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    • It's Pickle, Bitch.

      2 years ago


      it’s weird. it’s really weird. i joined a stream to talk to someone i followed on tumblr ( bc im actually lowkey shy like that ) and ended up finding somewhere i belonged. in amongst the sex jokes, the heartfelt discussions, the challenges and the roasting, i found a community.

      honestly, when i decided to join that stream, i didn’t really expect to be laughing along, making fun of the other viewers with everyone else, but i did. i didn’t expect to learn people’s names, or to add people on skype at the end. i didn’t expect to be added to their group chat. but, most of all, i didn’t expect to be so utterly welcomed. people didn’t question me, didn’t alienate me. i was so relieved. never before in my life had people so quickly warmed to me. i felt honoured.

      my life was so different then than it is now, and i have all of you to thank for that. you all accepted me for the asshole i was - and still am - you never pushed me away. back then, i wasn’t comfortable with where i was. i didn’t feel like i had anyone i could talk to, could get advice from, who really understood me.

      now, i can’t imagine it. i can’t imagine not checking twitter, seeing all the conversations i missed, full of inside jokes i don’t need to understand to smile at. there’s an overwhelming joy, being able to see how talented everyone is and being able to speak to them about it without feeling awkward.

      this is all thanks to you, dylan and taylor. all of it is thanks to you. if you hadn’t of started this - if you hadn’t decided to stream, i wouldn’t have found some of the most important people in my life - including the both of you. i want to say thank you. from the bottom of my heart. if you hadn’t have been as funny as you both are, i doubt i would have stayed. the idea that i would have missed all of this is upsetting. you both managed to pull together a community - no, scratch that - a family. just by being yourselves.

      sure, we have our faults. but, at the end of the day, we’ll always be by each other. regardless as to whether that’s to support, to mock, to roast, to love, to tease etc. it doesn’t matter. thanks to all of you, i’ve become more confident. if you asked me before if i’d ever fly by myself, i definitely would’ve said no. but now? well - i already have.

      i should probably wrap this post up now. i just want to say: to all of you who are new, who still have so many wondrous months, who are still deciding whether to stay with us; you won't regret it. in fact, you might find what you’ve been looking for this entire time. i know i sure did.

    • 3 years ago

    • 4 years ago


      I actually got a place in the college course I wanted!
      Although it's with my school, so I only go on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but it's still a step closer to my dream job, so I'm really excited to start!

      I'm so glad I've been working on my self confidence and my ability to do things alone is definitely getting better! So, thank you RT for making me so jealous of all the stuff you do and how confident you all seem, I finally decided to actually deal with myself.

      Hannah smiley12.gif

    • 4 years ago

    • One Year.

      5 years ago


      It's been roughly a year since I started watching Roosterteeth. Which began with the odd video here and there soon grew into an admiration and, at some level, envy. I had always wanted to be as happy as those I watched consistently and I put it down as my own fault. Since then, I have grown and matured and altered as a person, into someone who is much happier and knows where they want to go in life.

      Roosterteeth has brought me new friends and has also allowed me to share the happiness of several huge events over the course of a year. I like to believe I too have changed positively and will continue to do so in the years to follow.

      Thank you, roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter for being there for me in tough times. I understand that I am just one silly girl with an ambition, but I'd still like to thank you for helping me to realise that the obstacles I have faced are but mere milestones to show how far I've come.

      So, enough of me dwelling in the past. I look forward to another year of tears, laughing and more importantly, really dumb jokes that become very expensive t-shirts.


    • 5 years ago


      Had an interview for college today, the interviewer (Colin) was lovely, he said he'd love for me to have a place!

      So excited to see if I actually get one of sixteen places.


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