’m really ashamed of my body and… *keeps talking in the background* 

      Gus: Alright fam, I found out where they’re all at. The brothel!”

      Kerry: “Good job… fam? What the fuck is fam?”

      Gus: “You know… fam… like family.”

      Kerry: “That’s stupid and we should never, ever say that.” *read in a thinking voice “damn that’s catchy”*

      Gus: “Yeah… you’re right. I shouldn’t have-CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!” *turning to yell at Chris*

      Chris: “s…sorry.”

      Kerry: “Let’s go to the brothel! Mwuahahaha!"

      *Fade to the inside of a brothel, and you see all of the Spartans cheering and watching Chris as he enters with Xerxes.*

      Blaine: “Oh it’s so good to see you again!” *walks over to Xerxes, right past Chris and moves his arms out for a hug*

      Chris: “Oh stop it, you don’t have to do that, oh… not for me.”

      Kerry: It’s good to see you looking so well! *receives hug from Blaine*

      Blaine: “Now how about we make him a man, eh?” *Pelvic thrust motions ensue*

      Kerry: Bring out! *zoom in on his face to just his eye area* Darque Chocolate. *thunder sound*

      Chris: “Wait what?!” *gets pushed back by Kerry and Blaine into Darque Chocolate*

      Darque: “Oh, honey. Ima smother you in my tittays.” *proceeds to smother Chris in her tittays*

      *swap out Chris for Miles, having Miles talk in a deep voice*

      *Miles breaks out of her tittay’s grasp and pushes her back and Wolverine-style yells. He goes after Blaine*

      Blaine: (thinking) “I will simply break this bottle, and kill him with it. It’s me or him, we can train another soldier.” *Breaks the bottle on the table and puts his arm back to use it, and it slips out, clinking down the room*

      Miles: *grabs a chair and hits Blaine over the head with it* “I have seen the will of the Gods! I am your ruler now!

      Payden Addis 

      RT Username: Paydenaddis
      Twitter: @ToastmanPayden

    • Learning the Trade

      2 years ago


           So two months ago I was hired for my universities yearbook as a writer and assistant design editor. I'm so unbelievably grateful for these opportunities because this is my first showcase of professional writing and designs! The only problem with this is, I don't really know how to write objectively. I've been a narrative and poetry writer for as long as I could pick up a pencil, but I swear by the Old Gods and the New, I can't get the hang of the objective writing styles. I'm wanting to add in a twist, or a giggle, but in a yearbook, there's almost no room for this.

           If anyone has any tips on how to write objectively better, anything is appreciated greatly.


           The designing is coming along swimmingly though. My boss and I click extremely well and have similar design techniques, which is fantastic. She's also a huge nerd, so we will screw around a lot at work and just laugh at videos and memes. I'm so excited to continue my career and I feel like this is a huge starting point in becoming a professional at whatever I end up doing.

      P.S. If anyone has any clue where to get full footage of anything that I could learn to edit better on, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Learning Curve

      2 years ago


           I am settling into being here at university, and meeting so many amazing people! There are a bunch of Rooster Teeth fans here and we've even started watch parties watching podcasts and D&D episodes from AH and Funhaus. 

           I've connected with so many amazing people here that I hope will be lifelong friends, honestly. If you're reading this and aren't in university yet, please take this advice. Don't say no! Go to everything and try everything at first. I did everything going around on campus, and after a month and a half of it, I've gotten a little burnt out of events and all that, but I have been having the time of my life. Go to things. Push yourself. You've got this! 

           This post is a tad jumbled, as is my life right now. I've started writing and designing professionally! I work for the yearbook here at uni, and learning to write objectively is.. really fucking hard to say the least. As a creative/poetry writer, moving to objective writing is tough, but I'll get it! 

          Go for your dreams, and you'll attain them someday.


    • Going off to uni! Woo!

      2 years ago


      I'm finally to the point where I have almost everything packed.. It's weird only packing some of my stuff. I'm going for a graphic design major and I honestly couldn't be happier in what I chose. I've already been talking to my advisor and shown her my artwork and stories and such and wow was that stressfull.

