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      13 years ago


      Sexual Type - The key to your sexual life discover your sexual type based on favorite color.
      The clothes you wear, your home furnishings and the car you drive all give clues to your sexual personality. The key is the colors you select for most of your possessions. Most people claim they haven't a favorite color & go on to claim it's Black. But look around you, and you'll notice a pattern, especially in your clothing and home decor. The predominant color for you is the one that appears most frequently - it's the one that mirrors the sexual you. This test is the simplified form of a test used by psychologists. It explains the association between color and sexual patterns.




      RED: People who like red tend to be tigers in the sack. They are easily aroused and enjoy sex in every way imaginable. Once the sexual spark is ignited, it may take hours to extinguish. When two reds get together, the ensuing erotica could make Lady Chatterly blush. Lovers of red tend to be aggressors and weaker colors should be aware.

      YELLOW: If you or your partner tend to flavor yellow, your sexual drives are complex and turn toward the adaptable. The favorite color of homosexuals is yellow. But of course - not everyone who wears yellow is gay. In most cases the person will consent to the stronger partner's desires in a passive manner. You will never enjoy sex to the fullest, but you will never turn down an invitation from somebody you enjoy or admire.

      PINK: Persons who like pink show a reluctance to mature in sexual matters: women tend to tease, to promise more than they intend to deliver. In some cases they flaunt their femininity - but because they secretly hate men. A great percentage of prostitutes boast entire wardrobes in pink. Men who like pink are the philanderers and flirts. They are the type who will make three dates for the same evening and not keep one, preferring to pick up a dish in some bar instead. Women whose husbands like pink should keep a secret nest egg.

      PURPLE: Lovers of purple frequently consider themselves to be too sophisticated for a fun romp in the sack. Women sometimes are the type who hate to mess their hair. Men are business-like in their approach to lovemaking. In both sexes purple partners are more concerned with their fulfillment than anyone else's gratification.

      BLACK: A good many people will choose black as their favorite color, without really thinking about the question. Those people who really do have a black color preference are rare. It points to a liking for black sex. These people are the misfits of the sex world and seek out each other in kinship. They tend to prefer perverted sex and are usually masochistic or sadistic in nature. They are moody people and often perform at their peak when under stress or during unhappy times. Police psychiatrists claim that sex offenders prefer the color black. And it is no coincidence that the uniform of monsters and teenage gangs is black attire.

      GREEN: Those who prefer green are fresh and innocent in their approach to sex. Women who love green will always make love like virgins all their life. And a man may always be a trifle clumsy and awkward but in a charming and endearing sort of way. Green lovers are gentle, but not passionate. If chosen as a mate, one will never need worry about infidelity.

      ORANGE: Lovers of the color orange lean toward sexual fantasies. The sex act is regarded as a dramatic one-act play in which they are the star. Foreplay is as important as the act of love. They whisper sweet nothings, meaningless dialogue; they feel it is their image. Orange people often do not experience orgasm - but they put on a darn good act. Men tend to pull their partner's hair, and women leave red welts on the sex partner's back.

      BROWN: If you or your partner love brown, you're a real treasure for the right mate. Brown lovers tend to be warm and deep, sensitive to the needs and desires of their partners. Sex is a 24 hour a day thing. Where you can't say "I love you" often enough. Snuggling by the fire, walking in the rain or catching snowflakes on their tongue is a turn-on to a lover of brown. They need lots of time and privacy to make love. But their emotions are such that one harsh word could end the affair.

      GREY: The color GREY a preferred by people who are indecisive. They can't get excited about anything - including color - so they choose a noncommittal shade. Men who prefer GREY look at sex as a way of relieving tension-but nothing more, nothing less. It's wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Women don't make love, they have intercourse. And for one of two reasons only: to accommodate their mate, or to become pregnant. They count the cracks in the bedroom plaster until the sex act is over with and done. But when teamed with another color, the GREY spouse considers the other's infidelity a blessing. When GREY marries another GREY, the marriage is made in heaven.

