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    • (fan project) RWBY card game.

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      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      hey oh, i've been working on a tabletop RWBY game on and off for the past year or so, and It's currently at the stage where all the basic mechanics have been ironed out and the game is ready to be play tested for balance issues. The only problem is non of my friends really want to playtest it... even though they told me they would :P so i figured i could come here and hopefully pick up a handful of people willing to help me playtest it. i don't really have anything i can offer in return so if that turns you off to the idea of helping me playtest, then that's perfectly understandable.

      It's working title is 'RWBY:Blessed Twilight,' and it's a 2-4 player deckbuilding game where you play as a member of either team JNPR or team RWBY, and fight off grimm in a coop beat'em up before taking on a final boss at the end of the game. and you buy a variety of cards from an action pool to beef up your deck; which is used to perform attacks, block damage, and boost teammates.

      i currently have a paper prototype ported over to Table Top Simulator, and i need some peeps to help me playtest it, and give feedback. I'm still not sure just how long a single session will be, but hey... that's kinda what this is for :P I'll probably create a discord server for anyone interested in it to join so we can actually talk to each other when playing, which would also help make explaining the rules a lot easier.

      also this kinda goes without saying, but i can't actually guarantee the game will be much fun in it's current state. It will be after some playtesting though, which is why i made this forum to begin with. also some point down the line i might rebrand the game to my own IP, but it started out as a RWBY game, and it'll probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

      anyways with all that out of the way; if you want to help me playtest it you'll need tabletop simulator on steam, and if you have a discord that would help a ton. thanks a bunch for taking the time to read the post this far, and i hope you have a fantastic day!

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    • ideas for anime #1 Yokai High

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      due to the fact that i'm always thinking up a million things, and ideas i figured i would start dumping idea's for shows/anime in my journal. Plus it might help me to remember that this thing well.. ya know, exists :P and there's the fact that i might never actually get a good chance to flesh these things out, but i figure if i archive them here it will present a good log of things i can someday go back too, maybe, possibly, some time, maybe... and plus it's not like anyone is ever gonna read these things anyways, so i don't really have to worry about idea theft or anything of the sort :P without further adieu i present you with the first of likely many ideas.

      The setting is basically present day japan but with a slight difference. that difference being that roughly 30% of the population have a direct connection to a sort of spirit realm inhabited by spirits appropriately referred to as yokai. they are called slightly different things based on the culture of the area, however since this story takes place exclusively in matsumoto japan they would just be referred to as the title suggests. They basically look like slightly transparent tubes originating from the persons back area. they are not directly connected to someone in a physical sense, but in more of a spiritual sense.

      People who are not born with this innate connection can acquire one later in life through various means that largely depend on the person. the most common being traumatic life experiences. outside of that everything largely operates the same way. the only real difference in everyday life being that yokai are generally useful to have around. the yokai themselves often act and behave on their own accord, although when it comes to completing a task yokai are often inclined to do as their person wants. There are of course situations where a yokai can be fickle as they are sentient beings. people can only develop 2 yokai, and this rule has NO exceptions. yokai can also speak telepathically to their person (i really need to think of a name for people who have spirits...) and the other yokai that person is connected to as their connection isn't necessarily just a physical one.

      the color of a yokai depends on its personality type. it's important to point out that yokai are ageless and technically live indefinitely. they return to the spirit realm after their connector dies, eventually returning when they desire too in the from of a new connection. (connector is a decent name for the person right? i don't know, that's what it's going to be because its easy to remember... fight me) as a result of living indefinitely they never really change personality wise as the life of one person is often times like the blink of an eye for them. or at least they don't develop in the traditional sense. while they do not age they can die. this is a brutal, painful, and often times savage process that doesn't really matter for 99% of the story, but it's important that you know it exists for that last one percent.

      ok, now that the setting is layed out i suppose i should lay out the jist of the plot in the form of a couple characters and the setup for the plot.

      there's only 5 or 6 characters that are worth mentioning in the context of this post. the first two being the first male protagonist, the second male protagonist, (i have their names scrawled down in a notebook... somewhere. for now im just gonna call them hard boi, and soft boi.) and the second protags (soft boy) older sister. the first male protagonist (hard boi) is a white american transfer student that is planning on attending a college in matsumoto that is based off of a real college in the real matsumoto. again, it's name is scrawled down somewhere, just not sure where. this school specializes in training college students to use their yokai for police work, and disaster relief respectively.

