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    • jason likes Feldman's penis ...

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    • The Video.

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      Now, here are the video links.
      I think there are probably more, so this will be updated as we go along.
      but for now :

      Dark Dragon Films
      No Budget Films

      watch them, & bask in the glory!

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    • The music.

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      There have been a few musical projects that Ronin has done over time.
      So I am listing them here, in some kind of order (that he has on his site).

      Profanus Maximus
      Sans Elan Vital
      Superman Badass O'Hammerhands
      The Indiana Whorehouse Phantom

      I highly reccomend all of these musical adventures.
      also, I know that the SBO'H link, & the TIWP link are the same page, you'll see where the songs are though, they're labeled.

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    • Mysteries of the Worm.

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      Oh yes, he made a comic.
      although he MAJORLY slacked on it, so I don;t know if he's producing them anymore.
      but here they are :

      Mysteries Of The Worm.

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    • HAI JASON.

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      HAI JASON.



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    • Eternal Sonata Achievement Guide

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      I wrote stuff to help you people get the bonus Achievements in Eternal Sonata ... y'know, the ones you don't get by Party Leveling, or completing chapters.

      Hero's Gate - 30

      You're only able to unlock this one on your first playthrough, if you do NOT go through the big purple portal after winning the Dragon boss fight at the end of Double Reed Tower. Once you've defeated the Dragon, you'll get the "Hero's Crest" item, & you're gonna have to leave Double Reed Tower & go back to the Noise Dunes. Once You're back in the Dunes, go four screens to your right, and you will arrive at the entrance to the Mysterious Union. This will tie into the Rondo's Return, & Claves's Resurrection achievements.

      Rondo's Return - 50
      You'll unlock Rondo's Return, by defeating Rondo in a boss battle on the 11th floor of the Mysterious Union. You will only be able to get this on your first playthrough, if you backtrack to the Mysterious Unison before you move on to complete the game. This one ties in with the Hero's Gate achievement, & will also tie in with Claves's Resurrection, so pay attention.

      Claves's Resurrection - 50
      I always hated Claves, & I thought her death scene was WAY too long ... but if you want to, you can resurrect her. Basically you have to find seven "Soul Shards" that are hidden inside the Myserious Union, in order to resurrect Claves. So you're going to go blundering through the Mysterious Unison, teleport around, Fight a bunch of enemies, & find these shards to bring her back. Well, instead of having to blunder I suppose I could give you a few locations.

      1. First Shard - Level 1 - In a chest. This floor is pretty easy, so you don't need much help.
      2. Second Shard - Level 2 - A boss on the teleporter to level 3 is how you'll be grabbing this one.
      3. Third Shard - Level 3 - & yet again, you'll find it in a chest.
      4. Fourth Shard - Level 6 - Well, you have to BUY this one for 99,999,999 gold! I don't think you're going to have anything near that amount, so get into fights with the black/orange enemies on level 12. They'll give you three million a fight!
      5. Fifth Shard - Level 8 - So inventive, you'll find it ... in a chest!
      6. Sixth Shard - Level 11 - A boss on the teleporter to level 13 will give you this shard.
      7. Seventh Shard - Level 13 - You'll be having the final boss battle now, & this will give you the last shard you need. You must have the other 6 shards to trigger this battle though.

      Now, apparently there are some tricky parts to the Mysterious Unison. As I said, you're going to be teleporting around, & on some floors, that's going to be a problem. I would advise you to look up a map or something for this one, because it really is THAT annoying. That said, if you can figure out the teleporting systems ect. on your own, Good job.

      Soul Released - 79
      This will only be available on your second playthrough. When you face Rondo for the first time at the end of "Nocturne", you will recieve the "Heart Pendant" item & shortly after this you will gain access to the teleporters in Baroque. You'll need to go back to Ritardando from the teleporter in Baroque, and talk to the man who'll be in the cave just off the beach. Now you'll need to go back to Baroque, and have a chat with the Former Servant, who will be in the east alley of the town [ this is across from the entrance to the snowy peak]. After you've talked to both of these NPC's, head to Fort Fermata (oh joy!) and use the key you got WAY earlier, to open the door on the west side of the first section. Give the NPC here the Heart Pendant. Make sure that it is NOT equipped to any of your characters before you do this though, because if it is, he won't talk with you. You will recieve an item in exchange for the pendant, & this will trigger yet another achievement, Xylophone's Treasure.

