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      1 year ago

      rwbybattlecardgame FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Hey, so this is long overdue. Sorry, I’m a terrible procrastinator (actually no, I’m quite skilled at it), but here’s a bit of an update.

      So where the heck have you been?: Yeah, sorry again. Honestly, I had this thing written in my mind for about 3 months, just when it comes to putting it on “paper” that I stall out. But yeah, I’ve been distracted for a couple reasons, one of which isn’t a lame excuse. The holidays were pretty crazy. We ended up hosting my entire family in our tiny house, which included both my divorced and remarried parents. That makes it sound like we’re a big happy family, but it truly was a Christmas miracle my step parents didn’t go psycho on anyone (they waited until after New Years for that).

                      Also, started GMing my first Pathfinders campaign a while ago. Come to find out, running a game is a bit more time consuming than just being a player (who knew). It’s been a lot of fun though. If anyone’s looking for a pre made campaign that has good structure and story, but still allows a lot of opportunities to customize check out Iron Gods.

                      On a more serious, there has been some major life stuff going on. If you follow my twitter you may have seen me post a picture of my wife in the hospital with a Blake doll. I’ll save everyone the full medical report, but she’s been battling brain cancer since 2008. Back in October of 2016 it unfortunately developed into a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor. With surgery, proton radiation, and chemotherapy she’s been able to keep it at bay, but at stage 4 it’s no longer a question of if, it’s a matter of when. She had a reaction to the chemo back in October of last year (when the first post was made), and again at the beginning of January (great way to start the year).  So understandably, that’s taken up a good portion of my time, and as much as I love RWBY and the game I’ve made, she will always be my top priority. Everyone’s words of encouragement have been greatly appreciated, and Arryn sending her a tweet just made her beam with the biggest smile (Blake’s always been her favorite. She likes cats). About half of those diagnosed with a glioblastoma pass within the first year, 3-10% can make it up to 5 years, but there have been rare cases of people living for 10-20 years. She’s 5 foot nothing, barely 100 pounds, but she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known. If anyone can make it, it’s her.

                      Ok, as my wife would say “no tears, only smiles,” so let’s move on to some fun game talk.

      How many types of cards are there?: Currently, there are 4 different types of cards in the game. The names are working titles and subject to change.

      Hero cards: Every character in the game has 1 hero card. The closest comparison is that they’re similar to Pokemon cards from the TCG, in that they have hp (aura) and attack. Unlike Pokemon cards, hero cards aren’t part of your deck and start out in play at the beginning of the match. Each hero card also has a power that is unique to that character.

      Ability cards: These are pretty straight forward. On your turn you play the card from your hand, and do what the card says. When you’re done doing the thing, discard it.

      Skill cards: Like Ability cards, these are played from your hand on your turn. However, instead of being once and done, skill cards are attached to their corresponding hero cards and can remain in play for an extended duration. Some buff the character, while others can add effects to their attacks.

      React cards: Unlike ability and skill cards, react cards are played on your opponent’s turn when they attack you. Kind of like trap cards from Yugioh, except they’re played from your hand. They’re used to block or counter attacks.

                      I also had ideas for item cards (cards that could be used by any character) and team attack cards (requiring 2 specific heroes in your line up to use), but I didn’t want to over complicate things from the onset. I might work on those later.

      Get anything good out of volume 5?: Some stuff, yeah. As a fan, I actually really liked that this volume was more focused on character stories rather than action. When it comes to creating this game however, the fewer fights put me at a bit of a disadvantage since I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I figured out what I’m going to do with Ilia though, and getting to see Hazel in action gave me some ideas for him too. Raven being the spring maiden made things a little difficult at first, but challenges make for interesting solutions, and I got some pretty neat plans for the Maidens.

                      Of course, the character deaths were kind of a downer. Seeing someone new thinking “hey, they look pretty cool. I can’t wait to see… and they’re dead.” Though I’d hate to waste an opportunity to make more decks, so I think I can make something work for Leo and Vernal. Sienna Khan unfortunately got too little screen time, and anything I do for her would feel forced.