      In a perfect world if i were to make this show a reality i would want to go to matsumoto japan and recreate it as faithfully as possible in this show down to the shop on the corner. anyways hard boi developed his yokai at birth and has had them his entire life. i haven't ironed out any of the yokais personalities yet so there's a lot of grey as far as character interaction goes. going back to the hard boi, he's had it relatively easy most of his life and is a little bit of the stereotypical persona that not american people associate with american people.

      he's a bit loud, and a bit obnoxious. he does however make up for it in most cases by being polite, and generally friendly. the reason he transferred to the school (and this part is a little self inserty, so heads up) is because he's a slight japanophile who loves anime, and japanese culture in general. he does know fluent japanese and english. the college with regards to the story is the best in its class for japan.

      the story starts with hard boi moving into a local dorm for the school, and this is where he meets soft boi, who is his roommate. The soft boi is a pretty decent contrast to the hard boi in a good number of ways. he developed his yokai after he was nearly hit by a car, and his older sister (who developed hers at birth) saved him, and injured herself in the process. he's a silently diligent worker who often spirals into his work to his own physical detriment. he's a pretty by the books type person, and making it up to his sister for saving him is his driving motivation for the first chunk of the show.

      they initially meet, and are friendly. generally speaking they hit it off pretty decent, and come to find out that they are going to the college for the same thing. that being special detectives for paranormal crime for the local police agency. the purpose of the course is as the name implies.

      the school also teaches some basic curriculum as well in order to supplement the specialized courses. anyways our bois go to class the next day and meet the rest of their smallish sized classroom of students, and shortly after the teacher. the teacher is a fairly lean and bulky american black guy. he is generally friendly as well as stern. overall he's a pretty stoic and friendly guy. and for orientation he has the class follow him outside. on the way outside it's revealed that he doesn't actually have any yokai. when the class asks about this he generally laughs it off and continues outside.

      at this point it's pretty important to point out that this shows starts off as being really lush with color. and it stays like this for a good while. eventually as the story develops and the tone gets pretty serious the colors adjust to match. Another thing to mention is that hard boi has blue eyes while soft boi has red eyes... remember that... it's important...

      AAAaaanyways the class eventually gets outside and is on a medium sized field like area where the teacher turns to everyone and smiles telling the class to try and hit him. (psst, this is like a perfect stopping point for an episode, or manga) of course the class is taken aback by this slightly before questioning if the teacher is sure. to which he replies by taking up a fighting stance.

      the class of course eventually fights him, and gets completely stomped, like... to the point where it's almost comical. after the bout is over the teacher thanks the students for their hard work and cooperation. followed by how it's only gonna get challenging from here forward, and he hopes to make fine detectives out of the class and what not.

      The way fighting with yokais work is there are two distinct styles. one of them being melee focused, and having various different sub styles loosely based on different forms of tai chi. the other is kind of like a magic caster in video games. which is arguably the more interesting of the two. the jist of it (as i haven't spent much time refining it) is the stronger the casters connection to the spirit realm the more powerful spells he or she can cast. they are typically based off of basic science mixed with a little something spiritual. i can't describe it any deeper than that because i haven't worked on it past that yet. the hard boi is a melee figheter, and the soft boi is a caster respectively.

      he then pairs all the students with partners based off of how well they worked together. naturally because it's a story our boys get paired togeher and after a syllybus explaining the class the bois go home, and meet the soft bois older sister.

