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    • 5 years ago

    • Today is the day...

      5 years ago


      The internet stopped to watch an Ostrich hatch.

    • RWBY

      5 years ago


      Needs to be longer..

      Sweet opening though. Gotta say it really is an instant win.

    • Just 1 more day!!

      5 years ago


      So as of tomorrow night I will begin my mid year break from Study. I have set myself some hefty goals, continuing my fitness regime that I have begun, although it's leaving me exhausted. Get back to READING, seriously studying Law is killing my want to read, though I'm beginning to get back into the swing of things. Watch Anime, I have a HUUUGE collection of anime, but so many have never been watched, I intend to remedy this. Write, it's nice to write, back to that for me. Socialise, Study tends to make me a hermit, so I must catch up with friends.
      Those are the goals, I have written it on here so in 3 weeks when my break is over I can feel dissapointed about not achieving any. smiley1.gif

    • Microsoft E3

      6 years ago


      So Microsoft's E3 presentation was really really good, basically because it was all games, and a diverse selection of games at that, actually showing gameplay. To be Honest it has opened me up a bit more to the idea of the Xbox One, but then I stop and think about all the issues regarding online connectivity, the Kinect, and the anti consumer used games ball shit, that worst of all is in no way necessary for the console to function. I would pass on it in preference of another console, but then there's the issue of Halo, I'm so committed to the franchise as whole, pre ordering the best editions of each games, immersing myself in the lore and expanded universe in all forms of media that is available, that it seems ridiculous that I would deny myself the games of what appear to be some of the most interesting instalments yet. I find myself in a real pickle. Though IF I do get the Xbox One it will no doubt be when the next Halo releases, which should see price drops, hardware and software fixes to make things not too bad. I am still very much on the fence with the console though, the issues it raises are very VERY serious, I am still leaning more to not buying one.

    • Rooster Teeth Youtube Fans

      6 years ago


      I will never for the life of me understand the Youtube fans of Rooster Teeth, they lack all common sense and humour. I never ever run into these kind of situations on the site, yet every time I make a post on a Rooster Teeth Youtube release of a video it's met with a group of people taking offence at it, or the comments themselves are filled with people arguing about the video.
      I just do not understand.

    • Obama Won

      6 years ago


      Mitt Romney if you see this, it's ok. I'm not the President of the US either.

    • HALO 4

      6 years ago


      Just finished it.... WICKET AWESOME GAME!! And sooooooooooooooooo purdy! weapons are also great, and story was fantastic.

    • THE PLAN!!

      7 years ago


      Rule 1: NO CHILDREN! Do the kind thing end their lives so they do not need to suffer in the world. Once they are dead, destroy the brain.

      Rule 2: NO WOMEN! They are distracting, the last thing you need to be doing is staring at the living. Plus they bleed, the dead can most likely smell that, and tampons were the first to go, even before the food in the initial panic. Also how about focusing on staying alive instead of sex dick-head.

      Rule 3: PLENTY OF MINORITIES! A horribly racist lesson but one that must be learnt. If movies have taught me anything is that ALL ethnicities are killed before white people, so keep at least 4 living people of colour around you at all times.


      Rule 5: BEACH!! Head to the beach, a secluded beach, all dead will most likely be in the city, and everyone will be heading to the country further inland, but what happens at the beach?

      Rule 6: BOAT! Make sure you know for a fact the are you have chosen has plenty of boats, then go out just off the mainland. You may choose to live there, only going to shore for supply's. BUT IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS FOLLOW ME !!!

      Rule 7: SET SAIL! Guess what were leaving! "Why!?" BECAUSE ZOMBIES YOU IDIOT!! Head to a coastal land below freezing. Zombies have no bod heat and thus freeze.
      For me it's New Zealand. THUS I CONTINUE!!

      Rule 8: RESTOCK INVENTORY!! You're rather safe now so get supply's, don't worry they're from New Zealand and I'm Australian, they have to give it to us, it's international law.

      Rule 9: BIG FUCKING BOAT!! Guess where were going in our cruiser, FUCKING NORTH!!! There's nowhere to live south, so north it is. AND GUESS WHAT, your now armed and have a bigger crew. People will join you after hearing the awesome plan. And with all those sheep there must be farmers, and farmers have rifles, and as explained in Rule 8, they have to give them to you.

      Rule 10: DESTINATION! Many choices. GO SOMEWHERE YOU KNOW!

      (Choice 1) Greenland, it's got the right freezing temperature, but nothings there, but there are volcanoes.

      (Choice 2) Europe and Asia, beautiful, people are interesting, but get to North and East things get fucking weird. Plus I know nothing about the islands north of the Continent.

      (Choice 3) North America, your choices are Canada and Alaska, Canada's got a lot of cool things going for it, but Alaska is armed to the teeth.

      Conclusion: Alaska!

      Rule 11: Sarah Palin! Crazy yes. But armed and easy to manipulate. Wrap yourself in an American Flag, blame Obama for the out break of zombies, call them terrorist Socialist and agree with everything she say's. Now you live out your day's in the miserable cold, surrounded by people you hate, knowing this is as good as it gets. Pretending you agree with everything to avoid confrontation. Not only are you alive you're an adult by default.

      Rule 12: KILL YOURSELF:] Face it you're really not that resourceful, and its your quick choice or being torn apart alive. Your not cut out for this, and Rules 1 through 11 were just to humour you.

      And that Ladies and Gentleman,
      Is my Zombie plan.

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      6 years ago

      thanks for the add

    • Caiti FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Velvet Scarlatina

      7 years ago

      Hey there!

      The Official Rooster Teeth fan event, RTOZ, is just around the corner! I just wanted to remind you to buy your ticket, if you haven't already, as they are limited in number. The event is going to be on the 16th of June with the attendance of Drop Bear Gladiator, Burnie Burns and Space cowboy/Free "Thinker" Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth.


      The night will be filled with bowling, laser tag, food and Xbox comps and arcade games. We will even jam in an exclusive panel with Burnie and Gavin! Seriously, who wouldn't want to listen to Gavin talk?
      But wait, there's more! You will also receive a Roo Teeth goodie bag and an RTOZ shirt! The shirt automatically gets you bragging rights among your friends and allow you to defeat the dirty Blues!*

      So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket here! Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite the Blues (maybe). And join us for a action packed and awesome night of fun with the Australian Rooster Teeth community starring Burnie and Gavino!

      * Actual results may vary.

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