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    • Life isn't about her.

      14 years ago


      So yah, I'm still having trouble getting over my old girlfriend. It's hard, when you love someone that much, and they don't even tell you that they love you, 4 months after your first date.

      Then a couple weeks later, she wants to break up. Her reason was, "we weren't that good of friends". I mean come on! How gay is that!!

      If we arent that great of friends, then lets build a relationship, but by staying together. Damn she is retarded when it comes to this stuff.

      But, she's hot, and makes happy in mah pants, and just plain happy, when she isn't resenting or hating or ignoring me.

    • What's going on in my relationships.

      14 years ago


      Here is a taste, of the girl I went out with. Man, that relationship, was like hitting a 5000 mega-ton nuclear bomb, with 5000 5000mega-ton nuclear bombs.

      [20:47] Volic1088: Hey buddy.
      [20:48] Vendor: hi
      [20:48] Volic1088: Well, me and Courtney are completely dead.
      [20:48] Volic1088: We had an "intervention" with our youth leader.
      [20:49] Volic1088: Basically, every little thing, turns into a big problem, and I am sick and tired of that shit(plz excuse my lang.)
      [20:49] Vendor: its cool
      [20:49] Volic1088: I dunno if it is.
      [20:50] Volic1088: Our youth leader told us to not talk to each, not see each other, no E-mail, nothing. And maybe that will help the friendship. But if I ever get choked up again and have all these problems with her again, I am 100% out.
      [20:52] Volic1088: So, how's you and Mary-Jane?
      [20:53] Vendor: its Sarajane, but its going pretty damn good
      [20:53] Volic1088: I wasn't talking about your girlfriend. :-P
      [20:53] Vendor: I don't smoke weed
      [20:54] Volic1088: Yah, I know. I knew it was something jane, and that's good that its going good. Courtney and I just didn't match. She is just way too immature for me. And I'm not boasting or anything.
      [20:55] Vendor: that sucks
      [20:58] Volic1088: Yah, and her mom would never stay out of our relationship. And she did that little whisper thing with firends, where the guy doesn't know if it's about him or something that doesn't matter, and the guy pushes to hard to find out what's the matter, but she just won't talk about it. Yah, it sucks!
      [21:00] Volic1088: But you know what, I don't care anymore. It's HER problem now.
      [21:00] Vendor: :-\
      [21:00] Vendor: well its good that you can move on
      [21:00] Vendor: you'll find someone thats a much better match for you
      [21:01] Volic1088: yah, God will provide.
      [21:01] Vendor: man definately
      [21:02] Vendor: you know, I went pretty much 18 years without a serious girlfriend, and by a twist of luck (if you can call it that, I don't really believe it is) I met Sarajane and she was interested in me first
      [21:02] Vendor: it was great
      [21:04] Volic1088: That's the same way it was for a friend of mine. He had date after date, and when he finally stopped, he met his wife.

    • Sabotage

      14 years ago


      So, the girl that I was madly in love with, broke up with me about 2 or so weeks ago. Maybe a month.
      We had some problems from the getgo, but it wasn't until things went sour till her mom made things crap.

      Basically, she sabotaged my girlfriend, into thinking that we needed to have a stronger friendship, and to hide her emotions and feelings from me, so that I wouldn't break up with her.

      And I see both of these people at least twice a week for 2+ hours (church stuff)
      I don't know how to handle this, if I confront the mom, she'll just deny everything.
      If I confront the daughter, she'll say I'm wrong, and I don't know anything, and how her mom has always been there for her, and crap like that.

      And the mom didn't like that it was getting serious. She was afraid that I was trying to take her daughter away from her.

    • I LOVE YOU

      14 years ago


      I LOVE YOU

    • What is your favorite book?

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      I dont have a favorite book, but I do have a favorite book of the Bible. I really like Proverbs, because it is filled with lots sayings and quotes that really make you think.

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