      BLUE: Lovers of blue are wonderful sex partners. They are sinners, affectionate and sensitive to their partner's need. They consider love making a fine art and their approach is elegant. Men who love blue are like concert pianists, delicately ravaging their partner like they would play a baby grand. Women in the blue category enjoy sex to the fullest. They are exciting partners but their passion may be compared to a tidal wave rather than fiery aggression. Both women and men enjoy foreplay and the aftermath of lovemaking, as much as the sex act itself. In marriage a blue person is a wonderful mate - never seeking outside interests.

      WHITE: If a person is infatuated with white, sex often seems filthy. These people are puritanical in nature. French kissing is obscene and to make love in the daylight in unheard of. Women who love white will undress beneath the covers.

    • The Ice Cream Test

      13 years ago


      Pick your favorite of the ice cream flavors listed below and find out what it says about your personality.

      1. Vanilla
      2. Chocolate
      3. Butter pecan
      4. Banana
      5. Strawberry
      6. Chocolate chip


      If you like vanilla, you are colorful, impulsive, a risk taker who sets high goals and has high expectations of yourself. You also enjoy close family relationships. Gregarious, lives a hectic life. Easily suggestible, expressive, idealistic; a private person.
      (Prototype lovelorn housewife.)

      If you like chocolate, you are lively, creative, dramatic, charming, enthusiastic and the life of the party. Chocolate fans enjoy being at the center of attention and can become bored with the usual routine. Seductive, well-dressed, extroverted, easily influenced, a follower, intuitive, enjoys intimate relationships.
      (Prototype: feminine woman, macho man.)

      If you like butter pecan, you are orderly, perfectionist, careful, detail-oriented, conscientious, ethical and fiscally conservative. You are also competitive, aggressive in sports and the take-charge type of personality.
      (Prototype: executive, secretary.)

      If you like banana, you are easy going, well adjusted, generous, honest and empathetic.
      (Prototype: the perfect husband, wife, parent or child.)

      If you like strawberry, you are shy, yet emotionally robust, skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted and self critical. Easily made to feel guilty; cranky, pessimistic, low self-esteem.
      (Prototype: bureaucrat, journalist.)

      If you like chocolate chip, you are generous, competitive and accomplished. You are charming in social situations, ambitious and competent. A visionary, a conqueror, enjoys being catered to, a go-getter, intolerant of defeat.
      (Prototype: Industry leaders, voted most likely to succeed in school.)

      Compatibility Cart

      The flavorology research also compiled a compatibility chart for ice cream lovers.

      If your favorite flavor is:

      Vanilla - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is vanilla.

      Chocolate - compatible with butter pecan or chocolate chip.

      Butter pecan - compatible with butter pecan, chocolate and chocolate chip.

      Banana - compatible with all flavors.

      Strawberry - compatible with chocolate chip.

      Chocolate chip - compatible with butter pecan or chocolate.

    • Your Emotions

      13 years ago


      Here's a quiz by which you can know about your emotions.

      For your every No answer, add 1 to your score.

      1. Do you feel guilty if you cry in public?
      2. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness?
      3. Do you think men and boys should be encouraged to hide their tears?
      4. Do you feel embarrassed if you find yourself crying while watching a film or reading a book?
      5. Would you try to hold back your tears if you were attending a funeral?
      6. Would you distrust a politician who shed tears in public?
      7. Do you think that tears are an unnecessary expression of emotion?
      8. Do you always try to hide your disappointment?
      9. Do you get embarrassed if you see grown men crying?
      10. Would you pretend that you had something in your eyes if you were unexpectedly discovered crying?
      11. Do you always try to hide your anger?