      the viewer finds out that she is a senior taking a disaster relief class at said school, and over the course of their time at the school her and the hard boi get romantically involved. then the show continues following the boys through their time at the school. as the year goes on hard boi and soft boi's sister eventually become boy friend and girl friend, and the bois become the teachers favorite students. to which he regularly spares with them and gives them yoda like bumper sticker wisdom. as the show goes on the students, and mostly hard boi regularly ask him what he did before he was a teacher, which he typically laughs off or dodges the question

      eventually they do graduate and all is good, they have a final sparring session with the teacher as a part of their final exam, and the last day of their school year ends with the teacher doing his last bit of paper work in his office after hours. while he does his work a couple of shadowy characters enter his office, and refer to him as a name that hasn't been mentioned up until now. things are very tense, and after a tense conversation and moments quiet it's revealed to the viewer that the teacher was once part of a sort of yakuza/mob type family. then he gets in a scuffle with the two guys beating them up pretty handedly.

      the teacher defeats the thugs fairly easily, and asks if that was all they had to offer. and he gets shot in the back through a window, and there's a moment for the audience to realize what happened. the thug that did most of the talking earlier stands up going on about how the teacher should have known they would bring some extra help to deal with the bosses previous right hand. the teacher dies, and its sad. then the season ends and the viewers throw their viewing device out the window...

      *lets out an evil villain laugh*

      anyways, i should say anything past this point, say for the ending, is really REALLY under developed minus a couple scenes in my head. mostly due to the way i wright. also this is the moment, starting with when it goes to the teacher doing his paperwork, when the show shifts from vibrant and colorful to muted, and somewhat washed out

      the show cuts to the next morning when a coworker finds out that the teacher died the night before, and the show pulls the viewer through the usual ringer (hopefully in a good/impactful way, and not a bad way) and after the graduation ceremony there is an investigation into the events surrounding the teachers murder. the bois go to the scene and ask the current investigators what they can do to help, and after convincing the current investigators of their conviction their allowed to assist the investigation.

      during said investigation it's revealed to the general public about the teachers connection "The Family" as i have decided to call them, there is a fair bit of controversy as to how an ex family member was able to get a job there and there's some socio political back and forth for a portion of an episode or so which boils down to the principal giving a statement about how his contributions as a teacher far out weighed anything he did before, and how the school faculty, and his previous students lost a mentor and dear friend.

      once the investigation is finished, the results of which are too inconclusive to persue any leads, the bois get frustrated with the system. the bright side to the situation is that they got a job working with the agency almost immediately as a result of their initiative with the investigation. unhappy with the way the investigation went they return one more time to the teachers office, which is still largely untouched.

      at one point in the teachers fight a thug used a register as an improvised weapon, and during the teacher kicked one of their knives out of their hand and into said register.

      after a short talk one of the bois drops something that falls in the register, and they cut their hand on the knife trying to dig it out, and thusly find the knife. this of course allows them to launch another investigation, to which the cheif of the agency entrusts to them. they persue this lead which eventually leads them to one of the thugs, and they arrest him which gives them leads for some of the family's operations. which is what they go after bringing the audience with them.

      they continue their investigations for a time bringing in a lot of bad guys, and generally making it hard for the family to do much of anything in the nagano area. the bois of course develop some over the course of the investigations, both for the better. both of them doing there best to avoid killing people on the way; i mention this now because it's important.

      after some time, and some arrests the agency gets a call one day while the hard boi is talking about how he wants to propose to soft bois sister. their interrupted whn one of the detectives (a former classmate to be specific, no real reason for that outside of trying to maintain some continuity) and hard boi takes the call. the audience then finds out that the call is from someone in the 'Family'. this character then goes out of his way to to detail how the bois have been causing too many problems, and that they have to be punished for causing such trouble.

      as the conversation starts a building some ways away, but within eye shot of the window at the agency collapses. as the call continues hard boi asks soft boi where that lab lead was suppose to be taking them, and soft boi's sister's disaster relief unit is sent to the site of the explosion. eventually realizing whats happening hard boi drops the phone and rushes to their car outside. soft boi of course follows. before they can get to the scene soft sister goes into a portion of the debris to aid someone who she heard hollar from behind some ruble she gets there and starts to help a guy out who resembles the other thug from the teachers fight.

      im not gonna go into detail here but the thug pulls a knife on soft boi's sister mortally stabbing her before the bois show up and soft bois chases the thug with a couple officers, and hard boi holds soft boi's sister and she dies, and is sad, and the usual emotional bits. there's a final exhange between the sister and hard boi before she dies, and there's a bit of tricky camera work where all the colors besides blue and red sort of wash out of the show.

