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    • partman18

      12 years ago

      hey, hows it goin?

    • spartan_lee

      12 years ago

      sorry man already leader of white ninja's

    • super_noob

      12 years ago

      um sure

    • ChiggyDude

      12 years ago

      no im good.

    • pigzer0

      12 years ago

      welcome!!!!! if you have any quetions or photoshop requests, please let me know bigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngbigsmile.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.pngmasterchief.png

    • ilikeme00000

      12 years ago

      WElcome to RvB. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to tell me.

    • goose69

      12 years ago

      welcome to the site,i hope you have as much fun as everybody else does

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