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    • NEO!?

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      Could this possibly be Neo? Definitely a female with some involvement with Torchwick.

      The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that she's later seen wielding a scimitar with a drastically different style from what we've seen Neo use. It might be nothing, it might be something. We haven't yet seen Neo fight under a post-Oum animation style, so it might just be a slightly drastic stylistic change if it is Neo.


      EDIT: It could possibly also be Cinder, as the style we briefly see as well as weapon of choice roughly lines up with Cinder's, but I think we'd all be a bit pissed if they killed her off only to immediately bring her back. RWBY may have somewhat lost the plot over the last season, but I don't think RT's gone full 343i yet.


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    • Turn off Binge Mode in the new layout?

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      Never liked any sort of autoplay feature that wasn't linked to a set playlist. Binge Mode's no different. Button's either moved or disappeared, anyone know what's up?

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    • Adam's scoresheet with faunus ladies.

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      So, so far Adam is 1/2 for hot faunus chicks, though I'm surprised it was that simple for Adam to stick it inside Sienna Kahn. I guess it's just what he's into.

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    • 11 Little Roosters: QR Transcription Repository

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      I've noticed that some QR codes can be kind of dodgy to scan, so on my off time I've been redrawing the QRs to make them more readable. If you have any that you are having a lot of trouble scanning, send me episode, timecode, and location. Thank yous are lovely, but bad puns are my preferred method of thanking.


      Hint #17: lg2o8e3.png

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    • Thanks to the On The Spot people!

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      Big thanks to the On The Spot crew for throwing up my Impromptu Pitch prompts for episode #82. As a big fan, it means a lot to me that my humor can get just slightly lower brow and more absurdist than what's naturally generated by the show's guests >:3

      And to all those who submitted, but were not picked, best of luck! I saw some submissions in there that made my ribs hurt, y'all had some great material lined up. I'll not be submitting anything else for the rest of the season (I doubt the booth would choose someone who's already been picked, so I'll leave 'em be), so everyone else's chances have gotten at least a liiiiiiiiiittle bit higher.

      Also, whoever's idea it was to give Joel puppets is a genius. We need Joel puppets in the RT store STAT. And a Bag of Emotions.

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    • My notes on RWBY Episode 10

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      - That giant Grimm is probably either based off of a Horseman of The Apocolypse or the Nuckelavee. Personally, I prefer the HoTA explanation, as the Nuckelavee makes it's home in the sea.

      - It seems pretty clear that Ren's semblance is to calm himself and those around him. Since rapid aura loss seems to incur exhaustion (At least from what I've seen), maybe the reason Ren's always the first to tire is because he's ALWAYS using his semblance to keep him from freaking out after what happened that day. Maybe it stuck with him and he's fighting back with his semblance... or maybe he's just gotten so used to calming himself that it's a normal state now.

      - I reckon his father's arrow is going to play a crucial part in Ren's revenge. My guess is a "Oh no, we're disarmed and unable to fight back, when suddenly, ARROW EX MACHINA" situation.

      - Perhaps Nora's voracious appetite is an old habit from her early days. After scrounging for scraps for a long time, one who's presented with a proper meal would probably be very eager to snarf it down. Who knows, maybe the first place Ren and Nora found was a breakfast diner, and that's where she got her love of pancakes?

      So, what do y'all think?

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    • I think we found Neo's father :D

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      In my opinion, I do believe Klein, the Shnee family butler, is Neo's father. He's old enough to have a child or two, and she's quite young, after all.

      For starters, let's look at biological, local, and behavioral similarities. Most importantly, both of them can control the color of their eyes, a trait no other characters have yet exhibited, and Monty, Kerry, and Miles have all said that a character's eye color is VERY important. Furthermore, they both have fairly short statures, with Klein looking to be on the shorter end of the spectrum of adult male characters, and Neo being the shortest character in the entire show. In addition, even with the makeup that goes with her "Gentry" theme, it would make sense that Neo is pale if she comes from Atlas, being as it is a cold area, where smokestacks can blot out the sun for miles. And how about their attitude? Klein is clearly a jovial fellow, and enjoys spreading smiles. He seems to take the "fun uncle" role, able to put a smile on sad situations. Neo is also quite enjoyable, only breaking her smile twice so far, once when facing Raven, and the other when being flung off the airship. Like Klein, she clearly takes great pride and joy in her work, depressing as it can be.

      But how about those powers? Well, the World of Remnant series tells us that there was once an ancient practice of people infusing Dust into themselves. This gave them incredible power, using the abilities of dust to it's maximum, but fractured the infuser's mind, and often left them crippled in some way. Great power? She can teleport, create after-images of herself and those nearby, and disguise herself in just about any costume, even changing her hair on a dime, so check. Mentally unstable? Yes, she's showed signs incredible sadism, and looked up to Torchwick like a father, genuinely idolizing him. Crippled? She can tell you all about that... oh wait. Check. Now, where could someone find a massive supply of Dust, enough to infuse to the breaking point? Atlas seems like a good place for that. And would it not make sense that the butler to the family running the world's largest Dust producer would receive some Dust themselves, as pay, bonuses, gifts, or samples?

      EDIT: Also, Klein is German for "Small". This is a trait very commonly associated with Neo.

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    • Qrow's semblance/drunkness

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      I've been wondering, world or remnant states that all semblances are UNIQUE, yet Qrow seems to do more damage after getting smacked by Winter. By the rules of the world, that couldn't be his semblance, so what could it be? Well, what if his semblance is something that can be deactivated by being drunk? A punch or slap to the face is a common impromptu sobering method, and afterwords Qrow becomes much less susceptible to strikes, and generally keeps pace better with Winter. Could it be that Qrow's constantly drinking because his fights would be to short to enjoy when he's sober, is he just trying to keep a semblance with a powerful upside and downside at bay, is there another reason, or does he really just like cheap liquor?

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