      after a moment we cut to the bois outside of the scene where the two cops bring the thug up to the bois in cuffs. soft boi goes to punch the thug before hard boi stops him with a look on his face that is in stark contrast to his usual self up to this point. then there's the usual funeral and sadness bit (again i stress that this is meant to be done in a way that isn't suppose to feel too intrusive) during the funeral both the bois actually leave, and have a moment before heading back to the agency to interview the thug.

      this puts them back on track with taking on the family, and they manage to dismantle most all of the family's presence in nagano over the course of... a while. they of course come to terms with the sister's death and towards the end the day before they schedule a raid on a family stronghold the hard boi is in a bar while soft boi is taking some evidence from the day to the agency.

      on his way back hard boi asks him to come drink with him to celebrate how far they've come, and soft bois says sure after some convincing, but has to run the evidence in first and hangs up. at which point hard boi remembers he forgot his wallet at the agency and tries to call back soft boi to pick it up for him.

      as soft boi hangs up he is lured into an allyway by something and is ambushed by some family thugs. they eventually capture him via outnumbering and some drugs. during the fight hard boi tries to call back soft boi to ask him to grab his wallet from the agency but the a sniper shoots it out of his hand, and one of the thugs manages to get close enough to hit him with the drug.

      waking up in a dark room and tied to a chair soft boi summons his yokai to get him out but they are quickly grabbed by a couple of thugs from the shadows of the room. they put a device on his back that locks the yokai in place. after which a big guy in a suit, presumably the one that called hard boi earlier walks forward and begins interrogating him. after some time, and some beating they give on on interrogating soft boi, and the boss leaves saying his disappointed.

      as he leaves he gestures to the thugs in the back who trigger the mechanism on his back and the camera cuts to outside, and there's some yelling. cut to hard boi investigating where the thugs jumped soft boi. whole he's looking around the alley with a pair of ex classmates he gets a call from an unknown number telling him to go to a certain place, and bring no one.

      he of course goes to find soft boi strapped to a chair with the boss and some thugs there as well. there's some small talk before some of the thugs jump hard boi. he fights them off for a moment as soft boi tries to struggle out of the chair. two of the thugs (these two specifically are wearing suits) hold him in place however.

      the fight continues for a moment as the five thugs fight the hard boi, two of which are yokai users. he fights them off for a time, but they eventually pin him long enough to get the device from earlier partially attached to his back and activating it before hard boi can throw them off. as he stand up the device rips one of the yokai from his back. he shouts and the yokai falls to the floor before slowly evaporating.

      after the device rips off one of hardboi's yokai's out the boss laughs and explains that the device is great in that it paralyzes the yokai long enough to detach it from someones person. hard boi jokes about how barbaric it is, this joke is worded in a way the angers the boss, who in turn walks off telling his guys to "finish it."

      the five rush hard boi again and there's a fight that he actually starts winning. when its becomes obvious that he might just win one of the two guys in the suits pulls a gun and aims in. as he does this soft boi manages to finally slip out of his restraint kidney punching the gunman as he goes to shoot.

      the bullet still hits hard boi in the waist area, and two of the thugs get a hold of hard bois yokai, and begins try to remove it manually before hard boi shakes them off . then the bois clear the rest of the room before 3 of the thugs run away and a timer starts clicking in the back ground.

      its revealed that in case the thugs couldn't take out the boys. soft boi then gets the now limping hard boi and they start heading for the exit. about halfway down the hall the building starts to blow, and hard boi uses his yokai to pull them both through a window as a last resort.

      his last yokai, being somewhat drugged form the earlier fight rips off as the bois go through the window. after they land they have a moment of relief followed by soft boi's terror as he realizes how much blood hard boi has lost. then (as it's raining, because i'm evil) the bois have a sort of final exchange before hard boi dies, and the blue fades from the composition leaving only the color red.

      the police show up and soft boi is debriefed in a hospital van by the classmates from the alley, during said debrief soft boi hardly speaks, and eventually walks towards the three thugs from the fight that the police caught nearby. as he walks over he grabs hard boi's side arm off of one of the police cars.

