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    • clean up time

      13 years ago


      i'm gonna clean up my friends list

      i find i've been in a really bad mood lately and i want to say things but i dont know half the people that are my friends and i dont want them reading personal things about me. so its clean up time

      sorry to all that i took off my list but you didn't take an active role in being a 'friend'

    • finally!!! cable

      13 years ago


      i was so bored at home i got rogers digital cable..and i have movie channels for a month we can watch movies and or tv, with timeshifting, so you all won't be bored when you come over...ohhh ohhh ohhhhh and i got a new futon so i've got more seating and place for sleepovers!!!! yay!!!!

      i wanted to have a lan this weekend (yesterday) but i didn't decide on it until friday and by then i figured it would be too late to invite everyone...cause they might already have plans...and this weeekend coming is christmas so i can't have one then....i'll be at my mommy's house stuffing my face with turkey. (run on sentence hahah)
      atwa is coming on the 27th to the 2nd. we have to start making final plans on what we're going to be doing that week. who is going to be off from school? i don't mind my apartment being a meeting place for everyone (as long as i know and trust you) for the holidays, as i will be home most of the time being silly with atwa....ohhh except for when we go to walmart to do silly stuff to people.

      ohhh what are we doing for new years eve? any plans? parties? i think we should go to a club..... it would be fun watching everyone get drunk and dance... smiley6.gif

      anywho....yes i know i spelled it like that smiley11.gif

      i'm gonna go take a nap now...i woke up at 5am this morning to drop off xavier at work and it is now 9:26 am on a friggin sunday morning and the caffeine in the tea i had this morning is wearing off...good night to me

      p.s. check out my last journal and fill it out for me okay?


    • all about me!!!!

      13 years ago



      i have found a new questionaire.

      its all about me smiley0.gif

      or maybe i should say all about what you think of me...i don't know why i should care, or seek your approval, but humour me okay?

      please answer the questions as best as you can.
      i'm sure i''ll have fun reading the answers.

      uggghhh...i sound so formal... smiley7.gif "please blah blah blah" that's probably what you thought...i know that's what i thought after i wrote it... funny and truthful of course smiley0.gif

      thanks guys smiley6.gif

      1) Am I one of your good friends?

      2) Describe me in three words:

      3) Would you call me even if it was long distance just to talk?

      4) Do I annoy you sometimes?

      5) If you could be anywhere with me where would it be?

      6) What is one memory that we have shared that you will never forget?

      7) Am I easy to get along with?

      8) Name one bad quality of mine.

      9) Name one good quality of mine.

      10) Would you get into a fight to defend me?

      11) How sweet am I to you on a scale from 1 to 10?

      12) Have I ever made you cry?

      13) How often do you think about me?

      14) Would you trust me with a secret?

      15) Would you trust me with your life?

      17) Am I funny or serious?

      18) Am I bright or shady?

      19) Do you enjoy my company?

      20) Would you be able to hang out with just me and still have a good time?

      21) Have you ever dreamed about me?

      22) Dancer or singer?

      23) Am I fun to be with at a party?

      24) What movie, song, and show makes you think of me?

      25) How far would you drive to see me?

      26) Would you introduce me to any of your friends?

      27) Who do you think is my perfect match? (celebrity wise)

      28) When you hear my name what do you think of ?

    • yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

      13 years ago



      i'm a sponsor!!!

      thank you to atwa320 for nominating me and to the_fun_one for the sponsorship

      i've never won anything before!!

      (comes up to recieve sponsorship)

      first, i would like to thank god, and my parents for their computer, without which i could never be online. thank you to red vs blue for their site. thank you to the judges and the sponsorerer smiley8.gif i am honoured to have this sponsorship and i will try my best to live up to it smiley0.gif

      (covers mike and leans over) *what? times up? okay okay*

      *big smile* so again thank you *bows and leaves stage*

      im so silly smiley0.gifsmiley4.gif

      yayy i get to put emoticons in my journals now hehe

      thanks sooooooo much get lots of steak and pasta now!!!!!