                      Surprisingly, with the reveal of Jaune’s semblance I won’t have to rework his deck at all. He was already built as a tanky support that sort of “buffs” allies. I may tweak some cards, or add new ones for potential expansions.

      What are you working on now?: I’ve had my fifth deck (Sun, Coco, Velvet, and Gwen) ready to play test for a while now, I just haven’t gotten the chance for it. Junior Xiong is one card short from being ready to be transferred to the card template, and Flint, Neon, and Dew are all in different states of rough draft. Arslan, Tyrian, Adam, Ilia, Hazel, Leo, Vernal, and the Malachite twins are all in the concept phase. I have their decks roughly planned out, I just haven’t typed them up yet.

                      I have some non-character deck ideas that I’ve been wanting to work on, but I don’t want to start on those until I finish what I already started on. Hopefully, I can have all those characters done before volume 6 when they start introducing more characters.

      That’s it for now. Got some more stuff I want to share, but I’ll save it for next time. Hopefully it’ll be sooner than 4 months.

    • Game development post #1

      1 year ago

      rwbybattlecardgame FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      I’ve been meaning to give a little info dump on the game for a while. Might as well get it done.

      What is the game like?: Gameplay is similar to CCGs. I suppose the closest comparison would be that it’s like the Pokemon card game, with a little bit of Magic the Gathering in it (I mean, what card game doesn’t have some MtG in it). Each character has hit points and attacks, and the objective is to knock out your opponent’s characters before they knock out yours.

      Is it a CCG?: It plays like one, but not really. Calling it a Battle Card Game was definitely a deliberate decision. The RWBY: BCG is what is referred to as a Living Card Game (don’t ask why, I have no clue) in that instead of being distributed in random blind packs like CCGs, LCGs have a fixed distribution method. For example, the game would be “sold” in decks. If both you and I have the team RWBY deck, then we both have the exact same deck. That’s not to say there’s no opportunity to customize you game though. Each team deck is divided into four hero decks (one for each character), you take any four hero decks, shuffle them together, and voilà, you got a team deck. So then if I had team RWBY and team JNPR (which I do, obviously), then I could play team RWBY, JNPR, RNJR, JWPY, BYNP, or whatever I like. Currently, with the five decks in the game there is a total of 4,825 unique deck combinations, however if you’d like you can just buy one deck and never have to spend another dime.

      Is there a resource system?: Eh, sort of. There’s no mana, energy, or the like. I felt games that use those kind of have a slow, tactical build-up to their gameplay. Which is fine, but RWBY is anything but slow paced. Your “resource” is the actions you can perform on your turn. Each character can perform actions A, B, and C once per turn, and you can do action D once on your opponent’s turn (by default). There are certain cards or actions that can grant you additional actions or even limit what actions your opponent can use. Basically, I tried to build a game where you didn’t have to wait till round 7 before you can start doing cool stuff. I wanted you to come out of the gate swinging.

      How many players?: By default, it’s 1v1, but I have played it as a three player free for all. Gameplay is pretty much the same, but there is one additional rule that limits how many times you can attack a single player. I’ve played four player MtG and the strategy always end up being three player focuses down one, then two gang up on one, then it’s just regular MtG. Strategically it makes sense, but it’s not really fun (especially if you’re on the receiving end). The added rule does make the game run a bit longer, but it balances it out better.

      What characters are in the game?: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang (RWBY, no surprise), Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, Ren (JNPR), Cinder, Roman, Mercury, and Emerald (CRME) were all part of the original printing (version 1.0). Qrow, Winter, Penny, and Neo (what I’ve been calling quipping) came about in version 2.0. Just recently with the printing of version 4.0 I’ve introduced Sun, Coco, Velvet, and Gwen Darcy (of NDGO fame, because why not). The first three decks were designed to be balanced as team decks, but also for each hero deck to be able to work independently from their other teammates. The other two decks were just designed with the hero deck in mind, and not balanced to be played together (but you can if you want to).