      he walks up to the first thug and just asks "where" while putting the barrel up to the thugs head, who spits on his boot. he doesn't say anything and just executes the guy on the spot. literally everyone is shocked and doesn't do anything out of dis-belief. soft boi then walks up to the second thug and asks the same question. the thug confused asks where what. to which soft boi replies "your boss". the thug says he doesn't know, and soft boi shoots him too.

      he then walks over to the last guy who just yells out and address. soft boi pauses and knocks him out, before getting in a car. one of the two, having come back to reality tries to stop him but he just throws him off before peeling away in a car. as soft boi drives away the out lines of everything become a bit more jagged, and the color red more saturated.

      he eventually pulls up to the address, and pulls out hard bois side arm and goes in guns blazing. he cuts through most all of the guards eventually working his way to the boss john wicke style. he gets to the boss and holds him at gun point. they talk for a second before a guard jumps soft boi from behind. they struggle for a moment, and he gets a stab in on soft boi as soft boi shoots him square in the heart.

      the boss at this point has made a run for the door but soft boi shoots his knee out. the boss goes on for a moment about how more guys are gonna show up, and killing him won't stop anything. soft boi replies i don't care and executes him before linping outside holding his wound.

      as he gets to the door he looks at hard bois sidearm and laughs before holstering it. he eventually gets out side to the site of a bunch of guys with machine guys and another big wig looking guy in a suit. the big wig thanks soft boi for taking care of the boss and how his guys can start workin the area easy before the camer cuts the a drain in the side of the road and there's gunfire in the distance.

      roll credits as the rain washes his blood down the storm drain.

      and thats the entire show... that was long... i promise the others wont be so long... maybe... anyways that's one of the like 5 idea's i've been floating around and don't have the means to make an actual thing, nor know the people with the means, or make enough money to pay the people with the means. anyways, more to come. cheers all!

    • Ideas for Anime #2 Runner's Dream

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      Next on the platter of ideas in my head is Runner's Dream. at it's core Runner's Dream (this name is a place holder until i think of something better) is a sports comedy/drama thingy. It follows a student at a high school who is a bit removed from the class room, and doesn't really have any friends; In fact a lot of the other students actively ignore him due largely to his pretty rude demeanor towards others. It's never really explained why he behaves the way he does, as much as it's just a fact of the situation. it also takes place in the outer edges of a big city.

      The shows OP actually matters so ill outline what it is, that being a regular length anime OP. it would largely be a side ways shot of the main character walking by and interacting with greyed out silhouettes, and as the show goes on and it's revealed who the silhouettes are. That being important characters in the show. the most important character in the OP is the silhouette of a girl i'm just gonna call jenny for the time being, and even though we meet her early in the show her silhouette never gets filled in. and i'll explain why when it becomes relevant. In the OP her silhouette is the only other one that remains on screen sort of egging the main character on.

      The show opens with a bell ringing and the main character kind of shuffling towards the door to get on the bus, before being called to the office on the schools PA system. He gets there, and it's revealed that it's actually a meeting between his parents and his teachers. where we as the view find out that the main character (im just gonna refer to him as jimmy from now on if that's cool) is on the verge of failing a grade, and being held back.

      in the meeting jimmy doesn't really say anything although it's made obvious that he doesn't want to be there. the meeting ends and he goes home, and of course gets a mouthful from his parents about doing better in school, and how school is so important, that they've spent this much money to get him in said school, and what not. this ends with him laying down on his bed in frustration, and going to sleep frustrated, and tired. (at one point he needs to look towards the wall and look at some posters of popular parkour runners to establish that he likes parkour) (run on sentences are the best arn't they :P )

      The next day opens with him begrudgingly going to school. he wakes up late, packs his own lunch with drowsy eyes, struggling to find his coat, and getting ready to step out the door, before seeing a note on the door. the note will say something about how his parents are gonna be gone for the day, and the night after for work related reasons. jimmy of course gives a side ways glance and throws the papers to the side, and heads to the bus stop.