      Xylophone's Treasure - 80

      To unlock this, you're going to continue with the trading sequence that you've started with "Soul Released." When you finally get the Orb from Aria Temple and get to the 7th chapter, you'll want to head for Xylophone Tower & get up to the top floor. Once you get there, there's a door you can open on the back wall, with the orb. So now all you need are the locations of where you'll be trading all this stuff!

      - Fort Fermata - Chord - Heart Pendant for the Pot.
      - Tenuto Village - East house - Pot for the Goat Stew.
      - Chorus Plains - Goat Herder - Goat Stew for a Coupon.
      - Hanon Hills - Merchant - Coupon for some Honey.
      - Baroque Castle - Researcher - Give the Honey to the researcher, who'll send you to get Agogo Droppings. Ick.
      - Agogo Village - Boy - Trade him 20 of Beat's photos of 20 different enemies, in exchange for Agogo Droppings.
      - Baroque Castle - Researcher - Give him the Agogo Droppings, in exchange for an Odd Candy.
      - Hanon Hills - Merchant - Give him the Odd Candy, in exchange for the Glass Ball.
      - Baroque City - Preist - The Preist will tell you to take the Glass Ball to Aria Temple.
      - Aria Temple - Final Room - Trade the Glass Ball for the Orb.

      Again, after all this, you're going back to Xylophone Tower, & opening the back wall.

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    • Fan art, ect.

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      So, if any of you guys have made any PD fan art, please share it here!
      it doesn't have to be something you've drawn, it can be something you've made, whatever.

      GET POSTING. smiley12.gif

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    • Sheldon & Leonards shirts!

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      Want to know where you can score all the awesome, & sometimes hilarious t-shirts that Sheldon & Leonard wear on The Big Bang Theory?
      Or do you really like the belt buckles you always see Howard wearing? Well now you too can score the same awesome gear that they wear!

      It's all over here, at Sheldon's Shirts dot com!

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    • Pushing Daisies Icons; Wallpapers ect.

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      So I have a LOT of Pushing Daisies media on my computer, & I mean a LOT. So I figured that it would be awesome to share it with all of you! I opened up a public Photobucket account called the_pie_hole (obviously!) just to store all this stuff in, so you guys can all go looting! I will post a brief description of the separate albums & what they contain for you, so no one gets confused :

      Main Album : This is where all of the icons are located. they're pretty much all Ned & Chuck icons, that came from Livejournal. So if you do use them on any other sites, at least credit with something like "made by Livejournal user". There are 6 pages of icons here, so feel free to lift whatever you want! if you have some already that you don't see in there, feel free to add them!

      Anna Friel Pictures : This is where all the pictures of Anna are kept (Anna plays Chuck).

      Kristin Chenoweth Pictures : This is where the pictures of Kristin Chenoweth are kept (Kristin plays Olive).

      Lee Pace Pictures : This is where all the pictures of Lee Pace are kept (Lee is obviously Ned).

      Pushing Daisies Banners : This is where I put all of the PD banners, like the one that I have on my page (& the one Jason has on his).

      Pushing Daisies Images, General : This is where the odds and ends are. The pictures of the cast (in character) & some screen caps.

      Pushing Daisies Wallpapers : Wallpapers are obviously here! Thanks to jason for the new one he gave me today. Hopefully I will be getting some more wallpapers in there soon.

      That covers it I believe! Feel free to add things, weather in this forum thread, or into the Photobucket account itself. Stealing, is permitted! go plunder your little hearts out <3

      Photobucket account is located HERE @ the_pie_hole.

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