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    • New Site Layout Pros/Cons

      10 years ago


      - Bottom Nav works really well.
      - Removal of sidebar allows for better use of screen space.
      - Looks and feels more professional.
      - Hidden forums aren't as "hidden" as they were before; what's the point of hiding them? I know I hid a number of forums because I wanted to remove the clutter from my forums page; now it just looks worse.
      - Games integration on all sections from Achievement Hunter. It's not really a feature I use, but it just works to have them in there.
      - New video archive layout; not much as far as changes go, but it feels better.
      Edit: - Logging-in brings you straight to your homepage.

      - Mod summary on homepage.
      - Ads; I know all of the ads are for RT things (although I've heard on Achievement Hunter, this isn't the case), but if you're a sponsor, you should have the option to go ad-free.
      - Top "Rooster Teeth" + Ad bar is clunky and takes up too much space. The section drop-down menu should be on the main tab bar.
      - Groups network. Facebook called, they want their concept back. I stay on RT specifically because it isn't Facebook.
      - Scrolling down feels laggier than before.
      - Store still isn't integrated into the main site, like it really should be. I appreciate that it's hosted externally, but I always thought that it should be seamless with the rest of the site.
      - ...drop-down tabs don't work on journal preview page.

      Tell me what you think of the new!

    • Disgusting

      10 years ago




      In any other aspect of life, anything less than about 65% is generally considered unacceptable, and less than 50% is just a fail. But the voter turnout from yesterday's election in Fort McMurray - Athabasca was a disgusting, miserable, dismal, downright embarrassing 35.9%.

      Residents of Fort McMurray - Athabasca: You have failed democracy. Congratulations. I hope you're proud of yourselves. I hope you enjoyed squandering the precious right to democracy that people in other parts of the world would (and do) kill for.

      Absolutely embarrassing.

      It's pretty blunt, but that's how I'm feeling about it right now.

      Edit: I should note my stance on abstaining, here. If you abstain for political reasons (IE: Don't like any of the candidates, don't like the parties, don't like the leaders, etc...), that's perfectly acceptable, as long as you did your research.

      In the middle are the people who didn't/couldn't do any research and therefore couldn't make an educated decision; I don't like this, but I can live with it.

      Abstaining because you "don't want to vote" is unacceptable, unless you can back it up with a previously mentioned excuse. Abstaining because you "didn't know there was an election going on" is also unacceptable. Abstaining out of laziness is unacceptable. Abstaining because you don't know your rights is unacceptable: Your employer is required to give you up to three hours' leave to go and vote on polling day, no matter what your job is, or how heavy the workload is.

    • Rock the Vote!

      10 years ago


      Holy crap, guys!
      It's voting day!

      Have you voted yet?
      Why not?!
      Why are you not currently voting?

      For information on where, when, and how to vote, enter your postal code here, at Elections Canada's Voter Information Service.
      It will tell you everything you need to know.

      Peace out, and Rock the Vote!

      -Brennan C.

    • Chapter 17

      10 years ago


      It was great and all; seriously, I'm loving Reconstruction. smiley12.gifsmiley0.gif

      However, one thing sticks out in my mind:

      Booya, motherfucker!

      Bow chicka bow wow!

    • My Wrath: Feel It (Slightly Abridged)

      10 years ago

      Good evening, Edmonton Sun,

      My name is Brennan Conroy, and I represent Shawn Reimer, who is an independent candidate running in the Fort McMurray - Athabasca riding.

      In the Sunday, October 5th, 2008 edition of the Edmonton Sun, you ran an all-candidates feature on the Fort McMurray - Athabasca riding. It was nice to see that an Edmonton paper was doing some coverage on our riding for the election. However, Shawn Reimer wasn't represented in the column in question. I figured that it was a simple oversight, so I called your main switchboard on the morning of Monday the 6th, hoping to get some clarification. Your main switchboard transferred me to the news desk, and the woman there took my name and number; she told me that she would do some research as to who filed the feature and that she would get back to me.

      I waited two days, and the lady at the news desk never called me back. On Wednesday, I was getting slightly annoyed, especially with the polling date for the election looming in the near future. So, I called back that morning, asked the switchboard for the news desk, and I talked to the same woman that I talked to on Monday. She told me that it turns out that the reporter who filed the all-candidates feature on Fort McMurray - Athabasca works the night shift. I asked her if she thinks that this makes my concern any less valid, and she said no; once again, she said she would do some investigating and get back to me within the next few hours.

      I waited another twenty-four hours, and once again, the lady at the news desk didn't call me back. By this time (Thursday), I was getting pretty frustrated. I called the main switchboard on Thursday morning, this time asking to speak directly to the editor of the paper. The woman at the switchboard transferred me; the editor, however, was "unable to take my call" at the time, so, I left a message, outlining the situation thus far and asking for a response that day.

