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    • rvsbrulz

      Guardian of Lives aka Red Shorts

      1 year ago

      I finally have a pool to call my second home.

      A year after my certification for CPR / Life-guarding, and I have finally landed a guard tower chair at Lifetime Fitness.

      Hooray for dedication!

    • rvsbrulz

      Helping Hands for Groups

      1 year ago

      I am in need of a person who can help out with some group business.

      Please message me for details.

    • rvsbrulz

      Why do you guys let me stay away so long?

      2 years ago

      I haven't posted an update in eight months and that's quite shocking.

      I was looking back at old posts and it brought back a lot of good memories, and it also made me think of what's currently going on in my life now.

      Things are good. That's all I can really say. Maybe when I get my thoughts together I 'll give a better overview, but for now everything is just fantastic.

      Gaming wise.. I am missing one. I'll say that again. I am missing ONE achievement for Halo Reach. I need to be the last man standing in an infection match on condemned. If anyone.. ANYONE. has the defiant map pack and will consider helping me to obtain my sweet sweet achievement please add me. My gamer tag is anthonyg4life



      one more time


      So yea, I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with that.

      One other things, thanks to everyone on here for being like a second family, love for everyone out on this site!
      Peace out guys

    • rvsbrulz

      Call It Childish

      3 years ago

      But tomorrow me and my compadres are gonna buy out every Nerf gun in Walmart and have the most EPIC Nerf War of all times.

      Tomorrow will be the destruction of the world.

      Other than that I'm throwin a New Years party and Im trying to decide if I should chill with the drinks or just get completely plastered and see what happens..

      This week is lookin mighty fine..

    • rvsbrulz


      3 years ago

      Not particullary in the tying mood right now but because I havent postes in a while I knew I had to give something.

      Ill just go over today a guess. Short and to the point.

      This morning I drive to a friends. I happen to cross the street as I see another friend of mine crossing from the opposite direction. This turned real awkward Real fast because I was wearing Mirrored aviators with country music playing And both of my windows were down. And I mean I was blasting that sh*t.

      ^^ So that was funny.

      So when I get to the friends house we talk for like 3 hours which went from outside to his basement and we played pool, air hockey, ping pong, and believe it or not his basement is big enough for us to throw a frisbee around in without worry of breaking anything.

      Then we went back out and another friend of ours drove by us and he was in his car with his grandparents. Funny thing is he tried making some smart remark to us but it ended up being a fail which led his grandparents to start laughing at him and telling him to "Just Sit Down" hahahahaha xDD

      Then movies.. I saw Sherlock Holmes 2.. EPIC!!! I know for a fact there will be a third one. So me and my two friends I saw that with all agreed it was great so you guys need to get up and go see that movie.. RIGHT NOW.. I dont CARE what time it is!!

      THEN after that I Picked up another two if my buddies and we went to one of my girlfriends house where she had a few of her friends over. We joked around outside for a bit then they complained of the cold so we all got in my car. The seating arrangment was pretty good in my favor.Not so much my two friends. They were both in the driver seat and shotgun.

      I on the other hand hand blondie with the Kardashian ass sitting on my lap, and the two brunettes on both sides of me rubbing my legs.. If Family Guy didn't teach me about self control I may have been a a lot of trouble there. hahah, or maybe not, who knows..

      Then my friend asks if he can drive my car in exchange for me holding on to his wallet. When I finally agree to this he tries to start the car and it WONT START!

      It was already an hour past cerfew and THIS happens.. so we call up anybody we know who knows about cars, popped the hood and checked it out and couldnt figure out the problem.We ended up just leaving it off for a while after we put it in neutral and pushed it out of the driveway. Waited about 15 minutes and when I went back to try and start it again I put my head and the steering wheel for about a good 30 seconds and just prayed to JESUS. The second I turned the key my eyes lit up with joy and started to yell like crazy!

      So I dropped my friends off, drove home, had an hour long convo on the phone with a good friend of mine and here I am now.

      Well, so much for a short journal.

      Later guys.

    • rvsbrulz

      The Past 48 Hrs... or somethin like that

      3 years ago

      Well just so you all know.. I PASSED my final driving test! I have obtained that sweet sweet card which I have been looking forward too most of my natural living life.

