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    • Random Tidbit

      8 years ago



      I discovered this today while searching for a certain clip from RvB. Needless to say, I laughed.

      Well played, YouTube.

    • it's friday gotta get down on friday

      8 years ago


      Actually it's Saturday now.

      But goddamn did I hear that song EVERYWHERE yesterday. Everyone wanted to rickroll for april fool's and looks like they've got a new song to do so.

      Anyway, anyone get any crazy pranks pulled on them? Nothin happened to me irl, though I did get one pulled over on me by RT itself. I watch the RT4copyright channel on youtube, that posts all the songs from Red vs Blue/RT shorts as they come out. They posted a video this morning called "S9 Trailer - Jeff Williams" and, excited that that song was finally online, I clicked without a second thought.

      Of course, it's been renamed now, and much rage was had when I realized I fell for a prank.

      Well played, rt4copyright. Well played.


    • Season 9

      8 years ago


      That trailer...

      Damn man I cannot wait for this season.

    • Snow, snow, and more snow

      8 years ago


      It always seems like whenever areas of the states that shouldn't be getting tons of snow/can't handle a lot of snow ARE getting it, we get absolutely none.

      I kind of wish I could take it away from some of my friends (and not just because I love snow and want more). A lot have been snowed in for awhile and their city doesn't know how to handle this much snow and cold smiley2.gif Send it here, guys! We know how to deal with it.

      How's the weather where you are?

    • Been awhile...

      8 years ago


      But I'm still around! Been busy with school and moving. A friend of mine moved out here from LA and she and I finally found a place to rent and move into together. It was hard finding a house with a backyard that would allow my dog and her cat, but we finally found one! It's in a great area, too.

      Anyway, nice to slide back around to this site. I visit every other day or so to check out the shorts and comics and stuff, and I felt like I should post a blog just to let people know I'm still around! I do read your guys' posts and check out your updates every so often, I just never feel like I have anything constructive to comment haha. But I'm around!

    • Excited and then...

      8 years ago


      Got the Revelation soundtrack. Awesome soundtrack, but the main theme of the entire season (the one that pops up in episode one when REVELATION appears on the screen) isn't even on it.

      Kinda disappointed, man. smiley2.gif But the rest of the soundtrack is solid.

    • Capable of Greatness

      8 years ago


      I dont know if you're familiar with Carl Sagan's "We Humans are Capable of Greatness" speech, but someone did an amazing sync of it to Halo: Reach clips. It's only 3 minutes or so, and it's really worth a watch.


    • busy week

      8 years ago


      Last night I stayed up until 5am with friends, just seeing who could make each other laugh the longest. It's been a long time since I've played random games and just sat around and chatted with friends, so it was a really nice break. Not say I didn't pay for staying up that late (early?) today, but it was worth it.

      Man, I've got 3 tests this week. I knocked out my Psych one today, then tomorrow and Thursday I've got two geology ones back to back. That'll be interesting. Then on Friday at the stroke of midnight I have applications for new members opening for a community I run, but I've got my co-admin to help me out there (thank god for that, we have 37 reserves already to go through before the freeform apps come in). After a few weeks of not really being busy, though, it feels good to be doing stuff again.

      On a side note, this video is amazing.

    • Formspring

      8 years ago


      Tonight, out of boredom, I got a formspring. If you're unfamiliar with what a formspring is, it's a fun site where you can set up an account for anyone to ask you random, anonymous (or not anonymous if they have an account) questions for you to answer.

      I usually end up getting a lot of questions from people because I run a community on another website, so I set it up to help smooth that process along and have all the questions in one place. However, as soon as they caught wind of it, my friends had a different idea.

      And by different idea I mean one of my friends decided to pretend to be a certain superhero asking me questions.

      They're not all from the same friend, but I'm sure you can figure which ones are. They start from the bottom.

      It probably should have annoyed me but I couldn't help but laugh.

      Needless to say, this is now my personal formspring, and I'll be setting up a more official one for community purposes later. smiley13.gif

    • Best Remedy For a Bad Day

      8 years ago


      Despite having watched every season so many times I could quote each one in my sleep, I laugh to the point of tears every single time I watch. smiley12.gif

      Tonight's special is Reconstruction, one of my absolute favorites.

      "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to scare some people who are just trying to help me, and then go fight monsters and robots from the future. FREELANCER POWER, ACTIVATE!"

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