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    • 3 years ago

    • An Open Letter to Geoff Ramsey

      4 years ago


      (Please note that this has very little to do with the fact that Ray just announced he is leaving the company. It is something that came into existence while I was writing a cover letter for RT to have on file and it just so happened that I was working on it today.)

      To Geoff Ramsey,

      My name is Steven Shater and recently I realized that it has always been my dream to work for you and the amazing company you and your best friends built from the ground up. I have watched nearly every single piece of content Rooster Teeth has produced in the 12 years since the company was started, including Red vs Blue, Immersion, the Drunk Tank/Rooster Teeth Podcast and a massive chunk of what your personal team at Achievement Hunter has produced. While I know that doesn't make me unique on this site, it's something that defines me. I would not be the same person today if I had not been introduced to the comedic styles of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter.

      I know what it takes to work for a company like Rooster Teeth. I have the knowledge and the skills necessary to create something amazing for the world to enjoy. I am willing to work. I am willing to learn. I am willing to put literally everything I have got into a chance to prove myself to you and everyone else because honestly, I've really got nothing left going for me.

      I'm a 24 year old still living at home, which is by no means the worst thing on the planet or a situation reserved for only myself. I have 2 part time jobs and they both provide a decent income. But to me, none of that really matters, because I'm not happy. I'm not happy with the way my life turned out and I'm damn sure not happy with the lack of things I have done to change it.

      Well that ends here. I'm doing something about it. Even if it is something small like writing this to you. Even if you never see it, I'll have said it. It will be out there and I'm the one that put it there and for me, that's something I never thought I would do.

      I hope you do see this, and I hope you do read it and I hope, in spite of everything that hasn't happened for me no matter how hard I've tried or how much effort and work I put in, I hope beyond hope that this truly means something to you and your company. I want nothing more than to be somewhere I belong. Somewhere I can laugh and joke and have a great time with people who truly appreciate what I do and say. I believe that somewhere is Rooster Teeth.

      I thank you for your time.


    • Late Night with the VG Perfectionist

      4 years ago


      So I know it's been a while since I last posted but there is a really good reason why.

      Two weeks ago, I started a 2nd job. It was really quick and pretty much unexpected in terms of hearing back so soon after applying. I applied to a Stop and Shop down the road from the Staples I work at and heard back from them the weekend after I applied. I went to an interview the next Tuesday and was offered the job on the spot. It's an overnight shift, unpacking the truck and restocking shelves.

      This is both good and bad. Bad because I have to change up my sleep schedule and have to start working nights at Staples. Good because it's more money in my pocket and because it opens up my days for working on videos for my channel.

      So it's 2 a.m. and I'm still awake. I was scheduled to work tonight, even though I had told my night crew manager that I was only available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. I spoke to another manager and he said he would discuss it with my manager. I went back Saturday morning to see if they had put me on for that night but the 2nd manager hadn't talked to my night manager and when we looked at the schedule, he said there wasn't anyone who could cover for me. I didn't want to cause anymore trouble on my third night of work so I just said I'd work this Sunday but can't work any other Sundays. This sucked because it meant I had to re-arrange my Easter schedule, making me have to visit my girlfriend and her family in the afternoon instead of after dinner with my family, which put more strain on my relationship because my girlfriend and I hadn't been able to keep to our normal schedule since I started working overnight and because her extended family was in town for the week.

      Anyway, I head to work tonight and my night manager comes up to my car after I park to tell me that he had my shift covered and said that he had never scheduled me for Sunday, which was good because that meant he had actually taken my availability into account. One of the other managers moved stuff around on the schedule and ended up putting me on Sunday night. He said he had talked to the HR supervisor Sunday morning and asked her to reach out to me and let me know. Apparently she never did, which really sucks cause I had to rush through my Easter celebrations. I mean I understand sacrifices have to be made when it comes to having 2 part time jobs, especially if one is overnights, and I'm not looking for sympathy or anything, I just wish I had gotten that call cause it would have made today a little less stressful.

      So I thanked him and started heading home. Only problem was I had already taken my medication. I'm on this stuff that helps me focus, having been diagnosed with multiple things over the years including ADD, ADHD and even an extremely high functioning form of Aspergers. It's something I've dealt with all my life and I've made the best of it. Anyway, this medication wakes me up and keeps me alert, which is why I'm still awake now after having slept for a few hours before work.

      Well I guess this is the end of this rant. Just wanted to vent a little. I am however going to make the best of this situation and try to get some editing work done. For anyone interested, a full update on what's going on with my channel can be found on my Facebook page, which I'll link to.

      Hope everyone had fun, safe and enjoyable Easter and Passover celebrations.


      Video Game Perfectionist Update (VGPU) #3

      Facebook Page Leave a like if you please :D

    • All Caught Up

      4 years ago


      With less than a week left until the premiere of Season 13, I have finally caught up. I watched seasons 1-5 on Netflix on a regular basis so I remembered pretty much everything that happened in Blood Gultch. So within the span of a month I watched 7 full seasons, as well as a number of mini-series, of one of the greatest machinima series on the web. I see that as a great accomplishment and I am beyond excited for Season 13. Can't wait!

    • Final Piece

      4 years ago


      After two months of patience and hard work I finally picked up the final piece of equipment I needed for my YouTube channel. I now possess the Cadillac of desktop microphones...The Blue Yeti. It is an amazing piece of audio technology and I cannot wait to start using it for my voice overs. Now that I have it, I can finally jump into my solo recordings, the main purpose of my channel.

    • 4 years ago

    • NJ RTX-ers

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      I was wondering if anyone from New Jersey were planning on going this year. I would really like to go if I can afford it so I'm trying to cut back on costs as much as possible by trying to find people to travel/room with from north or central jersey.

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    • 4 years ago


      Onto Season 12! Tomorrow....after sleep....goodnight.

    • 4 years ago


      Not gonna lie...I'm okay with admitting that I tear up every single time I watch the season 10 finale.

    • Catching Up

      4 years ago


      So after months of watching, I achieved a huge goal and finally finished watching all of Let's Play Minecraft from the beginning. My next goal is to watch all of the Let's Build series but with the reveal of the trailer for RVB Season 13, I'm going to focus on catching up on that. Currently on Season 10, Episode 12 and I only started that season this morning. Can't wait to see what they have in store in the coming seasons and then for Season 13.

      I watch on!

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