      The things I've done already are amazing.

      I have already been on the phone behind the wheel, texting behind the wheel, I have had five people in my car at once and a bunch of other shit I dont really feel like I should mention right now..

      Oh... Tonight I was out driving with a friend till like two a.m. and the curfew is like at eleven.. Just shows how good of a driver I am obviously..

      Umm, on the awesome part of my night... Me and a few of my friends drove around in my best friends mini van.. not his usual ride but the BMW was in the shop... so he had to take his moms car for the night.

      And what the hell, You apparently CAN have fun in a mini van.

      While my friend drove me and four others had all of the seats down and my friend driving basically just drove like a maniac while the rest of us flew around in the back.. It was GREAT!!

      All I can really say after that is that I have a few brusies I didnt leave my house with.. but it was worth it.. ya know.. due to it being fun as hell!!

      Also.. we happened to run into two houses that were just throwing away old couches.. and what do three 16 olds and two 17 year olds think to do at this sight you may ask!?!?!?!


      One we threw on my friends ex gf's lawn and the other one happens to be sitting in my garage as of now.
      We are planning on doing something epic with it tomorrow.. or should I say later today since its like almost 4 in the morning...
      Oh well..

      OH YEA!
      The one in my garage right now we drove to some of our gf's house at like 12 and told them to come outside.. They were having like a sleep over or something... So when they came out everyone just chilled in the back of the van on the couch.. totally amazing..

      So yea, that was basically the night for me.. ever since I got home at like 2 or whatever Ive been watching Futurama.. great show btw.,, (Maybe not so much once it hits season 5 *except for the epi. where they show Bender as a baby.. I absolutely loved that)

      So yea, that kind of answers Holly's comment from like a day ago..(responded with a journal xD)

      GOT MY DRIVER's LICENSE!!! And its not gonna take one more year... Screw you Mrs. Puff hahaha

    • rvsbrulz

      Full Blown Hangover

      3 years ago

      Time to go get that license!


      I'll let you guys now how well this goes when I get back haha

    • rvsbrulz

      Mah Turn

      3 years ago

      So I'm going to be posting a Q&A video in the near future in response to Holly's just because I need to make one that is way better than hers.

      Haha Holly, but it must be done.

      So yea, Comense with the questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      In other news

      The following two weeks are going to be absolutely amazing!

      I'm throwing probably like Christmas themed parties at my house like every day the first week, then I'm gonna get my party on with one of my best friends who happens to live in Colorado!

      Btw, party wise I am a little low on games of the drinking type. So if anyone knows of any cool or fun drinking games and would care to explain the rules to them feel free to share.

      Well yea, I got a hair cut... I figured it was time to stop looking like Justing Beiber.
      The only sad part of it is is that while I sat there and had some strange woman at Sports Clips cut it off I felt sad to see it all go away. Parting with my hair is like taking away a little chunk of my soul.

      If anyone remembers me posting about loosing my friends PSP a while back I have news on that.
      The news is not good.
      I still have yet to find it. And he mentioned coming over during break to get it back which means that I am either going to have to ignore everyone of his phone calls or just get it over with and tell him. What do you guys think I should?

      Gaming news

      I haven't played xbox in two months. It's been rough but maybe after all the partying I may find some spare time to get some missed gaming time in over break.
      I've seen some pretty cool trailers recently. One in particular that I would like to share with you is Transformers Fall of Cybertron. I really thought they did a good job of finding the right background music. It helps getting across the point that they won't be able to win the fight unless they work together. Also, pay attention to when the giant autobot in the back nods his head. He's basically saying watch me, I'm about to kick some ass, you guys can just sit back and relax.
      Also, be sure to put it in 1080p.. It makes it so much better.


      Well I was suppost to have some outline thing filled out the other day because we were suppose to write an entire essay in one class period.
      Funny thing about that.
      I didn't touch the outline template. Didn't even bother to look at it.
      I come in to class today and all I get to look at is how I got a letter grade better then everyone else who actually did the outline.
      Sucks to suck. I love how I'm able to do better work on the spot than people who actually did prepare for shit.

