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      1 year ago


      I've posted about this on Twitter, but not here. For those of you who don't know, @Aquaczaz and I have been doing RWBY discussion videos this volume.  You can find them at Aqua's YouTube channel here:

      Or individual episodes, here:

      Chapter 1 - 

      Chapter 2 -

      Chapter 3 -

      Chapter 4 - 

      Chapter 5 -

      Chapter 6 -

      Chapter 7 -

    • Crackpot RWBY Theory: UNDEAD

      1 year ago


      Summer Rose isn't dead. She never has been.

      She left for a mission and never came back; she is simply presumed dead. The "grave" is only a memorial because no body was ever recovered.

    • Crackpot RWBY Theory: DRUNK

      1 year ago


      [RWBY Volume 3&4 Spoilers]

      Theory: Qrow's semblance is not actually "bad luck." It is an (admitted badly controlled) inhibiting aura that manifests as mild intoxication in others.

      Justification: All semblances encountered up to this point manifest in a manner that can be (at least conceivably) fully and analytically quantified.  Examples:

      - Ruby's semblance is speed with a side effect of rose petals being generated. She likely has a maximum speed, velocity/time aura burn rate, number of petals/time petal generation rate, etc.

      - Sun's semblance allows him to generate semi-autonomous energy clones. He likely has a maximum distance for control, (number of clones * distance)/time aura burn rate, clone hit points, etc.

      - Weiss's semblance allows her to summon glyphs which exert specific kinematic (pushing/pulling)/temporal (time dilation) effects. She likely has a maximum number of glyphs that can be summoned at a time, number of glyphs/time aura burn rate, intensity of gylphs (e.g., how much force a pushing glyph applies) aura burn rate, etc.

      Qrow's semblance (as described) however... Is bad luck? A person's luck isn't exactly quantifiable. Are we to believe that if Qrow went walking through the floor of a casino all current players would be doomed to lose all their money? This seems silly, and frankly doesn't match the scope of the rest of the RWBY-verse world building. And yet, how do people perceive luck in their day-to-day lives? If someone who is not normally klutzy slips on a patch of ice, falls, and breaks their arm, were they incompetent or unlucky? Most would probably say unlucky. However, subtle actions we take, or decisions we make, can play into how "unlucky" we get.

      Theory expanded: Qrow's semblance causes individuals around him to manifest symptoms similar to those of being intoxicated. Examples include: impaired judgement, impaired reaction timing, impaired coordination.  

      Let's look at some examples in Volume 3 and 4:

      Volume 3, Episode 2 - Qrow has been sitting in a bar watching the tournament matches on TV. As he is leaving, the bartender knocks over a glass and breaks it. A bartender with a proclivity for breaking glasses probably wouldn't be employed long, so we can presume this is an atypical moment for him.  Bad luck? Or impaired coordination?

      Volume 3, Episode 3 - Qrow needles Winter into a massive throw down outside of the school.  This causes significant property damage and gets Winter in trouble with her superior. Winter is an officer in the Atlesian Military (and presumably an at least modestly ranking one to be working so closely with General Ironwood). Is she really that short tempered and easily antagonized into a fight? Is she really that completely out classed by Qrow? (He is casually dodging her wild swipes while barely breaking a sweat...). Is she really that surprised to have Glynda, Ozpin, and Ironwood all turn up and reprimand her? This entire scene is an overwhelmingly embarrassing and undignified moment for Winter... And I would argue atypical for her. A momentary lapse in judgement and bad luck that she and Qrow were caught? Or possibly impaired judgment that lead to her being drawn into the fight so easily... impaired coordination and reaction timing that allowed Qrow to fight her with such ease... and further impaired judgement at being surprised by Ozpin and company's arrival (after... you know... destroying the entire court yard).

      Volume 3, Episode 4 - Qrow completely destroys both Yang and Ruby in their Ninja Warrior game. It seems unlikely that Qrow plays this game often, while Yang and Ruby probably regularly play each other. Why are both of them so easily outclassed? Bad luck, or impaired reaction time?

      Volume 4, Episode 7 - Qrow and Tyrian fight and Ruby forces herself into the mix. She nearly gets clobbered by a falling 4x4, only to be rescued by Qrow (to his own near end).  This is probably the only example we can point to of what might be some sort of mystical bad luck generated by Qrow... But bad luck also just happens. Did Qrow's semblance somehow cause a 4x4 to fall? Or is it more likely that Ruby's judgement was impaired leaving her more gung-ho than usual, and diving headlong into a fight that almost certainly was going to get her hurt (or killed... or kidnapped) regardless of falling 4x4s?

      Glynda may be right that Qrow's always drunk, but maybe he's just trying to stay in good company with everyone around him...

    • Crazy RvB Theory: BTTF

      2 years ago


      [RVB Season 15 Episode 12 Spoilers!!!!]

