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    • Rationality takes control

      7 years ago


      Don't you just hate when that happens?

    • Platypus love

      7 years ago


      So as you may have noticed (but probably didn't) I have sort of been absent from this website as of late, not to give an excuse or anything, but I have been super swamped with school and life and oh yeah, being the Production Stage Manager of the show that is currently being worked on.... but I will be back soon enough, to share my ramblings with the internet, but until then, please enjoy this picture of a beaver and a platypus:


    • THE END (and best movie)

      8 years ago


      That magical time has finally arrived, I HAVE FINISHED MY MOVIE LIST!!!!
      well, technically I finished it 3 days ago, but I have been busy/had internet troubles, so this has been delayed just a bit.
      But that's beside the point, here is my final comments about the movies, and my final comments about this challenge/project as a whole:

      Raging Bull (I'm not generally a fan of boxing/sports movies, but this was fantastic)
      Schindler's List (I am surprised I didn't cry more than I did considering how sad this movie is)
      Doctor Zhivago (Great, absolutely)
      Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (much more upbeat and light than I expected)
      From Here to Eternity (So sad....... but so wonderful)
      The Third Man (I honestly didn't find it very interesting, and it didn't leave much of an impact with me)
      The Deer Hunter (Heartbreakingly good)
      The Wild Bunch (Didn't find it interesting)
      Patton (That scene with the shell-shocked kid, I wanted to punch him in the face)
      My Fair Lady (Rex Harrison cannot sing, but a wonderful loverly movie)
      A Place in the Sun (seems like a shockingly familiar plot, just ending a different way)
      The Searchers (good, but again, didn't leave much of an impact)
      The Last Picture Show (much more sex than I was expecting)
      Blade Runner (good, but not fantastic in my opinion

      123 DOWN
      0 TO GO

      okay, so now that that's over, there are just a few things that I want to talk about regarding the overload of movies that I watched. It was fantastic, I'm glad that I did it, I watched the movies that are considered the best, and I can truly say that I enjoyed most of them. But now that I'm back at school, and people are sharing about what they did over the summer, I find myself hesitant to tell them about what I did. I only waitressed an watched movies. That's all, And I'm afraid that if I tell them about this list, they will not understand, or judge me on wasting my summer, or ask for motive, and honestly, I don't know what my actual motive was for doing this. I came up with a few justifications along the way, but I don't really have a reason for why I did this..... and also now I have certain expectations for movies (and men) and I find myself hating more recent movies that others love.
      but hey, I'm done
      and now I can move on with my life

      but before, the time has come for my final poll

    • The Penultimate (and best director)

      8 years ago


      It's coming down to the wire now for me to finish all of these movies, and I realize that after this is done, I'm going to again be at a lack of interesting things to write journals about, although I realize that probably to just about everyone else out there, this has rapidly lost interest for you, but hey, I'm almost done so I can't give up now!

      Sunset Boulevard (I really can't express how much I loved this film)
      Apocalypse Now (phenomenal cast and visuals and just about everything)
      High Noon (Good, but I'm not really a huge fan of western-type movies)
      Taxi Driver (good, but I had a bit of a hard time understanding his motive)
      Tootsie (any movie with Dustin Hoffman in drag is fantastic)
      Close Encounters of a Third Kind (John Williams, you stole my heart with that music)
      Network (odd, but interesting)
      An American in Paris (the dancing and the singing is fantastic, but I am not a fan of the huge long extended dream sequences that are typical of that era)
      Wutering Heights (really good, and now I want to read the book)
      American Graffiti (with a cast like that, it's impossible to go wrong)
      Giant (well done, but a tad long)
      Mutiny on the Bounty (fantastic, that's all I really think I can say)
      Nashville (I'm not a huge fan of country music, but I loved this movie)
      In the Heat of the Night (Not a dull moment in sight!)

      and then the next journal will be my last group of movies. Time for the final stretch!

      109 down
      14 to go

      and also, please vote for who you think is the best director!