      He gets within eye shot of the bus as it leaves. and lets out some sort of worried look before shooting down a nearby ally. There would be some kind of kinetic parkour scene detailing his pursuit of the bus , and ending with him landing on top of it, and riding it to the train station. this section is also a chance to provide some really nice establishing shots of the locale. He then of course gets on the train and goes to school like normal. he bumps into another student in the hall, and it met with pretty rude comments, and a slight bully session.

      jimmy brushes off the bully and continues to class where he falls asleep almost immediately. this is important. there, i even bolded it for you. after he falls asleep he is woken by the teacher who introduces the a new female student named jenny. she's seems really bright and fairly bubbly. she promptly takes a seat in the back of the class. she and jimmy lock eyes on her way to the back, and he just as promptly goes back to sleep.

      he wakes up to the bell, and heads to lunch without a second thought. after he grabs his half lunch and sits down at a table by himself jenny sits across from him and he just sort looks at her drowsy eyed, and confused. They just sort of look at each other for a moment to allow the camera to establish the difference in there personalities. Jimmy's being equal parts reserved, annoyed, tired, and at this particular moment confused as to why jenny has taken any interest in him. Jenny on the other hand gives off a super positive, curious, and bubbly nature.

      Jimmy eventually gets up and moves to another seat on the other side of the room, which is quickly followed by jenny. they bounce around the cafeteria for a time, before some other girls from their class laugh at them under their breath. Jimmy notices this, and just lets out a sigh before eating his lunch quietly. While being starred at by Jenny, to the point that it's comically awkward.

      After lunch is over jimmy goes about the rest of his class via various cuts to establishing shots of different rooms, mostly where he's sleeping. say for PE where he just sort of walks back and forth in gym as a basket ball goes back and forth. Eventually the class is over and he catches the train home. as he gets off he let's out a yawn and walks towards the bus stop, and yet again catches the bus as it leaves the station.

      Too tired to bother chasing it down he elects to walk home, and we cut to him walking down on the top of a fence. As he is walking Jenny pops up out of seemingly no where. Jimmy almost falls off before regaining his balance and stopping for a moment to plainly ask "Why?"

      she answers something along the lines of "you looked like you needed a friend" to which jimmy would blow off and kind of try to reject saying something along the lines of that's a stupid reason to stalk someone", and there's some back and forth between the two before a water bottle comes flying in from no where, and is followed by some old guy yelling at jimmy to "get of my fence!"

      this bottle of course hit jimmy, and the two continue after jenny lets out a giggle. after a cut we find the jimmy, and jenny are almost to jimmy's house, and jenny makes a comment on how how they had a great talk, and that she hopes they can hang out again tomorrow. this is suppose to imply that the two didn't actually talk... like, at all.

      The next day we find jimmy after class working on some homework outside, during lunch. jimmy would be sitting on some ledge of the building to help reinforce that hes comfortable with parkour-ey type stuff. he visually struggles for a moment before jenny comes by and hollars at him from below. they have a short back and forth before she convinces him to come down so she can help him with his homework.

      he nonchalantly works his way down from the ledge and the two complete the worksheet and for the first time in the show we see jimmy smile. for a while the show would develop jimmy, and jenny's relationship, and jimmy would gradually look like he's in a better mood, as well as perform better in school.

      this would culminate in the schools parkour group making a PA announcement for recruiting more members. Jenny of course would immediately tell jimmy that he should try out because she thinks it would be like, super killer! he hesitates, but after some convincing he goes to their practice after school, and asks about applying.

      The coach would immediately be happy about him wanting to join noting that he's noticed how good at the sort of stuff jimmy is. Mentioning how good Jimmy's been doing lately and all that good stuff. The coach would put him through a small course to check where he would fall in the team. *enter more kinetic sakuga goodness* He initially does pretty well and gets within the top 3 on the team.

      the show would theoretically focus on the more sports orientated portions of the show from here forward leading up to the teams first actual competition. after this point forward it continues like your normal sports anime for a while with wins, and losses. as well as a focus on jimmy, and jenny's friendship, border line romance. i want to stress that jimmy, and jenny's relationship is more along the lines of really close friends, and not boyfriend/girlfriend, because again that's important for reason to be explained. its also important that jenny has had no actual interaction with anyone other then jimmy at this point, again for important reasons to be explained.

