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      When i get board in college i love nothing more than a good game of Pac-Man i can be on there for hours lol.

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      At the moment there is void in my life where i used to play halo but i become board of that now, so i been playing rainbow 6 vegas alot it's pritty good, it a bit like the old style online games like ghost recon jungle storm. But the clan's nower days just arn't the same. I remember clans just to be groups of people that played online together but played together all the timeand clans lasted even the small ones last 2 or 3 mouths. But now it has all changed clans don't last one mine there's always a new one, or a different one and clan battles are non existant, well not to the exant they used to be. oh visit uncsc.com for my old jungle storm caln video.

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      I am Rick, i love Red vs Blue, I am English ( Yes i have got an English Acent ) i am from stockport if anyone knows England. I like coming home from college chilling on my 360 for while then going out with my mates. I go to Winstanley College in Wigan which is one of the best 6 form College in the Country, I am studing Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Computer Sciences.


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      Thanks for the mods.....and welcome to RvB! smiley0.gif

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