    • Nearing the end (and best actress)

      8 years ago


      It's come to my attention that I am getting dangerously close to actually finishing this crazy list challenge of mine, it helps that I actually decided to crack down and start watching as many movies as I have time for in between the time that I spend at work and sleeping. Seriously, I haven't really been doing much else.

      Here is my latest installment of movies:

      It Happened One Night (adorable, plain and simply)
      A Clockwork Orange (seriously messed up, but fantastically done)
      The Philadelphia Story (so great, probably up there with my favorite movies now)
      Ben-Hur (I messed up a bit while watching this and kind of watched the second half before the first half... but I still mostly understood what was going on, and it deserved all of the awards it got)
      Dances with Wolves (the music is amazing, and I started weeping when they shot Twosocks)
      Duck Soup (It's the Marx brothers, what more can be said than that?)
      Frankenstein (terribly sad, but brilliant)
      Easy Rider (I honestly can't think of any words to describe what I thought of this movie)
      Unforgiven (the text at the end was unnecessary, but overall great)
      Cabaret ("everybody loves a winner, so nobody loved me....")

      95 down
      28 to go

      And now also for the next poll, I want your opinions people!

    • AFI's top 100 movies

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      So I'm currently working my way through AFI's top 100 films of all time, both lists

      and I was just wondering how many of the movies others have seen
      or what movies others feel deserve/don't deserve to be on the list

      2 replies

    • Silence is Golden (and best actor)

      8 years ago


      First off, I just realized that I start a lot of my journal entries with "so" or "okay" and this one isn't going to do that..... just had to be mentioned
      Secondly, I apologize in advanced for any spelling mistakes, I am currently functioning off of 4 hours of sleep, and I may not catch all of my errors in time, so deal with it.
      Now onto the main event: THE MOVIES!

      I know that I am more than half done with this list, but honestly it only just now feels like I am making an impact on how many movies I have watched from the all-mighty AFI top 100 movie list (really 123). And now there is a definite end in sight, because I am currently in possession or have on hold from my library all of the movies left on the list.
      But some of the movies I have watched recently are probably one's that I will remember the best, and not because they are the freshest in my mind, but because they all had something very unique about them that stuck out to me for one reason or another. Here are my most recent:

      The Bridge on the River Kwai (my heart lurched every time someone lunged for that plunger, and also OBI WAN!!!)
      A Streetcar named Desire (Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh are so fantastic in this)
      The Apartment (I don't understand why everyone calls this a comedy, yes there are funny moments, but overall it's a bit tragic and sad)
      Bringing up Baby (funny for about the first hour or so, once they ended up in that jail it went too far...)
      Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Sidney Poitier is amazing and the entire movie is so... I honestly can't find words to describe it)
      Intolerance (honestly I found it very difficult to follow all 4 story lines, if you were to ask me what the French story was about, I could not tell you)
      Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (heart-breaking, in the best way possible)
      Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (more on this below)
      Swing Time (I want to learn how to dance like that!!)
      Do the Right Thing (So sad, but so fantastic; fight the power)

      Now a little more on Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans: If I were to recommend one silent movie for someone to watch, I would say this movie in a heartbeat. In this entire run I have watched 7 1/2 silent films (I would argue that the Jazz Singer is still mostly a silent film, hence the half), and my favorite by far was actually the last one that I watched, Sunrise. It's not just the heart-warming plot with the twists in it that every good movie needs, but it's also the inclusion of the little light moments that aren't really necessary to the story, but are still amusing and a delight to see. For instance, my favorite scene in the entire movie is when the little piglet gets drunk and starts slipping as it walks (and if that doesn't intrigue you to watch this movie then you are a little dead inside... sorry) the movie could have done fine without that, but the fact that they included it in, and it is SO adorable, demonstrates just how well F.W. Murnau could balance the main plot with little light nuances. One other thing that I thoroughly loved about this movie, is that it proved that just because it's a silent film doesn't mean that there has to be many words. One issue that I had with some of the other silent movies were how much I was bogged down by reading too many title cards, but in Sunrise, only the essential things appear to the audience to read, and it is always in short sentences, so there is no issue with not having enough time to read, and they are very scarce throughout the movie. Also, one title card in particular was so creatively done, that it just added to the movie so well.
      Anyway, that's my schtick on silent movies.

