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    • Qeustion?

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      So i play league of legends in my spare time and noticed something new today.

      The new league of legends skin for lee sin (god fist lee sin), the voice seemed familiar.

      It reminded me of crow from RWBY. 

      Link to check it yourself: 


      So they seem similar right ?

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    • RWBY - related news...

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      So like a lot of people in this fanbase i read manga. And just happen to read this:

      So apparently we got a official manga adaptation.

      And it's already not cannon. Of Course i can be wrong and what i read in the first chapter was just to get everyone hyped... but it was left on a cliffhanger. Meaning we will either get flashbacks later or it will go non-canon right from the start. Art wise, it could use some more background, the character look good if you ignore that they are all about the same height all of the sudden.

      So yeah i would like a explanation. Or did i miss a announcement.

      This post was made on 23-11-2015 4 AM.

      Just adding it there incase Roosterteeth was slow on the uptake.

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      Sigh i wish they would upload the podacst withing in 18 hours for sponsors...

    • The Podcast early!

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      Thank you for giving this a view or read! This has come to mind the last couple of weeks so bare with me!
      The podcast has a fixed schedule. For most people in Europe its in the early mornings and some including me try to watch it live!
      But school has started again. watching it and forgoing sleep is not a option anymore.

      I am NOT asking if RT could move it so that Europe could watch it without loosing sleep. We get that the main fan-base is in the US.
      But i would like to watch it the next day! Again stating that after 24:00 is a no go if school starts.
      But it´s not uploaded the next day, not for Europe at least! The video is again uploaded in the early morning of Wednesday. So to summarize: The podcast is on a Monday uploaded on a Tuesday for Europe its live on Tuesday and uploaded on Wednesday.

      So, my question: Could the podcast be Uploaded not 24 hours later but maybe 18 to 20 hours ? That way at least most of west Europe can watch it before 24:00.

      As a sponsor we get to watch the podcast a week earlier then the non-sponsors if we did not get to watch it live,
      Maybe this too can be a special feature for the European sponsors!

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    • 5 years ago

    • Tease It Production videos got removed!

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      So, not many of you will know that Tease it production is a artist/group of artists that make EDM with sample voices from let's plays and podcasts.
      For those that want to go check it out, that ain't possible anymore. They got removed by youtube.

      The reason i made this topic: I want to know if roosterteeth knows about this and if they are working to solve this problem.
      So far i have read a reddit post from the producer. But 7 days later still no update.

      And i am wondering if roosterteeth can give premision thruw youtube to the producer for use of their copyright content. Even though he played by the rules....

      So ye hoping that this will atleast catch their attention.

      Sorry for the bad grammer!

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    • 5 years ago


      After being a fan for more then 2 years i finnaly became a sponsor.

    • 2019 years ago

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