      the show at this point would lead up to national semi finals, and a little bit before them jimmy gets a text from jenny telling him that she has something important to tell him at his house. so he heads back after team practice, and meets her on the way back, and they start walking to his house using the same path they did the first day they met. this time however jimmy is walking next to her on the sidewalk to show a some of his character development, he is also much more well dressed comparatively as well.

      on the walk back the old man tosses him a water bottle from off screen wishing him luck at the semi finals the next day. they eventually make it to his house and go inside. jimmy's parents are not home as per the norm at this point. they both head into the living room area and jimmy notices jenny is crying somewhat. he of course asks whats wrong, and brushes it off and says she's fine.

      there's a short convo looping back to what she wanted to tell him, which is that she isn't real.

      there's a pause, for both the characters, and the audience; Before jimmy asks what she's talking about, and that she's obviously real if she's right in front of him.. and there is suppose to be a somewhat long and emotional conversation about how if she isn't real referring to when she was first introduced to the class. to which she replies it was a dream.

      then he mentions how the old man has been regularly tossing stuff at them on the way home, to which she points out that he only ever threw stuff at jimmy. this continues for a small time, jimmy visually falling apart a little bit with each explanation. eventually he breaks down to his knees and she grabs a hold of him. they pause as they both begin to cry somewhat, and she starts to fade somewhat. she begins to say how proud she is of jimmy for getting so far, to which he replies he was only able to do it because of her.

      she laughs a tear and mentions that shes in his head so it was still him, and jimmy replies with "that's not fair." she holds him for a little bit longer before going on about how he doesn't need her anymore, and he's strong enough to do it all on his own now, and how she will always be with him in the future. and how funny it is, the way people respond to being backed in a corner sometimes, and how amazing it is that so many people can climb right back out, just like he did."

      then with a moment of silence she fades into antiquity, and jimmy lets out a heart wrenching yell. and the screen cuts to black or something along those lines. the next day Jimmy shows up to the bus for the semi-finals in less then perfect shape, and they go to the event. the coach and most of the team notice this and try to ask whats wrong. Jimmy shrugs them off and just says that he stayed up late on accident.

      they go to the thing, and as you can expect Jimmy fkkn bombs, but his team pull it together can carry them all to the finals in a few weeks. and so begins the recovery arc where Jimmy contemplates a lot of what he's done up to that point, and the friends he's made as a result of everything that's happened. eventually he comes back to the realm of the mentally healthy. 

      Jimmy having returned to a state normalcy, does well in the competition although his team get's beat, but there's a moment where Jimmy's tells the team not to worry, and to que inspirational speech about how winning wasn't the important part, and all the other shonen babble.

      roll credits

      hopefully this one is a bit easier to read, and isn't quite the massive wall of jumbled text that was the first one. will probably go through and clean it up some point once i get the other three i have yet to scribe down. i know that the end of this is incredibly fairy tail zeroey, but i hope you can forgive it :P i honestly didn't even think about fairy until i already had the plot layed out in my head, and to quote my favorite abridged series "momma didn't raise no quitter." anyways two gut punch stories down, 3 left to go, then whatever i think up after that. farewell all, and Merry Christmas!

    • combat ready review

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      unfortunately because of the fact that im going to be staying out of town on account of work for the next few weeks i most likely won't be able to actually put out a review until like a month after it ships. forward unto irrelevance i suppose :P

    • What is rwby combat ready?

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      so... its a week late... but i did get it out on friday... so does that count..?

      aaaaannnnnywho this turned more into me just over viewing the game, but it's still in the vein of what i was trying to accomplish so i'm actually incredibly happy with the way it turned out! my delivery of the script could have been better, and some of the transitions in the first half of the video could have been smoother, but that's what pilots are for right? i learned a lot about how to make this format of video from making this... video, so the "what is" for the full game should hopefully just be all around better.

      hope the video manages to entertain some people as well as explain the game in an interesting fashion :) hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and an even better week, cheers!


