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    • Day 648: I Am Still Listening To Uptown Funk Send Help

      4 years ago


      i moved again and i'm unemployed again and i'm still falling in love with pretty much every girl and things aren't good by any means but they could be worse i guess i mean i have a place to stay and i have pink polka dotted curtains and a queen sized bed again so that's a plus

      if patterns continue i'll update again in another two months so see you then


      4 years ago


      the rwby 2 soundtrack is hype af listen listen to me dream come true and boop are literally the basis of a jnpr musical you think I'm joking but I'm gonna do it it's gonna happen

      there'll be lockers.
      and reprises.

      *jnpr the musical is unofficial and I am not actually going to do this because I'm super lazy and don't wanna get in trouble but yo for real pick up rwby 2 listen to those songs it's incredible

    • 4 years ago


      this was supposed to be my journal entry for the next two to three months you know like i do because it's 4:30 am and i have to leave for my new job in an hour and what the fuck but then dia tagged me in this thing so i figured myeah okay let's do it

      Username: popdelton
      Age: 21
      From: salt lake city, ut/arlington, tx
      Sponsor: ye
      Date Joined: idk like april of last year??? (the 17th)
      Last Signed in: like last week

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Rage Quit Minecraft Part 1
      Last Podcast you watched: Last week
      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: uHM. Ashley but also Burnie but also Miles
      Did you watch a RT video today: no i've been watching phineas and ferb for like a week sorry but i'm watching the podcast tonight
      Favorite RT Series: RWBY i am team jnpr trash sorry
      Favorite RT Video: don't do this to me um probably the Dance Dance Infiltration episode of RWBY

      RT Site:
      Current Number Of Notifications: 0, but it was 1 a minute ago
      Name of first Journal: "Producti...vity???"
      Name of your latest Journal: "I'm having trouble thinking of a song about being free"
      Last Photo you uploaded: the current profile pic
      Last Thread you commented on: i don't comment on threads i really just use my account to watch sponsor stuff and post a journal every couple of months
      First group in your group list: not in any groups, see above
      Last Private message sent to: i don't think i've ever sent a message on here

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score: like under 1500 i'm rly bad at games
      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads 4ever
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Ray. No, Ryan. Ray and Ryan.
      Minecraft Skin: Groot I think?
      Favorite AH show: Let's Play GTA V

      The Community:
      Favourite Group: see the bit about how i literally only watch sponsor stuff on my account that's all
      Have you gone to a community event: RTX 2014 hype team fuck train life
      Have you gone to RTX: 2014 so far
      Favorite Fellow Community member: Team Fuck Train hype

    • I'm having trouble thinking of a song about being free

      4 years ago


      i mean i know they're out there but i can't think of one

      anyway life update, did the rtx thing and it was super fucking radical i met a ton of people and fought with katie a bunch because we were tired and greyhound sucks (don't take greyhound. ever. just don't.) and a ton of stuff went wrong but a ton more stuff went right and i got cool merch and had cool experiences and ate a lot of giant pizza and everything was bueno.

      and then i quit my job and now i'm moving back to utah but it's okay because i'm making more money and my mom is down there and yeah it's not austin but no one i know that wants to move to austin, especially me, is prepared to move to austin right now so soon but not now. and i'm okay with that because this is a new point in my life i've done the stupid teenager thing and the stupid transitional adult thing and now i'm in this "????" stage where i could probably survive on my own without dying but please don't make me i'd be really bad at it like i'm almost a grown up but i'm also still spending thirteen dollars on spaghettios and red bull when i only have 9 dollars in my bank account

      (the biggest thing i'm worried about when i get to utah is who's going to do my hair and who's going to do my tattoos. is that weird? feels like it but oh well.)

      (i need to go i'm actually still at work it's my last day i just logged on to check the status of something i ordered from the rt store and then i wound up here)

    • It's okay everyone crisis averted nothing more to see here

      5 years ago


      was under the impression i was a sponsor. apparently sponsorship did not auto-renew whenever it was supposed to in the past couple of weeks. only found out because i went to watch the video from monday's podcast. super glad the little "it's only available for sponsors!" thing was there or else i'd have no idea.

      i don't pay attention to things.

    • oops it's like 6 am

      5 years ago


      because when else do i post journals on here except for when i'm supposed to be in bed for work?

      speaking of haha everything's going wrong wow i'm so good at being an adult we're so understaffed and my dad's moving back to salt lake and i'm freaking out trying to plan for rtx and i still haven't taken that motorcycle safety course because we've been understaffed since like november and also because i don't want to be in fort worth for twelve hours on my only days off and mostly i just want my back to stop hurting all the time and i don't want to be awake at 6 am reflecting on how shit my life is and feeling guilty because my problems are stupid and petty compared to a lot of other people's problems and just wondering what bad decisions i made as a teenager to wind me up in this spot.

      don't become an adult it's gross and no one's ever prepared for it.

      or at least be better at preparing for it than i was or you'll wind up working 50 hours a week at a minimum wage job without overtime looking at porn all day.

      (i'm sorry this was such a downer i'm going back to bed)

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