      I just realized this is gonna go on for a while. (I haven't been posting journals on a regular basis and I finally found the time to get something together)

      Hmm, what have I not talked about yet....

      I went to my little sis's show tonight. Only four years old and she is already more talented than I am. Haha, That will never happen. But no for real, she sang, danced, and did sign language all at the same time! Sitting in the audience I was thinking WTH? When I was in kindercare all I did was fingerpaint and sleep. Now they have little kids doing all of this. When I think of it I'm actaully kind of jealous. I wish people did that back when I was in PreK because if I am awesome now just think how much better I would have been.

      Yea, so I just took a little break from typin and went onto YouTube only to run into this!
      Pretty funny.

      OMG I almost forgot! I'm getting my license on Saturday! I can finally drive.. well legaly anyways. xD
      One big thing is is that as long as I keep my grades the way they are (which I don't see as being a problem) I will be driving around in either my dream car, a Camaro, or my other dream car, a Corvette probably by the new year!
      The only problem is that with me being a guy and all the insurance will be CRAZY JACKED

      So yea, time for me to start applying for more jobs. :(

      Um, job wise me and my friend are going to start a lawn mowing service either next summer or at least once it gets warmer out.. We already have a bunch of other people who want to get involved with it so that's gonna be pretty sweet.

      Well I honestly feel like I have gona on for long enough. As you can see I have a lot more stuff to talk about and will be posting regularly like usual.

      Don't forget I love all you guys on RT

      Also don't forget to post your questions for my video in response to Holly's, and tell me what you guys thought about that trailer for the Fall of Cybertron.

      One last thing.. does anybody on here listen to Dubstep? Its really starting to turn into a popular choice of music in my area and I couldn't help but get sucked into it.

      Alright that's it for now, later guys!

      Anthony out

    • rvsbrulz


      3 years ago

      Fucked up friends.

      My friends took me to this chicks house who apparently wanted to see my junk.. so when we got there me and her went in the back and the only word that was spoken was "Nice..."

      Only one amazing thing that took place during this one hell of a great night.

    • rvsbrulz

      Life Is Good.. mostly

      3 years ago

      Well plain and simple that's just the way it is.

      Also, I am aware that two of my most recently made friends on here are being shoed away from this site by their parents. All I have to say is that it was cool getting to talk to you while I did, and I hope you gals aren't permanently banned from here.

      I too understand that this site is mostly a safe haven to be free and open with people. I can obviously open up to my friends, but by being here this is my way of getting honest opinions or good advice from all of the cool people I have met here.

      Another thing, you guys obviously know who you are if you are reading this. I've always had problems with the whole beleiving in something greater too, so it would be great to get to talk to you guys about it. I really would appreciate help with that.

      One final thing.. swearing/cussing/bad words.. whatever the FUCK you want to call it. There is NOTHING in the Bible or anywhere that says there is something wrong with using such words.. It's common with the whole world to swear and if your getting punished because of using these words when they are just being used to back up a statement then they are obviously STRONGLY misguided.

      So yea, I hope everythig works out for the two of you.


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    • teejay929


      3 years ago

      If you would be so kind as to tell me HOW to delete my halo group, I'll get on that as soon as possible.

    • BRowndEE


      3 years ago

      dayum, I have plenty of time to do stupid shit with my friends, and I never seem to neglect the site for more than a WEEK!
      ehhh I'm alright, nothing special going on in my life. What about yours?

    • BRowndEE


      3 years ago

      where the fuck have you been?

    • theiviaster


      3 years ago

      Merry Christmas! :D

    • BRowndEE


      3 years ago

      so how did things go?

    • CptnOmally


      3 years ago

      You could reciprocate by asking me questions in my previous journal for the Q&A I just so happen to be putting together.

    • CptnOmally


      3 years ago

      I would love you forever..

    • CptnOmally


      3 years ago

      Trying to get on my good side haha? I love your comment! Why is there not a love mod?>

    • BRowndEE


      3 years ago

      you better step it up, or all your questions will be answered by him! the one that never leaves smiley7.gif

    • BRowndEE


      3 years ago

      join the club, its annoying when I get notifications about it, I go to the page and see an entire conversation between two people in my pictures/posts *coughBlagarth and CptnOmallycough*