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    • And now we do ci do!

      13 years ago


      Now I'm going to try something a little more sane. The first person that can figure out my secret secrecy of secrets wins! The first to figure out what I mean wins my praise and adoration smiley0.gifsmiley12.gif

    • It's time for something new

      13 years ago


      So I decided to try my hand at a completely new topic: Penguins. Trust me, we're going somewhere with this.

      I was walking along when I saw a man with a t-shirt that read "Don't feed the penguins." I don't think Mel noticed him. I thought this was completely bizarre. In fact, it really threw off my whole day. I've been obsessed by this man's penguin shirt. And now I hate him for it.

      Okay, enough of that mess. Now it's time to play rock metal with a teddy bear. Let's jam!
      -strumming on air guitar- I hate it when it's out of tune! Give me a minute
      -tuning air guitar- Much better smiley12.gif

    • poemetry

      13 years ago


      tortured soul, evil nears
      it lurks, spying
      always watching, always hovering
      it waits for dark moments
      for moments of hesitation, uncertainty
      then, and only then it pounces,
      it preys on hopelessness and insecurity
      it feeds on negative thoughts
      it relishes your sorrow, needing, craving, wanting

      by tiana

    • sense of accomplishment

      13 years ago


      for the first time since i have signed up on this site one year ago...i can proudly say that my alert list is clear..

      i felt bad to just delete them so i read up..since i got my computer a few days ago...and commented my little heart out....and i am up to date.

      thank god.....that was a task.
      but i feel as if i have accomplished something...tomorrow i move on to bigger and better apartment

      wish me luck!

    • budding poet

      13 years ago


      i was at my mom's house yesterday and my little sister, she's eight, says to read this poem i wrote...

      The fluffy white snow drifts high in the sky
      oh so very high
      The fluffy white snow falls in the night
      the height of a giraffe
      It falls in the night, it falls in the day
      it may not miss one whole day.
      Forever and ever shall the fluffy white snow fall
      forever, forever shall it be.
      For the snow has might
      to fall at day or night

      when i read it i thought wow...she's good.
      but she has low self-esteem and she kept saying it sucks...i can't write...isn't it dumb

      i kept trying to convince her it was good but she wouldn't hear it.
      i remember when i was this young and i thought i couldnt do anything right.
      i feel so bad for her..yet i dont know what to do to make her feel better about herself

      you think its a good poem for an eight year old right? i like it

      do you all have any suggestions on how i can make her feel better about herself and hopefully change her esteem?

    • 1 year anniversary

      13 years ago


      i just realized that its my one year anniversary

      its one year since i first heard about rvb and this site and signed up...

      its shortly after we heard about the first rvb screening and met all those ppl for the first time at the a long time ago..

      now i have so many new cool, nice friends on here, and that i've also met in the lan crew, the party crew and the just watching tv
      thanks to everyone who has made my life so much better for being in it this past year.
      special thanks to the girl in the gold boots....i lub you

      so looking back, what was i doing??
      -still taking public transportation
      -borrowing the extra car from mom and dad to do my groceries
      -didnt have my own car yet
      -had just started dating xavier
      -chromia and keiko weren't even a figment in my imagination yet
      -hadn't had my first lan yet
      -apartment was still under control/no mess
      -i still did dishes
      -still cleaned the litterbox
      -did alot of stuff for myself
      -still cried all day
      -was still sleeping in bedroom instead of on futon in living room
      -was 20lbs lighter
      -was still sexy and could fit into my jeans

      ahhh im getting depressed thinking about this gonna stop now....
      gonna go find stuff to eat and drown my sorrows in some cookies and milk...


      13 years ago




      IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

      i know i was yelling but hey it's a big thing for me
      to quote adrian " now you can become super e-popular" ya i wish gonna go play!!!!!

      hunter i hope to see you online soon...and rich...send me ur msn info

    • sickie Mcsicksick

      13 years ago


      omg im soooooooo sick...
      coughing all over the fleghm (how do you spell it)
      yellow stuff in my nose...i think i have an going to see the doctor tomorrow...
      will find out if i have to take antibiotics
      spent the day in bed yesterday....had neo citran for dinner...then took a long nights sleep

      hopefully i'll feel better soon

      *cough cough*
      *sniffle sniffle*

    • evil death cat

      13 years ago


      sometimes i feel blue
      i feel like i just want to give up
      i'm so fed up with people and their stupid promises
      why promise something you know you can't give?
      don't promise if you know you aren't going to try to deliver
      there should be a law against people who do that
      we should make others sign binding contracts that say they will hold to their word or else this is what your consequenses will be

      i have reached the point where i just can't take it anymore
      make your stupid promises to someone who cares

      i don't anymore
      smiley5.gif now go away!!!!!!!

    • yuccckkk

      13 years ago






      funny how im in a relationship and i still hate it...i guess its all the hype surrounding it...
      its just a money making day.

      oooooooooohhhhhhh show your love day *vomit noise*

      anyway..for all you that celebrated it....


      kisses...tiana smiley12.gif

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