      What kind of art is in the game?: To be honest, the visuals have been scarce. They’ve certainly come a long way since version 1.0, but my main focus has been on gameplay, theme, and balance. Most cards simply have placeholder colors, but there are a few cards that have either official Rooster Teeth art, or screen shots from the show (since it follows their content usage guidelines). I know technically I could use other artist’s fan art since I’m not selling it, distributing it, or claiming it as my own, but I don’t think that would be fair to them even if this is just a prototype fan project. They worked their butts off on those pictures, I shouldn’t go copy/paste it just because I can’t art good. Sure I can ask permission, but like I said, I’ve been focused on the meat and potatoes. However, if any artists say they don’t mind me slapping there pictures on a card then I promise I shall use your work responsibly, and abide by the same guidelines as stated by Rooster Teeth.

      With RWBY: Combat Ready funded, do you think there’s still a place for the RWBY Battle Card Game?: I think so (though I may be a little bias on that). Combat Ready looks to be focused more on the mission/adventure aspects from the show (“hey team, let’s go fight some bad guys”), where BCG draws inspiration from the vital festival tournament from volume 3 (“you, me, bring it on”). The real world pacing and setting also seem to be different, with Combat Ready being a game you and your buddies can all sit around the table and play for an hour or more, whereas BCG can be played by taking your deck to your local game store/skate park/malt shop (those are places people play cards right) and duking it out for 15-20 minutes. I think the longevity of the two games could potentially differ as well. While Rooster Teeth can continue Combat Ready’s life span with expansions adding more heroes, villains, objective, etc. (and I certainly hope they do), if they wanted to for some reason they could leave this game as a one off deal. BCG possibly almost necessitates a long life span, with part of its entertainment and value coming from the release of future decks. Though to be honest, both games have the potential to last six seasons and a movie or more.

      Unrelated question, what are your thoughts on Combat Ready?: So far, I like what I see. It seems to have a strong focus on theme, especially with each character having their own deck (something I myself strived for). I like that the earlier stretch goals are focused on improving the quality of the material (I really want them double layered tracker scrolls). I’ve played co-op board games where what they call an “alpha gamer” starts dictating what everyone needs to do and essentially runs (or ruins) the entire game for everyone, but I think the fact that everyone can do something even if it’s not their turn should help mitigate that. A part of me hopes it doesn’t include rules for someone to play as the villain, but for selfish reasons because that would be a great idea. One of my favorite things to do is pick apart board games and find new and interesting ways to play it by adding or changing rules. I think I’m gonna have a field day with this one. July can’t get here soon enough.

    • Getting started... sort of.

      1 year ago

      rwbybattlecardgame FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      So I've been working on a RWBY card game for over a year now. It's still just a rough prototype, but it's been coming along quite nicely (gameplay wise, images... maybe not as much). I've been able to play test it a number of times, mostly with close friends and family members, but I've been hesitant to open up play testing to others because I've been burned in the past when it comes to sharing my ideas. Though I've been told recently by a game designer insiders that the tabletop designer industry is a pretty supportive community, with sneaky idea stealing happening very rarely and is always frowned upon. 

      I figured it might be time to open up the game to more play testers, but instead of just grabbing random Joe/Jane gamer from my local comic shop, I'd like to give the opportunity to some of the folks from the Rooster Teeth community. More specifically those in the central Florida area (because that's where I live). The RT Florida community seems like a pack of cool lads and ladies, so I might be reaching out to them... in a bit. For as long as I've been a RT fan this is the first I've fiddled with the site outside of videos and shopping, so I think I need to take some time to figure out how things work around here to minimize the likelihood of any internet faux pas. Plus, I should probably get to know the RT Florida people before trying to drag them into my hair ball well thought out game idea.

      But in any event, if someone was to stumble upon this post, I also have a twitter account that I specifically use for the game (try to at least. She's not part of RWBY yet, but I can't not follow Mica). You can find it here I think, if I did it right (@RWBY_bcg if I didn't). I try to stay active on it with regular updates, but like I said I've been hesitant to divulge much about the game, so it's not a wealth of info on the game.

      Ok, I think that's good for now. It sure will be nice to post things without a 140 character limit. More to come... eventually.

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