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    • Questions surrounding Pyrrha's death. Did Pyrrha die in vain?

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      After having my heart broken over the death of Pyrrha, one question has been tormenting my mind, even so much that is has been affecting my daily life.

      Why did Pyrrha try to fight Cinder...

      Why did she go to the top of the tower and fight, she was ordered to get Qrow and the others.

      Cinder was not going after Jaune and Pyrrha, so it was not to defend Jaune. Did Pyrrha truly think she could beat Cinder? Was she really that stupid? It just doesn't feel right, after all they did with her story.... I know it was Monty's intention to let her die from the beginning, But why make such a story arround Pyrrha, just to let her die without meaning... What was Cinder doing ontop of the tower anyway....

      Until i know what Cinder was trying to do ontop of the tower i'm not sure if i can have peace with Pyrrha's death...

      What was that whole "do you believe in destiny " stuff anyway, it all seems so out of place. Either there is more to this story, or they just rushed the ending they were supose to make...

      Could anyone shine some light on the subject pls... i've haven't gotten a propper night's sleep since i saw the episode....

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    • 3 years ago

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