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    • This isn't goodbye...but Thank you Monty...

      4 years ago


      I am not going to lie to myself when I say that I'm very emotional about the news about Monty Oum passing. Many emotions are running through me now to the point that I was considering leaving my last class for today and/or breakdown. While I did not have the chance to meet Monty or know him personally, but finding out that he has passed is like how I felt when Robin Williams passed away, crushed beyond belief. I enjoyed his Haloid and Dead Fantasy videos back in the early days of the internet before I knew who he was and I downright LOVE RWBY with a passion of unmeasurable proportions that made me greatly respect him. The man had amazing drive in everything he did and I mean EVERYTHING and it shows in his work. Monty to me I saw as a hero, a master, and almost in a silly sense, a god. While the things he has produced are not perfect and even now is not immune to criticism or hate, the work, ideas, imagination and drive made me love RWBY and make me praise Monty so much, along with joining the Rooster Teeth community fully. I implore you, if you are curious watch his stuff especially RWBY and whether you like it or not is not for me to decide but just remember that stuff like that was all possible because of one man. From all the stories I have heard about Monty from members of the Rooster Teeth community and the lasting impact he had on the lives of the staff over the years, makes me even sadder but grateful that one man was able to inspire and touch many and I mean MANY lives through his existence. I know I have been rambling and gushing about Monty and RWBY this entire post but this is exactly how I feel. I think I have gone on long enough. Thank you Monty Oum...I hope to see you around...because this isn't goodbye...
      A fan that is smiling through his tears...

    • 2019 years ago

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      5 years ago

      Hey Trevor! It's great to meet you, welcome to the RT site. You'll meet lots of amazing people here!!

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