    • gotta love life

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      need to help my father with some stuff around his house so it looks like that video will be pushed back a little further....

      it will be out before the kickstarts over... i promise :3

    • rwby combat kickstarter overview will probably be a day late, srry :P

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      taking a lot longer to edit then i thought it would :P

    • Impression video progress

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy


      my current progress on that impression video i said i was going to make. it kinda turned into a tutorial video, but im pretty happy with the direction it went. can't wait to actually do the review video when i get my hands on the game! unfortunatly its kinda taking three years to make, but its getting there :P anyways the video should be out by friday, im aiming for thursday, but i figured i should give myself some leeway on the matter, hope you all enjoy, and have a wonderful week!

      see ya friday! :)

    • RWBY combat ready. what i got wrong and what i got right.

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      Ello ello ello! I'm back with a list of what I got wrong and what I got right. A bit late grant you, but better late then never I always say. I'm going to be making a video on my youtube channel covering my actual impressions of the game as a whole, which should be up a couple days after this post. I'm going to try and be somewhat brief with this for the sake of pumping out my impression video to make up for lost time. Which the short version of that will be that I like it... I like it lots... I will also put a (# of #) at the end of each point in order to keep track of my total for what was right and what was wrong. Without any further adieu lets get started!

      From what I can tell aura is just a health bar; which is somewhat disappointing, but the battle fury system does the same sorta function that I would want out of an extended aura system. So I can't complain at all in that department. I think the battle fury system works with the feel of rwby just as much as curbing aura to fit mechanics, and it rolls off the tongue a little better then just making aura the be all and all that it is in the show at times. (0 of 1)

      Hey I got something right!? As I thought there would be there is in fact an xp system for leveling up, admittedly arcane wonders went a different direction from what I suggested they would do. My only concern is that just adding new cards to your deck for leveling up might not feel like it makes as much as an impact that I would like. This is a really simple thing to account for though so it likely won't be an issue. At the end of the day it still gives the player a sense of progression with there character. And it looks like there is a lot of xp to be gained so I'm optimistic that there is a good amount of progression to be had as you level up. (1 of 2)

      I was correct about it being a smash'em up, and not the game we saw in chapter 2 of volume 2. although that was a bit of a gimmie based on the cover art (2 of 3)

      there is no “movement” in this game so... yeah... that was a good 6 paragraphs of just wrong :P (2 of 4)

      I was right about it using a deck system. And while its not the deck system I outlined I do feel it is very functional as well as appropriate to the type of game. It does a good job of adding personalization through the level up system while keeping the player busy work to a minimum. Half point! (2.5 of 5)

      when I discussed monsters it was largely in the miniatures sense as that is what the post was largely geared towards so I think its safe to say I missed the target on this one :P (2.5 of 6)

      I was right in the sense that there would be objectives, as well as what type of objectives they are, however I was wrong for their implementation as the game I largely outlined was for mini's and not duel type card games. Half point! (3 of 7)

      there is no PVP at the moment so I don't really have much to talk about there. Would be nice to see in the future, but with the way the game is designed I don't see how they could have incorporated it particularly well. As for my suggestions for turn orders they took it a direction I didn't even consider, and I feel like it functions really well. I'll talk about it more in my video in the following days, but my general opinion is that what they did seems like it works well and is somewhat unique to RWBY combat ready. So props for that1 (3 of 8)

      overall I got a few things pretty close based on my assumptions, but at the same time I got a lot of things wrong. Which is a good thing seeing as how what I thought of was just from a 2-3 hour brainstorm session, compared to however long RT has actually been working on the real game. All in all i'm really happy with the way the game is looking so far. Of course I will have to actually get my paws on it before I can give it any kind of actual review, and I plan on making a video for that as well. Im not gonna go over my thoughts on possible expansions as all I did was state the obvious, so I don't think there is much to talk about there.

      Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

    • RWBY: Combat Ready kickstart anxiety.

      1 year ago

      reddead405 that one otaku guy

      not much to talk about on this one, i will go into details on the kickstarter tomorrow. although we actually got a picture of the box on chelsea's news post judging from the proportionsit looks like a miniature box. if it's miniatures then that means my last post will be likely to at least be partially accurate, and boy am i anxious to see how right or wrong i was! im super hypes, kinda anxious, and trying to remain cautiously optimistic. looking forward to tomorrow.

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