      For your every YES answer, add 1 to your score

      12. Do you tend to brood about things which make you angry?
      13. Does your temper even get out of control?
      14. Has your temper even got you in trouble?
      15. Do you believe that it does you good to get rid of your anger?
      16. Would you allow someone to comfort you if you were crying?
      17. Do you get cross quite easily?
      18. Do you touch someone you love at least once a day?
      19. Do you enjoy physical signs of affection?
      20. Do you ever get broody when you see small babies?
      21. Would you happily hold hands in public with someone you cared for?
      22. Do you enjoy being massaged?
      23. Do you regularly tell those whom you love how you feel?
      24. Have you ever had a pet of which you were very fond?
      25. Do you enjoy being kissed and hugged by people you love?
      26. Do you ever laugh out loud when you are watching funny films?
      27. Do you ever tap your feet while listening to Music?
      28. Do you often have the last clap at concerts, sports events and the like?
      29. Do you ever shout encouragement to sports or TV heroes?
      30. Can you remember when you last really laughed and enjoyed yourself?


      Score 17 to 30

      Your attitude towards your emotions is a healthy one. You aren't ashamed to let your emotions show occasionally, and you will undoubtedly be much healthier because of this attitude. You are likely to be a good social advisor.

      Score 8 to 16
      You know how to let your emotions show but you still find it difficult to do so as often as you should. You should be prepared to let your emotions out more often. When you feel sad let yourself cry, when you feel angry, let your anger show, when you feel happy allow a smile to cross your face. Allowing your emotions out in this way will do wonders to your physical and mental health.

      Score 7 or less

      You are definitely very uptight. You really do need to allow your emotions flow out a little. There isn't any thing really wrong in allowing people to know how you feel. The more you struggle to restrain your natural impulses , the more likely is that those impulses will damage your health. Do not advise anybody in social matter. You are not at all a good social advisor.

      (I got 17)

    • Praddle On... Praddle On...

      13 years ago


      Holy Toledo I'm sleeeeeeeepy!!
      And I think I just rubbed lotion in my eye...
      Oooh it burns! I am now blind in one eye...

      I do not have to be into work until 11am tomorrow!!!!
      But the bad part about that is that I would have to stay until almost 8pm :(

      I am soooo hungry!
      Wow I'm just full of complaints huh?

      I need to go out...
      I never get out much and think I should go somewhere..
      Anyone wanna take me? lol
      Well you see, I still don't know how to drive...
      How embarassing is that? A 19 yr old who doesn't drive...
      Well it freaks me out!!!!! lol

      Okay, I'm done praddling...
      No need to bother you with my endless babble.
      I say good day to you...

    • **yawn**

      13 years ago


      Okay, I am sitting at work with nothing to do!
      It's a Saturday so no one is even on here this early in the morning. I feel so lonely :(
      Nobody's coming through my building today and I'm just really tired **yawn**
      Luke kept me up all night cuz he snores so fricken loud lol
      Nah, it wasn't that bad. I can handle the snoring, it was just too hot in the apt cuz my mom refuses to turn off the heat even though ALL THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN!!!
      And I'm telling you now... if Luke tries to bench me again!!!!! I'm gonna kick him so hard in the shins...!!! I am WAY too heavy for that crap! (Though I think I may be losing weight, YAY!)
      Well, depending on how bored I get, I might post another journal entry later lol. I have absolutely nothing to do...

    • Stupid Job!

      13 years ago


      GODDAMNIT x100!!!
      I had plans for the weekend and now I found out that I have skeleton crew and have to work! GRRRR! I'm off tomorrow and Friday. UUHHHHGGG!! I am soooo mad about that! They could have f-ing told me earlier so I didn't make plans. Stupid work!
      Oh! And I see people at work bringing in portable dvd players all the time!! And I finally bought one last night and now they're saying we can't have them. It will distract us from our work... WE DON'T DO ANYTHING ALMOST ALL DAY!!! And they said maybe I should be studying the manual for our section (we have a lot of rules and regulations) but I'm leavin on the 18th. I'm not studying anything!! Stupid job.

    • Spoiled

      13 years ago


      Geez! I am being held captive!!!
      Everyone else got to go home like an hour ago! I AM STILL STUCK AT WORK!!!!!
      I have to wait for a soldier to go through and get done with all the stations before I can go anywhere!!! Why couldn't he have come to our building earlier during the day?!?!? They know we close at like 4pm so they decide to come at 330!! When they KNOW it takes about an hour (OR MORE!!) to get through all the stations!!GRRRRR!!!!

