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      Welcome to the Community Guide to Firefight - here to help you!

      Part One: Enemies

      Take shots carefully, and don't just spray and pray. You'll end up with a few kills, and no ammo to finish the set. Use careful techniques to kill harder foes.

      Grunts - Can be killed with a few Plasma Pistol shots. As they carry these weapons, ammo is no object. Save as much AutoMag ammo as possible.

      Jackals - Use the AutoMag for these Covenant marksmen. One headshot will be enough, so don't use any more ammo than needed.

      Gauntlet Jackals - There are two solid techniques here. The first is a charged Plasma bolt to their shields, followed by an AutoMag shot to their heads while they're stunned. The second is to use two AutoMag bullets. Shoot them once in the handle of the shield, and they will fall backwards in a recoil. Take a headshot once they're an open target.

      Drones - Bursts are key. A single Drone will take around six SMG rounds to fell, so bursts are a requirement. Otherwise, recoil and spread of fire will suck up your ammo like a sponge.

      Brutes - Using a combination of the SMG or a Plasma weapon to remove their shields, followed by a single Magnum shot, will make those big guys fall over onto their faces.

      Hunters - The toughest of the lot, if you ask me. Use heavy weapons such as mounted turrets or Rockets. Once a bit of their armour falls off, get shots off into their flesh. They'll fall in no time.

      Wraiths - When confronted with Wraith tanks, stay back on the higher difficulties, shoot them with Rockets or Fuel Rods if you have them and if you have a clear shot. I have seen many people die by Wraith Turret/Mortar fire because they try to run up on the Wraith and board it. The primary target is the turretsman. Kill them, and you will be able to take out the Wraith effortlessly when you get close enough.

      Ghosts - These speedy vehicles are a pain, especially in groups. On higher difficulties, they will tear you apart. Use the AutoMag to headshot Grunts, but if you get a Brute driving one, be ready for different tactics. The Plasma Pistol will provide a perfect immobiliser, but only when they get close enough. Stay in cover, and try to focus on the driver, not the armoured front.

      Choppers - These attack vehicles are deathly hard, even as a Spartan. Your best bet is to immobilise the vehicle, then kill the occupant. Remember, never shoot the front. They are very heavily armoured. Wait for them to turn around, and then blast the driver with some burst weapons. Then, a simple headshot will kill the driver. If possible, don't destroy these vehicles. They will come in very handy if you can actually use them (unconfirmed as of yet).

      Engineers - These poor creatures are now Covenant bombs, and moving shield generators. Take them out ASAP, or you'll find your enemies have more shielding than before. Kill them over a group of Covenant, and they will fall onto them, creating a nice explosion, and helping calm the Covenant assault. From gameplay videos around the net, it appears that they have a lack of a headshot-spot, so you'll likely have to spray and pray. Drain their shields with Plasma, and finish them.

      Chieftains - By the time you get to these bad boys, you'll need to use whatever you have left. Your ammo reserves ill be very low, so take it carefully. Fire off a few bursts from the SMG or any weapon that has lots of ammo, and the Chieftains will, or should, turn on their invincibility generators. Then, all you can do is run. Once they're out, use any quick-fire weapon to fell their armour, followed by a Magnum round to the face.

      Remember: Trying to directly stick a Chieftain WILL NOT WORK until you shear their armor off. (-blam!- cheating brutes).

      Firebombs are the only *sticky* grenade that will work on them at all times. Just try and wait until the chieftain uses up his invulnerability to get the most damage out of your firebombs.

      Part Two: Weapon Selection

      Save all heavy weapons as long as possible. Never, repeat, never use things like Rockets or a Sniper on anything less than a Brute. It's a waste if you do so. Make sure your squad mates do the same. Remember, saving Rockets for Chieftains is a good idea, because once they're all down, you get more ammo.

      Part Three: Map Knowledge

      Never go straight into Heroic or Legendary without playing on Normal or Easy to get used to the map. Figure out your best vantage points, and also the worst locations. Know where enemies will come from, and you'll never be caught out.

      Part Four: Teamwork

      Stick together, but don't focus on the same targets. Tell your teammates what you're shooting at, so they know not to waste their ammo on it. The last thing you want is to waste your last five rounds of the AutoMag on a Jackal your friend was just about to cap in one. On top of this, know your strengths! If one player is a good sniper, let them have the sniper. If one is good with Carbines, leave them to get them. Also, take turns with weapons. The last thing you want is your teammates moaning about never using the sniper.

