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    • Sponsorship?

      4 years ago


      I thought my sponsorship was on a recurring payment? Apparently not anymore. Debating whether I want to renew it or not since I'm struggling for money at the moment.

    • Entering The World of Let's Playing?

      4 years ago


      So I've been thinking about it recently and I'm going to make a leap into making some Let's Play videos to post on Youtube. It's something I've wanted to do for a while but not mustered up the courage to try, but I'll be giving it a go soon (if I don't bottle it :P ) Of course when the vids are ready I'll post links on here.

      Any tips for a newbie from peeps who have done/are doing it already? Or, hell, any warnings? :P

    • Hi, I'm Rick!

      4 years ago


      Inspired by both @LadyOddDuck and @Audrey I'm going to do a list of my own.

      - I'm a very indecisive person.

      - I have a lot motivation problems and it's difficult for me to focus on things sometimes.

      - I have fallen in love twice, against my better judgement. Both were intense, wonderful experiences but left me hurt.

      - I love writing and consider myself very good at it. I'm not an arrogant person but it is the one thing I have an ego about.

      - My greatest dream is to produce a successful novel or screenplay. Yet even though I have this dream and several interesting ideas, every time I even try to start writing one I barely make a dent before losing my drive.

      - I've been told more than once that I'm a relaxing presence to be around and that I'm a good listener.

      - I have been a large guy all my life and used to hate my body, but now (with the help of friends) I'm comfortable with myself.

      - My bad habits include biting my fingernails and my bottom lip. It's always when I'm nervous or anxious... which is a lot, explaining why I have bad nails.

      - I'm a big music fan and I'm open to a lot of styles... but I can't stand rap and hip-hop for the most part. I've had it commented on that my knowledge and taste in music far exceeds what's expected of my age.

      - More than that, I'm a huge movie fan. That's part of my reason for dreaming of writing a screenplay. My favourite thing outside of writing is going to the cinema and I try to go regularly.

    • Follow Your Own Path

      4 years ago


      I've been dealing with depression for about six months now (my god that sounds like a long time, doesn't feel all that much) and early this year I decided to turn a short day trip to Oxford to see a show into a short holiday of 4 days.

      I felt I needed to get away from everything; the innocent pressures being applied by family (How's the job search going? Shitty, I don't feel up to it yet. Are you going to sign on benefits? Not just yet, the though makes me even more miserable. Hey brother, why don't you come and stay with your twin bro for a week? I know I wouldn't be but I'd feel like a burden. etc etc), being cooped up at home and playing the recluse, relying on other people too much... I needed time to do things for myself.

      So here I am, day two in Oxford, and I feel good. Great even. I feel like I have a bit of independence and confidence back. I'm trying new things, opening my mind (and yes, my wallet too... southerners are a bloody expensive bunch smiley6.gif ) and taking time to do what I want without worrying about what other people think.

      I tried sushi for the first time and I wasn't useless with chopsticks. I spent over two hours walking around an awesome museum taking pictures of everything. I bought a new pair of shoes I thought looked cool. Later on I'm thinking of going to a club, which I've never done (I'm very uninterested in clubbing and partying for a younger person but... eh smiley6.gif ).

      Something that's always mattered a great deal to me is feeling at peace. I'm generally told I'm a calming person to be around but for the last year and a half I haven't felt like that. Instead of tranquil, still water I've been a revolving, churning maelstrom inside. In two days of distancing myself from my life... I feel peaceful. I feel like me again.

      Time will tell if that remains, but for now I feel good and I want to share this one thought: Follow your own path, if you follow one made by someone else you'll always leave part of yourself behind.

    • Five Facts

      4 years ago


      I'll chip in with one of these since @cosby nominated EVERYONE and I'm someone :P

      1. I'm a non-identical twin, with my brother Dan. Though I am technically the older one.

      2. Late last year I was diagnosed with Depression.

      3. I'm self taught using photoshop and regularly make signature images involving my other hobby...

      4. .... Efedding. I've been out of this hobby for around a year although I'm going back to it very soon. Basically (and stick with me through this) it's competitive creative writing based around professional wrestling.

      5. I identify as pansexual, though I've never had a sexual encounter with another male. With any luck, that'll change soon :)

      Soooo.... I nominate, anyone who read this far! GO!

    • Yes, it's yet another 2014 review...

      4 years ago


      This year has not been a kind one.

      For those who don't know, I was diagnosed with depression a couple of months ago. A result of possibly the most stressful year of my life so far. I know it might not have been stressful compared to other people's lives, but work kicked my ass from the get-go. My entire team disintegrated right before the 2013/14 new-year, we had understaffing for the first half of the year and massive changes and demands for the second half. The end result, depression and a resignation. I am now unemployed and rebuilding.

      I quit a hobby I loved because my creativity died, an early loss to depression I hadn't accepted yet. Now I'm trying to rediscover it and hopefully make something from it, my biggest hope being to make a happier life.

      2015 can only go uphill from here. This is the lowest point I have been to. That said, I'm broken but I'm not completely shattered. 2015 is a year to reevaluate myself, make changes and rebuild.

    • 4 years ago

    • 24 Fantastic Hours

      5 years ago


      So there it goes, 24 hours of fantastic entertainment. Thank you to everyone at RT and 8 Bit Salute who participated, not always in easy circumstance. The time and effort put in to make such a special event is truly appreciated.


    • Start of a new era... maybe.

      5 years ago


      So today I'm officially on hiatus (possibly full 'retirement') from my long time hobby of 'Efedding' and channeling my creative energies into what I'm hoping will be the start of something new and successful for me.

      Today I'm starting to write my first short story intended for entering into competition. It's the first stage of honing my writing skills in a different format, because the 'roleplays' I've written for 8 years aren't exactly widely commercial, with the eventual aim of writing the novel I've wanted to write for a long time.

      Wish me luck!

    • RTing it up at Xmas

      5 years ago


      So I got a couple of pre-Christmas surprises and thought I'd take a little pic with them. About a week ago I got the AH Extra Life poster and on Christmas Eve I got my very own, long awaited Grifball Plushie. I wasn't expecting it until the new year so it was an awesome unexpected Xmas present to myself :P And to top it off, I had to have the Vav t-shirt in there too smiley0.gif


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    • LostInSweden

      4 years ago

      Thx for the friend add ^^

    • Audrey

      4 years ago

      Thank you for your help with Community Means You're Never Alone and for being on The List and just for being you!
      Spread the love with Warm Fuzzies of your own today!

    • ElliotJ

      5 years ago

      Yoooo thanks for the friend request you're my 100th friend!

      /confetti explodes/

      /balloons half-heartedly fall from a net in the ceiling/


      • rellis10 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        *struggles through cloud of confetti* What the... oh! Hey there! smiley6.gif

        It's my pleasure on the friend request. Thank you for the like on my Crackpot comment, haha. Very cool on being your illustrious 100th friend, and I can offer you the honor of being my... ummm... 21st. Ok, not quite such a round number, but it's something smiley0.gif

    • Ayarin

      6 years ago

      Thanks for the friend request :)

      • rellis10 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        My pleasure! Thanks for the mod and a nice welcome :)

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