I was excited to get my hands on the RWBY volume 5 Blu-ray, but when I finally had it, I was deeply disappointed to discover that the disc features all the episodes back to back, with all opening and ending animations intact, without any option to watch it as a single animated feature.

This is really puzzling given that the feature movie version of Season 5 does exist, and is available, on places like Hoopla Digital and Amazon Prime Streaming VideoWhy was it left off the Blu-ray? The ability to watch the whole thing as one long movie is what many of us buy the discs for in the first place. Giving us a disc with the viewing experience constantly interrupted by OP and ED sequences we don't want makes no sense, and I've yet to see any kind of official explanation for it.

Is there any chance of a "corrected" release, or at least a separate single-disc release of just the feature cut? And will they do the right thing by Season 6 whenever it's over?

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