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    • haiku... ( i'm so bored)

      9 years ago


      Time is like a bird
      Existance bears it onward
      It's wings made of sand

    • Fun stuff: Soundtrack

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      a set of songs that can be used in differing situations within the rp

      more tracks might be added, but heres what we have so far

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    • Starfox Legends 1: new crop

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      (sorry, making this series esque and having arcs)

      First day of the Military acedemy, some come to learn to fight, others merely to brush up. a lighthearted time for most.

      ( let's begin, shall we? sorry about being skimpy... i'm a little tired right now)

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      9 years ago


      Fox stooped and offered his hand to the other fox on the ground. Renard took it nervously; thankful for the fur that was hiding a feverous blush. Fox sensed that Renard was flustered, and tried not to smile. “hey there†he said. Renard stood dumbstruck for a second.

      “He’s right in front of me. and he’s talking to me… Quick, say somethingâ€Â

      “H-Hi†he stammered. He looked about looking for something to talk about. Then he caught a glimpse of Fox’s eyes. It appeared to be restraint. From there, he spoke from his still smarting muzzle.

      “you look like you want to say something… do you, want to talk about it?†Renard asked, sensing his chance and wanting to spend time with him. Fox repressed a blush and managed to reply “yeah, I guess.. but the hall isn’t a safe place to talkâ€Â

      It was Renard’s turn to blush now, but he managed to keep his composure. “well, then where is?†he asked, trying not to stammer. Fox thought for a moment. “well… you know, I’m curious. I know you’ve seen my quarters in your volunteer work with the janitor, but I’ve never seen yours. why not there?â€Â
      “Sure.†came Renard’s automatic response.

      At this close distance, the two boys seemed to try to figure out what kind of person the other was. Their previous views still held. “well..†Renard said through the pain in his muzzle just to break the silence Then fox spoke “we may as well go, classes are almost over.â€Â
      Renard was caught off guard, but he kept cool. “yeah, we’re probably excused for todayâ€Â

      They began to walk.

      “it’s only to find out more about him†thought Fox.
      “it’s just to hear his troubles and to talk†thought Renard.

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      9 years ago


      Renard kept his eyes on the ceiling as he walked through the halls, his ind still slightly clouded. he rounded the corner to the nurses office and blinked as he bumped in to someone. He lost his footing and fell. He winced when he hit the ground. He rubbed his head a bit, "Sorry..." he said almost sleepily, he opened his eyes and looked up. They widened at who he saw in front of him

      Just slightly earlier, Fox had been walking through the halls... all of his guards and ruses dropped for his visit with the psychiatrist he rounded the corner and blinked in suprise when he bumped into someone and the other fell his face hidden for the time being. "Sorry..." the vulpine figure said as he lifted his head. Fox smiled " it's alright, it was kinda my fau-" he stopped short as he saw the other's face.

      Renard and Fox Were face to face, caught in a look so intense yet withdrawn, that nothing short of gunfire could bring the boys from it.

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      10 years ago


      Fox, on the other side of the school, had blaster training, standard for any self respecting classman, unless you wanted specifics in a weapon. with the same set of thoughts on his mind while he was assembling, he was forgetting critical pieces of his gun. Fox snapped to attention as he heard his instructor, a sharp-eyed jackal, say "Hold it McCloud, you pull the trigger on that thing, your gonna need tissue grafts.."

      "I-I'm sorry sir..."

      "Man, you're really out of it..."

      Fox opened his mouth to say he was fine, but was cut off.

      "Ah, don't talk.. I know it's nothing physical, just go to the psychiatric ward and talk it out with someone, ok?"

      Fox, sat there for a second, amazed at how mellow this teacher was.. shaking thedistraction he began to walk to the councler's office, with was right next to the nurse's office... still a walk away though...

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      10 years ago


      Almost there, Renard quicked his pace to catch up with Fox. Pretty soon, they arrived at thier destination.

      The Cornerian Military academy was a Six acre, cross-shaped facility that housed over 350 courses, including individual weapons if one wished to specialize. Renard soon trudged up to his first class, Gunblade training.

      By today's standards, the gunblade was outdated and difficult to master as a weapon. Renard chose it mainly to show that he wasn't some lazy slacker who was lucky to get a scholarship. A shallow reason, but as time went on and he saw the the blade, when used correctly, can outperform and even beat modern laser-based weaponry, after that, he took a liking to it.

      As always, his movement sets were perfect, but something was on his mind. The thought of the one he wanted to tell so much how he felt. was distracting him. His hand clenched, and he was soon torn from his thoughts. His blade was loaded, and the force of the shell sent Renard flying forward into the wall. The vulpine saw stars. The other students winced. His instructor, a stubborn red dragon said softly to him "what's with you? you normally perform flawlessly, like a beautiful machine, who or what has thrown a wrench in your gears? Nevermind that, you go to the nurse and make sure that muzzle of yours isn't broken."

      With that and an excuse, Renard put his blade in his scabbard, then in it's case. he then walked through the hallways to the health office.

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      10 years ago


      Fox would slow his pace to a crawl, then a stop, looking at the obviously preoccupied fox across the road. He really enjoyed The other Vulpine's company. Hell, he actually liked the dog himself. It was a well known fact that that other fox was bi, so was he. It was perfect, only...

      Fox was much too busy, With classes and all the attention... he was swamped already, with his father's death making his fame skyrocket. IF news of Fox's orientation got out, people would never leave him alone.

      Fox stared at the One across the street, trying to remember his name... Something Frost...Rin... Ran.... Ren... Renard, That was it... Renard.

      Just as much Fox Liked the subject of his attention, He also admired him... Unlike Fox, That guy didn't need to worry about being popular. He just kept working, even if no one noticed him since he was so quiet usually, that and Ren was a little lazy... but that was kinda expected, you could slack off a little if no one was watching, or so Fox surmised.

      But Fox noticed. Of course he noticed.

      Though Fox noticed... He saw Ren didn;t like popular people

      " "What if he dosen't care about me.. or worse.. what if he dislikes me?"

      Fox pushed the thought from his mind. and continued to walk...

      Meanwhile, across that narrow band of metal and concrete, Renard forced himself out of his head and began to walk, quickening his pace to catch up.

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