      Another method is known as "the Combo". This specific tactic requires a partner, someone who knows how you play and move, and vice versa.

      Player 1: Plasma Pistol secondary, Plasma Rifle/Brute Shot primary
      Player 2: Automag primary, Carbine secondary

      Player 1's job is to down shields and expose targets to headshots. Player 2's entire job is to headshot. That's it. Do that, and Player 1 will be fine. This combo cuts through enemies very very quickly.

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    • SPIDER-MAN 4

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      So SPIDER-MAN 4 will officially swing into theaters (including IMAX) on May 6, 2011

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    • NHL 10 - 360/PS3 RVB League Sign-Ups

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      per Wikipedia

      NHL 10 will be the 19th video game in the NHL series released by EA Sports.

      New features

      The only information available so far comes from EA Sports' promotional material, which states:

      "NHL 10 will introduce over 200 game refinements and will bring the real emotions from fans and a real hockey atmosphere into the game.

      First person fighting will be introduced in the game to make the player feel like he's really in an NHL fight. An all-new board physics engine will let the players battle for pucks on the boards letting the player shield, kick the puck, pin opponents to the glass, all while the fans bang on the glass just like in real life. Player fatigue will have players bobble passes and avoid collisions under threat of constant physical pressure. Momentum will enter the game like never before. Players will be able to start scrums after the whistle to draw penalties and to bring the fans even more into the game for that extra push of momentum needed to win. New scoring techniques will be entering the game such as scoring from your knees and hitting the puck from mid air. Players will also be able to pass the puck off the boards.

      New fan textures will make the fans look more realistic. Playoff towels will also be in the game."

      NHL 10 links:
      NHL 10 Twitter

      Inside EA Sports Blog

      Hotstepping: This is where we all are a team. We are the Hotsteppers. Games played here are played in the EASHL (EA Sports Hockey League). Each player plays as their own Be A Pro character and plays a certain position (C, LW, RW, LD, RD, G). If you do not have a full team on the ice, the other spots are controlled by the computer. You can play with a minimum two players. The main thing in this mode is that you must play your position. While you won't get yelled at by us, be courteous and try to play your best. Do not be a puck hog and you will be rewarded. Something you need to know about this mode is that you can't go three games without an opponent trying to use glitch goals. (This was true a few months after NHL 09 came out, so try to play a ton of EASHL in NHL 10 right when it comes out...before all glitch goals are found) You do get the occasional streak of fun games, but they are few and far between. Go ahead and sign up for the team if you are interested.

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    • Change the color of your PS3 for $125

      9 years ago



      The ColorWare Process
      Step 1
      When your order information enters our production facility, we start with a brand new product, either pulled from stock or received from a certified dealer.

      *Alternate Step 1 (for Send in Mine products only) Your product is received in our shipping department, and tested to be sure it is functional. After testing, your credit card is charged, and the process continues the same as below.

      Step 2
      Your product is sent to the disassembly department, where the external case is removed from the product and prepared for the coloring process. Only the external case of your product continues through the coloring process. Internal components are stored in a static guarded storage area while the case is colored.
      Step 3
      Your selected color scheme is added to your product in a multi-step, multi-day color application process, and finished with our X2 scratch-resistant coating, which is cured with ultra violet light to achieve superior scratch resistance and clarity.
      Step 4
      Your product is sent to the assembly team for re-assembly and final testing to make sure your product is in complete working order.
      Step 5
      Your customized product is boxed and sent to the shipping department. When your product leaves our facility, we also email the FedEx tracking number to the email address we have on file.

      Now you can have that red, or white PS3 you always wanted.

    • Rage

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      ID Software's next game. If you think Doom was badass wait till you see this game.

      Release Date: TBA 2010

      QuakeCon Trailer: ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/926418/id-tech-5-project/videos/rage_trl_trailer_81309.html
      Teaser: ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/926418/id-tech-5-project/videos/rage_teaser_quakecon2007.html

      Gameplay videos

      Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rage_(video_game)



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    • Fight Night Round 4

      10 years ago


      I just picked up Fight Night Round 4 for the Playstation 3. If anyone wants to play just hit me up my PSN: Annihil88torr

    • W00T W00T 1080P ps3 bitches!!!!

      10 years ago


      Just got a HDMI cable for my playstation 3 and 40' Vizio tv. Man playing games like COD 5 in 1080p is sick.

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