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    • Is the Manga "Red Like Roses" Canon?

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      So the Manga Red Like Roses is a collection of short stories which don't have to be canon or not but just for fun is there any word on if it is or is not canon? Personally I saw no reason in the collection of stories to not count them as canon. They don't clash with the main story line at all and are all just fantastic. Also the additional character growth for Ruby was very nice in respects to her learning to study, ect..... It just builds on what the show did so nicely. 

      So any word on if it is canon or not or is it being labeled "Official anthology" enough?

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    • Help with Steampunk Jaune Arc for anime convention next year

      3 years ago


      So I Cosplayed Jaune Arc this year and wanted to against next year but wanted to either do it better or different. I have chosen both.

      So for the shield I want to make one that expands and contracts like in the show but looks more steampunk based. This is the hard part.

      The sword is easy, let me know if you have any cool ideas.

      The armor is easy too.

      Accessories should be interesting, how far should I go with this?

      I have almost a full year to construct this from the day I post this.

      Sword will probably be high density foam with a geso coating over the paint. What paint/paint mixtures/paint combos would be best for steampunk?

      I feel the shield should have a slightly different look than the sword so what direction should I go with this?

      I will probably make the armor match the shield in coloration.

      Also I am a newbie at making cosplay and will be learning in the next year how to sew and mold my own armor pieces. Take that into consideration and if you have suggestions for helping with thsoe things let me know.

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