      I WANT HAMBURGER HELPER!!! that had nothing to do with anything but i do!

      I need a necklace, or a ring. or a bracelette... I dunno. I should be more girlie no? I like bracelettes though. But people never buy me any. Wow i'm spoiled!! lol Like last night... My mom had made fish but I wasn't in the mood for it... So a little later I said I had a taste for spaghetti... SO SHE MADE IT!!! I didn't even have to ask! lol But I'm not so spoiled to where I whine about things I don't get. One of my ex's used to buy me stuff all the time. Like jewelery and even clothes sometimes. Then this last ex never bought me anything (took me out sometimes though) and I was just as happy. I remember my sister one XMas said "That's not wut i wanted!" lol that was funny. And she isn't even spoiled!!
      Well, I'm the oldest and I'm the favorite. So I'm bossy and spoiled lol GET USED TO IT! lol
      I'm not too bad am I? lol

    • Just fillin' in the time...

      13 years ago


      I totally stole this from someone elses rvb thingy lol
      but I'm bored so yeah...

      1.Your Full Name:
      2. Age:
      3. Fave Color:
      4. Fave Movie:
      5. Fave Song:
      6. Fave Band:
      7. Most Embarassing Moment:
      8. Are you a virgin?

      1. Are we friends?
      2. Do you have a crush/attracted to me?
      3. Would you kiss me?
      4. ...with tongue?
      5. Would you enjoy it?
      6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I ask you out?
      7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?
      8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:
      9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
      10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?
      11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?
      12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
      13. Do you think I'm a good person?
      14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?
      15.Do you think I'm Hot?
      16. Would you call me just because?
      17. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they dont involve you?
      18. If you could change anything about me, would you?
      19.Would you have sex with me?
      20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
      21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

    • eeep

      13 years ago


      I really don't have anything to post about...
      I'm back at work and it SUCKS ASS!!!!
      Being on vacation for a week really showed me how much I actually hate my job.
      And it isn't a hard job at all. We barely ever do anything!
      I would rather be working day then be stuck in this hell hole of a cubicle doing nothing all day. I'm not even suppose to be going online and could prolly get in a lot of trouble right now if my boss were here...
      I'll be moving soon though. Back up north to Hammond. Now I will have to find a new job.
      That's gonna suck too... So it doesn't really matter what I do things will suck lol
      AT LEAST I'LL BE GOING HOME! I'm sad cuz I won't be by Luke and all these kewl people anymore, but I'm so homesick. I just need to go home.

      I'm pretty sure I'm off this weekend and I have nothing to do!! eeeeep

    • good god!

      13 years ago


      I am soooooo TIRED LATELY!
      I have no idea why.

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    • Malus128

      13 years ago

      it does matter, i dont want to leave a message to you when your not on, id rather talk to you , i dont want you to be mad at me

    • Player_Calo

      13 years ago

      Contest on my journal, check it out!!

    • cutemusicbug

      13 years ago

      hey nice tatoo but my computer has been fucked up fpr the last week and i have been really busy and hey what are you doing for halloween or the weekend before it ....hey i will give you my number and you should call me sometime...i will write a message later with my number in it lol.......awww crap my computer bye!!!! <hugs and kisses> love ya

    • Team_America

      14 years ago

      hello im toby one of the nice asshole that luke knows, lol, im glad to welcome you to rvb, if you have any questions i probaly can aid you, (if its sight related)

    • funez

      14 years ago

      god Luke plz put your pants back on.
      Hello, Amber if your looking for any of the goofy bastard that Luke calls friends just look at my friends list or Lukes. They are the nicest assholes I know.

    • Malus128

      14 years ago

      wwell, i seem to have found a very beautiful member of rvb, i guess i should come here more often so i can see this goddess here, may i be the first to welcome you, alot of my friends are on here so you might meet them, if they are mean to you ill kill them for you

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