      Current count:
      85 down
      38 to go

      Oh, and one more thing before I stop typing. I wanted to start doing a few polls. Since I probably only have a few more of these journals left, it is probably time to start getting some feedback on what you all think. (And if you actually read this journal this far, congrats to you, you get a gold star!) I complied a list of my four favorite movies, directors, actors, and actresses thus far (probably not likely to change) and I want to know which of them others like the best. The movies poll will be the absolute last one so that if I have a change of heart with these last 38 movies, I can change my four. And honestly I don't expect to get much of a response, but I still want to know, as many opinions as I can get.
      Okay, first up: Best Actor (and sorry if you don't know any of the names on the list, and if you really don't know any of their names, please watch some movies!)

    • Aesthetic Overload

      8 years ago


      So I definitely knew this point was coming. The point where it is actually becoming difficult to sit through an entire movie and pay attention without getting distracted. On the past couple movies I have actually found myself going to wikipedia or iMDB to look up the plot, because although I was watching the movie then entire time, I just wasn't focusing.
      Here are my most recent movies:

      Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (beyond brilliant)
      The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (not my favorite Bogart, but still very good)
      The Best Years of Our Lives (so sweet)
      Double Indemnity (so good, very well done)
      Rebel Without a Cause (one of my new favorite movies, cannot express how much I love it)
      Stagecoach (meh)
      Shane (for some reason the entire film I was expecting a tragic ending, which never came)
      The French Connection (prime example on not knowing what a movie was about when going into it)
      The Gold Rush (I want to learn the roll dance so badly!!!)
      Fargo (good movie.... but that Minnesota accent....)
      The Jazz Singer (strong point is really only that it was the first talkie)
      Yankee Doodle Dandy (great music)

      Anyway, I now have 34 days left before I go back to school, which means I need to average 1.5 movies a day, or in reality I need to aim for 2 movies a day so that I don't have to be rushed at the very end.

      75 down
      48 to go

    • Sponsorship (and more movies)

      8 years ago


      So now that I am officially (theoretically) making an income this summer, I decided that it was finally time to become a sponsor which I have been dying to do for quite some time now. YAY!!!!!
      now what do I do with it?......

      anyways, I have more movies to report on:

      It's a Wonderful Life (first movie that I cried at out of joy/happiness)
      All About Eve (not a huge Bette Davis fan)
      The African Queen (so great!)
      Chinatown (very forward moving plot, there was not a dull second)
      King Kong (absolutely brilliant, but seriously cheesy closing line)
      The Manchurian Candidate (very interesting premise)
      All the President's men (Dustin Hoffman is fabulous and a very well done movie)
      Spartacus (so great, a bit long, but awesome!)
      Sullivan's Travels (amazing awesome, such a great comedy, fabulous)

      Which brings the running total to:
      63 down
      60 to go

    • Time to pick up the pace

      8 years ago


      So I am really trying to go faster through these movies to be able to get them all watched by the time I go back to school, but it's proved much more difficult than I thought it would be. I am definitely trying to watch at least one movie a day, but it is not the easiest task I must say. And I'm sure if you're reading this you must be thinking "wow, she is so jaded, complaining about having to watch movies" and I do hate myself a little actually sort of complaining about this, but to my defence, I enjoy my sleep, and now I have picked up an extra shift waitressing, so by the time I actually get home from work, I am super exhausted and don't have the mental capacity to sit through these wonderful movies, because when I watch these films I want to be alert and focused so that I can give them the respect and admiration they deserve.
      And now that I am done with that little rant, here are the movies I have watched since:
      Bonnie and Clyde (ending scene is a bit of overkill, literally, but enjoyable)
      City Lights (my first Chaplin, SO adorable)
      Sophie's Choice (heartbreaking)
      Midnight Cowboy (what can be said for a movie about male prostitution except that Dustin Hoffman is fantastic)
      Maltese Falcon (Love Humphrey Bogart, love the movie)
      The General (so great, probably my favorite silent film that I've seen so far)
      Modern Times (all over the place)

      54 down
      69 to go

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