    • i got my puppy doggie!!!!!!

      13 years ago


      omg!!!! doggie!!!!!!!!

      so im at my mom's house...
      i have a lasagne (sp) in the oven and my puppy is lying on her puppy bed and sleeping. hahah i just looked over at her and she's sleeping with her head hanging off the side. she's so cute.

      i had no idea it would be so hard to take care of a puppy. i mean i knew it would be hard just not this hard. i have 4 cats in the house and they were never this much trouble... i got her a little tag for her collar that says 'trouble in a fur coat' little did i know how true it would turn out to be...:D
      the cats were already litter trained and the only thing they did was play at night.

      the puppy wakes up every 2 hours and whines to come up on the bed or couch... plus she misses the paper and walks in it....she's like a baby...she needs constant attention or she cries. i think its sweet...but the waking up every two hours at night and playing with her bugs me...

      im always tired. im even starting to get dark circles under my eyes. it kinda sucks...cuz im always sleepy now. the other day i woke up at 4am and picked her up and fell back down cuz i was disoriented from waking up and trying to walk too fast.

      hopefully she'll get over it and start sleeping through the night soon. she's learning that when i don't respond after a while to go back to sleep though....
      well im done talking about her...
      here are some cute pics.





    • love

      13 years ago


      i have a new love

      she is the love of my life
      words cannot describe the swell of emotions i feel when i look into her eyes
      im head over heels truly in love
      i have never dreamed that love could feel like this

      my heart aches just thinking about her right now

    • puppy!!!

      13 years ago


      hi everyone!
      i havent been online lately i know. ive been working my ass off in order to get my puppy for christmas.

      i have already put a downpayment on the one i want and i cant wait till she's big enough to come home!!!!

      video's and pictures to come

      miss you guys lots and hope to see you soon, hopefully before winto

      p.s. adrian...thanks for including me in the litvinov movie....i know i know dont quit my day job and run away to be an actor just yet...

      atwa!!! i cant wait to see you!!!! its gonna be a blast..

      sick gato..i miss you toooooooooooooooooo
      to everyone else....muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • msn...

      13 years ago


      so i've been spending a lot of tiime lately on msn and i wanted to add you guys...but i'm too lazy to ask everyone separately....:p

      so me with your msn tag...(e-mail address) whatever cause its so hard to chat on here and so much easier with the instant messaging....key word "instant" cause...i just don't have the patience to sit here and click refresh every minute...and then i get bored and leave the computer and walk away then come back and its been 21minutes since it was last sent and now you're offline!!!!!!! arrrrrrrgggghhhhhh

      so please, please...if you do go on msn regularly...send your tag okay????

    • pics!!

      13 years ago


      here is the link for the pics of saturday night at the abbey

      and rvb toronto which is long overdue but it finally works..

    • yoink!

      13 years ago


      stolen from john who stole it from paul or jamie...i dont know who
      i dont normally get to follow trends...cuz im hardly online but this one i caught just in time

      1.Your Full Name:
      2. Age:
      3. Fave Color:
      4. Fave Movie:
      5. Fave Song:
      6. Fave Band:
      7. Most Embarassing Moment:
      8. Are you a virgin?

      1. Are we friends?
      2. Do you have a crush/attracted to me?
      3. Would you kiss me?
      4. ...with tongue?
      5. Would you enjoy it?
      6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I ask you out?
      7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?
      8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:
      9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
      10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?
      11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?
      12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
      13. Do you think I'm a good person?
      14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?
      15.Do you think I'm Hot?
      16. Would you call me just because?
      17. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they dont involve you?
      18. If you could change anything about me, would you?
      19.Would you have sex with me?
      20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
      21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? have to answer these too
      What is one thing you like about me? & What is one thing you like about yourself

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