      I can't wait to meet so many new people (I already met a couple RT fans while being there!) and learn so many new things. I really hope I get better at pretty much the entire adobe suite since I'm still fairly new to it, so if anyone has any tips they're always appreciated.

      I'm going to start gathering up my artwork and showing it all on my page here, whether it's my poetry, drawings, designs, or stories. I want all of my work on display for what is arguably the best community on the internet.


    • The state of Rooster Teeth

      3 years ago


      FULL DISCLAIMER: I have no insider in RT telling me any of this, this post is just what I have personally seen going on.

      I've read some comments on the RT subreddit saying that Rooster Teeth just isn't what they used to be. People calling them sellouts for whatever various reasons. And none of that is true from what info I'm able to get. Rooster Teeth is still a very community driven company, and the cast and staff constantly say that it's because of us, the audience, that Rooster Teeth even exists.

      The Let's Play channel was always intended to be doing what it is becoming now. Geoff said that he dreamed of it becoming more of a network, and he is finally getting around to do it, and it's AMAZING! That man has put in so much work getting all of the legal issues dealt with and just the stresses of what the community might do in response, along with having a family of course. The community responded so fantastically to the new Let's Play logo and the changes he is making, I would have never thought a change could be taken so positively. It's growing as intended, and that's also just how successful businesses work.

      The main focus of Rooster Teeth, from what I've seen of course, is looking for amazing talent to bring on board. That's why they're partnering with all of these super awesome channels, and holy shit they're over 200 employees now!! I've been watching since about Season 3 of RvB, and now look at what that amazing talent has done! The RWBY Chibi 1st episode just dropped (it's adorable and awesome just saying), the Season 14 trailer came out yesterday (holy shit) and I couldn't be more excited! Day 5 is coming soon and it looks like it will be one of the coolest things I've seen in my life! They are growing as a company and doing bigger projects that have been in the works for years I imagine! Now they have the resources, connections, and whatever else to make these dreams happen.

      All I can really say in this post is what any other community member could have/already have noticed. Yes, there are always going to be those negative Nancy's that are going to be there for no reason. But this is a company that wants to provide entertainment. They want to make you laugh, they want to make you anxious, they want to make you cry. They want to bring you the best of the best, and they're doing a damn good job at it. You also have to view them as a company though, too. They have a job for a reason. They're amazing at what they do. But RT as a whole is also a company, and things can change within a company, and that's not a bad thing! Lindsay has taken over Achievement Hunter and it's fantastic! The Let's Play channel bringing in all this new talent, and it's so so good! If you want to see the Achievement Hunter guys only, you still can view that. There are just more options now. Like I said before, they're growing, but the original is still there.

      Thank you community for accepting change in the amazing company that is Rooster Teeth, and thank you for supporting them.

      Thank you for reading!


    • Becoming more involved

      3 years ago


      There are many many aspects that I love about the Rooster Teeth community, and the fact that people aren't scared to come out and start sharing their personal stories and communicate with other members is so amazing. This is the only community that I can think of that is this open. Even with all of this amazingness happening, there are still some members that are still inside of a shell! Can you believe that? So if you see a new member or anyone that seems lost in the forums or anything like that, just send a friend request or message their way! let's all collectively become an even more amazing community! Barbara is doing an amazing job at what she does, but I can only imagine it's a super tasking job, so let's make it a little easier on her by making this an even safer environment for anyone and everyone to be in!

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      2 years ago

      thanks for the add mate, how goes it?

      • paydenaddis RTKS Founder/Admin

        2 years ago

        I'm doing well, thanks! Im trying to post more and stuff but getting ready for uni and working a lot keeps me from doing that very well. How is life on your side?

      • StryfeRyder FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Glad things are good with you!! Wwork and uni are trying to kill me, RTX was a much needed break. hopefully I can keep up the positive vibes from that. You'll be going for a degree in design?

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      3 years ago

      Welcome to the site!

      • paydenaddis RTKS Founder/Admin

        3 years ago

        Thank you! Haha I've been a member for years but I forgot all my login info

      • Toptoast FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of the Breakfast

        3 years ago

        In that case, welcome back to the site!

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