      Biff is York.

    • Crazy RvB Theory: NUBLUE

      2 years ago


      [RVB Season 15 Episode 1 Spoilers!!!!]

      The solider in lighter blue armor (who gets all bloodied up and removes their helmet) is indeed Church. 

      Allison Church.

    • Crackpot RWBY Theory: XYTWIN

      2 years ago


      Theory: Yang has a faunus fraternal twin.


      - Raven and Qrow are siblings in the same year at Beacon.  Unless we have reason to believe one of them was admitted to Beacon extra early (like Ruby), or their birthdays are essentially exactly 9 months apart, it's safe to presume they are twins.

      - Twins tends to have a genetic component where a twin is more likely to have twins for children (i.e., as a twin, it is more likely than average that Raven would have twins).

      - Holding to previous wild speculation, Raven is an upper-up in the White Fang, and a faunus.  

      - Per voice of God, if a faunus and a human have a child, their child will either be a faunus or a human (presume 50/50 chance).  If Qrow and Raven's parents are a human and a faunus, they could conceivably have a set of fraternal twins who are split between the species as well.  Similarly, Taiyang is human, so if Raven is a faunus their kids would have 50/50 odds as well.

      - We know that Raven took off shortly after Yang was born and that Yang always wonders why she was "left." What if Yang was actually a twin, and Raven left her behind while taking a faunus sibling with her?

    • Crackpot RWBY Theory: 2020VIS

      2 years ago


      [Spoilers Vol 4, Ep 1]

      Three part theory:

      - Summer Rose is missing her left eye.

      - Summer lost her eye when she gained Maiden powers.

      - Ruby is going to lose her left eye by the end of the volume but will be mostly okay with it.


      - The only image we have of Summer has her cloak up in a manner that actively prevents us from seeing the left side of her face.  While we can't say a lack of showing it is proof it's gone, we also can't say for sure she has one.

      - Something awful happened to Cinder when she crossed paths with Ruby.  Sure the dragon got frozen, but Cinder got physically torn apart and even lost her left eye.  However, Salem points out directly that there is some sort of adverse effect when a silver eyed warrior meets a Maiden.  If we follow the full crack theory that Summer was a Maiden, it seems unlikely that a silver eyed warrior would be able to take on the Maiden powers with out some sort of sacrifice.  

      - Cinder wants revenge on Ruby, and Salem and team WTCH seem happy to help provide it ("An eye for an eye!").  Since Cinder lost her left eye, it stands to reason if Ruby is actually captured and tortured they'll start with her left as well.  While the loss of depth perception will definitely suck, Ruby demonstrates being cross-eyed dominant whenever she is using her sniper rifle (i.e., though she is left handed, she is right eye dominant), so at least that aspect of her fighting won't be impacted.  Besides... "It's like they say, 'Like mother, like daughter'."

    • RWBY Volume 4 General Speculation

      2 years ago


      [Spoilers Vol 4, Ep 1]

      Emerald is not okay with what's going on.

      While she is still fiercely loyal to--and possibly in love with--Cinder (note her shoving Mercury out of the way to simply stand next to Cinder when summoned), she's starting to crack under the strain. We already saw her hesitancy during the fall of Beacon ("It's almost sad..."), and the terrifying Deathly Hallows style conference with team WTCH in Salem-land (hence forth known as Massachusetts) isn't exactly helping her calm.  Even Cinder's desire for vengeance against Ruby makes her take pause. Ruby may have annoyed her ("How can they be so happy all the time?!"), but she probably never wanted her dead.

      Emerald's semblance is still absolutely terrifying; heavy use of it and a complete fall to the dark side would probably earn her one of the two mystery seats at Salem's table. However, if she's faced with possibly witnessing Ruby's violent and brutal demise... as previously speculated she is almost certainly not going to be able to stand idly by.

    • Crazy RvB Theory: Agent "Carolina"

      2 years ago


      Agent Carolina's actual first name is Allison. Being named after her mother would only further aggravate the fact she's had to live in the shadow of her father's memory of her mother.

      Her being named Allison would also make the Director's reaction to her and Tex fighting in Season 10 Episode 15 that much more visceral.

    • Crazy RvB Theory #6712

      2 years ago


      Freelancers are actively causing serious havoc for Charon Industries with the understanding that this is some sort of enemy "resistance" movement.

      From Epsilon in RVB12: Charon Industries experimented with cryogenics.

      Crackpot theory: The Director actually had a personal vendetta against Charon Industries which is why he kept sending the Freelancers after them (why just steal a box of equipment when you can destroy the entire building?). This vendetta stems from CI being responsible for Allison's death. However, Allison isn't dead. She's just frozen somewhere.

      [Edit: DOH! Trying to modify old posts to have tags is making them pop to the top of the feed... never mind...]

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