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      2 years ago


      My HS freshman son has been a RT for a couple years, which means, holy crap, he was listening to podcasts at 13. I got started only as a result of trying to help him (us) get tickets to Lazer Team in our local podunk city. Hooked ever since and got Firsted. The community seems to be full of great people and it's helped reconnect me to gaming, as well as provide something new I share with my son (as little is as possible so as not to ruin it for him; you know how it is).

      Now, I'm trying to swing a summer vacation with him in Austin for RTX2017. Got my ticket code and have the hotel reserved. Now all i have to do is sell the plan to my lovely spouse. Pretty excited. Think i can do it, just have to send her and my other son to LA ahead of us, then we'll join them after Austin for fam summer vacation.

    • (2) RTX2017 Weekend Passes - Half Price. Can't go. Autograph session redeemed.

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      Greetings & Salutations.  Can't make RTX this year.  Two weekend passes available. Would like to recoup some of my cost ($95 + service fee each). Have reduced price to half price. PayPal works for me.  

      Update:  Both tix are *SOLD*.  Thanks and wishing everyone a great time at RTX2017!

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    • rt newb

      3 years ago


      Exposed via Lazer Team w/son, started for RT podcasts, joined for Day 5. Now i know why my 15 yo kept balking at BTing the podcasts in the car during road trips. "uh, i can't pair w this stupid car". He'd be chuckling, snickering, guffawing and LOLing w headset during thousands of miles of driving over the last couple years. I'm thinking, "aw, he's got a community podcast to listen to, that's nice". Little sumbitch was holding out on me. We broke dad/son real-world 101 via DeadPool, and now RT. Don't judge man, don't judge. He's a cool kid, and I'm a lucky dad.

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