      Once again, I never got a call back. On Friday morning, I was downright outraged. I called back, asked for the editor, and left another voicemail, making sure to be clear that I would continue calling throughout the day until someone called me back. I called at least three or four times on Friday. Finally, around 1:30 Friday afternoon, I received a call from someone at the Edmonton Sun. She told me that in all of the all-candidates features you have published, and would publish, not a single independent candidate has been, or would, be covered. Instead, a "sidebar" on independent candidates from across Alberta was to be published in either Saturday's or Sunday's edition. She also told me that the Edmonton Sun was only covering the "big four" parties in the election; the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party, and the Green Party. Finally, she told me that Shawn Reimer wasn't even on Elections Canada's website's list of candidates for the Fort McMurray - Athabasca riding, which is "where you get your information from," apparently.

      Unfortunately, I blindly accepted the explanation of the woman who called me without thinking about it, because I was anxious to verify if Elections Canada had overlooked Shawn on their list. It took me approximately ten seconds to find the list of candidates in Fort McMurray - Athabasca, and there it was, clear as day: "Shawn Reimer - Independent." This was lie number one.

      Then I thought about what I was told a little more. She told me that the Edmonton Sun was focusing strictly on the "big four" parties in the election. However, in the all-candidates column on Fort McMurray - Athabasca, both the Christian Heritage Party and the First Peoples National Party candidates running here were featured, and as defined by the woman who called me, the CHP and the FPNP are not part of the "big four" parties. This was lie number two.

      I spent a great deal of my time this weekend scouring the October 11th and 12th editions of the Edmonton Sun, looking for this "sidebar" on independent candidates in Alberta. I was excited to read it, but I never found it. The feature on independent candidates that was supposed to run on either the 11th or 12th was not published. This was lie number three.

      Finally, as if all of that wasn't enough, I discovered another lie. I was told that no independent candidates have been, or would be, covered in any of your all-candidates features over the course of this election. However, while I was looking for the non-existent feature on independent candidates in Alberta, I came across the all-candidates column on the Edmonton - Sherwood Park riding in the Saturday, October 11th edition of your publication. Right there, complete with a nice picture, was James Ford - Independent.

      After I discovered this final discrepancy, I decided that I would sit down and write this email. The extreme level of my anger and outrage by this point is surpassed only by my tremendous disappointment in the Edmonton Sun. Why is it that the Edmonton Sun feels like it can pick and choose which candidates to cover in a so-called "all-candidates" feature on any riding? To me, it feels like you're trying to delegitimize the legitimate campaign Shawn and his team are running up here. Furthermore, in a democratic election situation, it is the responsibility of the media to provide fair and equal coverage to all candidates. By ignoring my repeated concerns and lying to me four times, you're sending the message that you deliberately decided not to cover Shawn in the all-candidates feature on Fort McMurray - Athabasca. Why is it that the Edmonton Sun feels that it can circumvent democracy in this way? That simply isn't acceptable.

      On behalf of Shawn Reimer and his campaign team, I am demanding an explanation for the undemocratic actions of the Edmonton Sun, and that a formal apology be published in the soonest possible edition of your newspaper.

      Sincerely yours,

      Brennan Conroy
    • Hockey Pool Picks

      10 years ago


      Well, it's that time of the year where hockey pools start happening. Dad and his co-workers invited me to take part in theirs this year; 10 players, no salary cap. Nice and simple. My picks:

      Jarome Iginla - Calgary
      Alex Tanguay - Montreal
      Todd Bertuzzi - Calgary
      Alexander Ovechkin - Washington
      Joe Thornton - San Jose
      Sydney Crosby - Pittsburgh
      Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh
      Jason Spezza - Ottawa
      Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit
      Mike Richards - Philadelphia

      I don't think it's too bad, especially if the Flames and Penguins meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. smiley6.gif

      Who do you like for this year's season?


    • Campaign Blog #2 - Awesome Blog Post

      10 years ago


      We did our weekly Google looking for Shawn's name on the blogs and newspapers. Then we stumbled across this interesting post which looks at the candidates in our riding.

      Shawn Reimer (Ind.) - Shawn Reimer is an 18 year-old first-year college PoliSci student who wants to increase voter turn-out among youth. In this riding, increasing voter turn-out of ANY group is a good thing. The independent candidate lists his own policies on his website, so I'd encourage area voters to check him out - UNLIKE the major parties, who all subscribe to a set of policies that will determine their voting in the House of Commons, an Independent can vote they way his or her constituents direct them to. Reimer's policies aren't all going to be popular with Henry and Martha, but they're a statement of his principles, as a candidate - something most candidates never have to commit to, as they can hide behind "party policy". Reimer has the guts as an 18 year-old to take of the establishment, and commit himself in writing to a set of ideas - we need more Shawns in this election.

      Take a look at: Shawn Reimer. He's an independent, beholden to no one except the people of the riding. He's got a better web presence than some of the minor parties (and some of the major party candidates), and he's got the best interests of the riding at heart. His policies, as I said, aren't all exactly "mainstream Alberta" - but many of them are worth a look.

      What a writeup, eh? I was really happy with it.

