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    • Live steam project.

      9 years ago


      Nearly a year ago I started designing a live steam engine based off Pennsylvania Rail Road's 0-4-0 switcher. prr.railfan.net/diagrams/PRRdiagrams.html?diag=a3_oldu.gif&sel=ste&sz=sm&fr=
      About two weeks ago I finished rough blueprints and patterns for casting parts, progress as I go along will be posted here.

      My mini lathe, its about 2 1/2 feet long so its much smaller than it appears in this photo.

      My kiln, currently capable of melting zinc and aluminum. Still needs a proper top coating and lid.

      The first two assemblies of my live steam engine. Two safety valves (the one on the left is complete, to the right is an exploded view of its parts). Michigan boiler code requires me to have two of these, with a blow off pressure of 100psi (+ - 10%). I will have a video of these in action once they are complete (both don't have springs or their seating ball). The design is inspired by this guys work www.saunalahti.fi/animato/steam/ .

    • The most jaw dropping boss in history

      9 years ago


      In recent time I got sick of gaming. Classics dried up, online play got aggravating, and the well of new games that kept my interest dried up. That was until seeing THIS .

      I want the 360 back.

    • Model kits

      11 years ago


      One of my hobbies is model construction. I have built (or should I say, tried to build and failed miserably) Trains, cars, ships, aircraft, gundams, and due to the model railroad I am building, trees. Below are the kits I own and there current stage of construction:

      Military Airplanes

      F-117A Stealth Fighter___________Requires painting
      K-Fir-C7______________________Frame built, fuselage painted
      F5F Aggressor_________________Construction completed, awaiting decals
      F15- J Eagle__________________Construction completed, awaiting decals
      F14-A Vs MIG-23MS___________Pending
      F/A-18A On carried deck_________Pending
      F/A-18A Hornet________________Pending
      AV-8B Harrier II________________Pending
      Mig-23 Flogger________________Pending
      F-23 Saber (Kit bash)___________Frame assembled, awaiting painting

      Military Helicopters

      Revel Huey Hog_______________Completed

      Railroad and Railroad related

      Atlas GP 38 (conrail)___________Completed
      Athern SW 1500 (JVR)__________Completed, awaiting motor and light mounts
      Roundhouse 2-6-0 Mogul_______Frame and boiler require machining
      Oconomowoc Freight Station____walls assembled and painted, awaiting roof
      Model Railroad_______________tables assembled, electrical tested, awaiting table frame mounts

      USS Arizona_________________needs repainting

      Gundams/Armored cores/mechanized units

      BANDAI 08 MS Ez8 (level 3)_____Under construction

      Other Projects

      LED headlight circuit boards____pending


      Halo model kits of any kind
      F-Zero Kits if they exist
      Arwing and Wolfen kits if they exist
      Wing-Zero MK II (level 3 or 5)
      Zaku MK 1 (level 3)

      All projects that are finished or close to completion will have pictures put up when I get a digital camera (or get to borrow one). If there is any model that you wish to see finished or wish to recommend a model drop a post here.If you have info where to get some of the ones listed in the searching for area please let me know.


    • Hello!

      11 years ago


      A very new Halo fan, but an old schooler at heart. I came to this forum on recommendation from a friend who was also the one who introduced me to Halo. I wish to eventually own my own X box or once the RROD problem is fixed, an X Box 360. Very mild tempered, I will never flame but I sometimes make an ass of myself, even if the post was not intended to do so.


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      Here is my address... 1013 marquette street.

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