      Check it out:
      The Enlightened Savage

    • Re: RvB: Reconstruction - Chapter 16

      10 years ago



      Holy shit, man.
      That changed everything I thought I knew about Red vs Blue. Not just in Reconstruction. I mean in Blood Gulch Chronicles, as well.

    • Campaign Blog 1 - Unwinding...

      10 years ago


      Hey, guys! Sorry that it's been so long since an actual update. I've been pretty busy. Let me tell you why...

      A couple of weeks ago, Prime Minister Steven Harper called a Federal Election in Canada. Personally, I don't believe that it was a legal call, but that's beside the point. The Monday after the writ fell, Josh Agar and I were in the Keyano cafeteria, enjoying a fresh waffle, as is our custom, when our friend Shawn Reimer joined us, saying that he was seriously considering running for Member of Parliament in our riding (Fort McMurray-Athabasca). In all honesty, I didn't think much would come of it; Shawn's recently 18 years old, and he's always been political, but I didn't count on his determination.

      Four days later, that Friday, Shawn joined us for waffles again, this time with a thick gray book. It was an official nomination workbook from the Returning Officer of our riding. Shawn was told by the Deputy RO that all he needed to run was 100 signatures from electors in our riding, endorsing his candidacy. There was a bunch of other paperwork in the book, with some stuff about an auditor, an agent, a deposit, etc., but we didn't think much of it, then; he was also told that he had 21 days from the fall of the writ to complete it all. “Lots of time,†we thought. Josh and I signed off on his nomination, and we helped him gather some more signatures.

      Over the course of the next week, we would assist Shawn in gathering over 50 signatures. We also went into that big book of paperwork and figured out what else we needed to do. Turns out we needed an accountant to act as an auditor for the campaign. Shawn also needed to appoint an Official Agent to the Campaign. No big deal; we still had over a week to get all of that done. However, when this past Monday (the 29th) came around, there was a bit of a panic. Only 15 days had passes since the election was called, but Shawn had received a call shortly before waffle time from the Returning Officer that morning saying that nominations were due that afternoon at 2PM. “Shit,†we said, “we only have about 50 signatures! We’re not going to make it!†Shawn called the Returning Officer and told her that we weren’t going to make the deadline because we only had 51 out of 100. She said, “Well, you only need fifty, you know?â€Â


      I think we all wanted to slap the Deputy RO right then. We couldn’t, however: It was go-time.

      So, since I was already the Official Witness to the Nominations, Josh signed his life away as Shawn’s official agent. Hey, we were the only ones around. : P

      Josh had to go to class, so I helped Shawn call around to find an accountant. The first one we called told us they would audit our campaign for $5000. Umm… no. They were considerate enough, however, to recommend someone who might do it for a more reasonable rate. We called him, and he agreed to be our auditor for… well, I won’t tell you how much, but it is far less than $5000, that’s for sure.

      From there, we ran to the bank to pick up the $1000 deposit (!!!) required for the nomination. Then we scrambled to see the Returning Officer at the local Elections Canada office. We made it there in-time, with half an hour to spare. What a relief! The RO told us that we were pretty much on the ballot; she suggested that we go out and get a few more signatures, just in case they couldn’t find some of the ones we had already collected in their system. However, I called her later, and she told me that we were good to go, and that we were officially on the ballot.

      Things have really snowballed from there. Running around and promoting Shawn within the college, working on fundraising initiatives, and garnering support. On Wednesday, Shawn, Josh, and I went to the RO’s office to get some papers. We didn’t think there would be too much; maybe something to sign, and something officially recognizing Shawn as a candidate in the election.

      Boy, were we wrong. The Returning Officer handed us a stack of papers, CD-ROM’s, and DVD’s full of all sorts of things we had no idea we had to deal with. The stack was easily half a foot thick. The biggest part of it: A newly shrink-wrapped copy of all of Canada’s Federal Electoral Legislation, complete with amendments. All told, there was probably about 500 pages there, double-sided (half in French, albeit), full of stuff that we are and are not allowed to do during this whole thing.

      Just stop and consider that for a moment. There are 308 federal electoral districts in Canada. I’d say, on average, that there are five candidates per riding. If each candidate got the same stack of paper, it works out to a whopping 770,000 pieces of paper. Furthermore, about 1/3 of it was garbage; the amendments to the FEL said to dispose of the old pages to replace with the new ones. What a waste, especially when you consider that one of the CD-ROM’s provided with the package contained all of the same documentation!

      If Shawn gets elected, he’s going to work to fix that. I’ll make sure of it; I was the sucker who put it all together. What a goddamned mess. Needless to say, we didn’t actually throw out the old parts of the Electoral Legislation; we found a recycling bin for it.

      Anyway, that’s what I’ve been busy doing for the past little while. This is a great experience, and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Which just so happens to be an all-candidates meeting tomorrow morning. I’m excited. : D

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention that campaign manager Ryan Clarke made a website for the campaign!
      And a Facebook Group!
      Definitely check those out.

      So, that’s it for me! Stay tuned for more information on the campaign from yours truly!

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