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    • How much $ you made from Gambling?

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      I'm a huge blackjack player. Most I've ever been up is $800 on a $15 table, but I only walked out with an extra $400 for my wallet. Got way too greedy near the end of my time at the table.

      Most I've won is like $35 on nickel slots. My mother on the other hand has won $2,000 from nickel slots and I was there (Foxwoods Resort Casino*, CT, USA). We ended up buying a new fridge,oven, and stove with the money.

      One time when I was a kid my mom bought me a bingo scratch off ticket and I won like $35 as well. I think my father has won $10 playing mega millions but that's it >_>

      *Foxwoods used to be (it still might be) the largest casino in the US and the 3rd largest in the world

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    • Podcast Dedicated to Monty Transcript - Part 2

      4 years ago


      B: It was years later, he went to work for Midway, out to the west coast after he changed jobs in the video game industry, and that's when I caught up to him again, is Khale Anonymous, who is... ETC, how do you say it? E.T.C. at Machinima? He had a panel, and he invited me to be on it, and I was like "oh man I've never been on a panel at Comic Con, what's that all about?', and I looked at the list of people and on there was Monty Oum, and [video cut out] he's very sure of himself, but he doesn't a lot in those scenario's, he doesn't do that kind of thing.

      Gray: That's how I knew him for the first large chunk of time, at this point you guys were at 636, and um... uh... this was RVB9 so he was what, with you guys, what, for a little over a year at that point?

      B: So his first day was the last day of season 7. He secretly worked on a shot in season 7 Red Vs. Blue, the laser face shot. He had done it with a Spartan laser, kinda faked it, and Monty was like, "oh that can be better'.

      Gus: I remember you setting that shot up, and ordered you to try plate it correctly and make it look right. You covered the television in Post-It Note's. Do you remember that?

      B: Cause I had to line it back up again

      Gus: Yeah and you were only trying to expose the parts of a shot that were supposed to line up with everything covered in a sea of Post-It Note's, and I think that's when he walked in and was like, "no'. He was disgusted with your process.

      B: Yeah that's when we had to match shots in theater mode we would have to do that

      Gray: So um... I met him early in RVB 9, VFX a the time, and uh... a bunch of us were in the upstairs part of the office, I think uh... Monty more or less had the entire downstairs, like the entire soundstage/green screen area was his domain. You know as RVB 9 ramped up, folks were occupying that space. It was just kind of crazy, I'd go downstairs, and uh... be where all of this stuff was spread out. I'd see all the chemicals, and the props, and the costumes.

      M: Chemicals...

      Gray: Yeah, and uh... and all the nerf stuff. And I think he was the originator of half of the nerf weaponry that's been around here.

      M: Probably

      Gray: Yeah just walking downstairs cause all this animation would go over to post, and t was just stuff I knew the work on Haloid was down there somewhere. Went downstairs and just wanted to say hello and... I distinctly remember the first words i got out of him were, "eh'. Eventually you get the rhythm of conversation going, you can geek out about the same stuff, and it just goes on from there. But yeah I think he was still kinda getting used to the company was growing new faces were starting to show up, and he didn't have the whole, you know, 2,000 square foot thing's...quite to himself anymore

      B: Yeah but he was never a an order, like a huge talker, at panels, he'd be quite on the podcast. He was definite'y somebody who was so dedicated to his work so that he wanted to impress people, was that way. At the same time, you know, I think everyone here can tell a story of like being here for whatever reason at...midnight/10PM just one night for whatever reason they were here, and then they'd get into a 2 hour conversation with Monty about something, whether it was like Matrix movies, or, ya know, Monty liked Game Grumps, everything and anything Monty was consuming lots of different stuff and was a fan of so many different things.

      Gray: Just losing sense of time while talking to him was always the neatest little trick... and then you realized 3 hours had gone by and then you could just get back to your shot or whatever.

    • Podcast Dedicated to Monty Transcript - Part 1

      4 years ago


      Gus: Despite the fact that he, ya know, didn't feature regularly on the podcast, he was here most night's, mooching pizza, lunch on the sides over here

      Burnie: Or he would, he would be in his office, as he always did, he was watching something and making something at the same time, that was kind of his M.O. and uh, he would have the Rooster Teeth podcast, and then he would stop to make sure to tweet at me, that we already talked about this. Tell me in a way that I was wrong. But he also had suggestions when we were looking for something to talk about.


      Gus: One of his memories of Monty today on the website and uh... he uh... told a story I have forgotten about, which was when we were out shooting the first immersion which was the video game car, that uh... ya know we were between takes, we were between set ups, and... we were all standing around. We were like "Do you hear heavy metal music? Like where is that coming from? And uh... that was the first time I experienced Monty in powered down mode. He was just off to the side with his headphones in, full blast. Totally asleep. We went up and were like, "are you okay, do you wanna turn that down a bit?' and he was like "nah'.

      Matt: It was loud enough that outside, with the window blowing like 20 miles per hour, ya know, this big white open space, everyone's running around yelling, that it sounded like, ya know, the music was playing out of the boombox. It was in his ears and he was just sleeping

      Gus: It was amazing

      M: He was just out, yeah. It was hilarious

      Gray: i wonder if we're gonna have to keep the tradition in the animation department of just blasting that sound system from time to time, kinda keep everyone going

      M: Yeah

      Gus: Should be a right of initiation, during an all nighter, like the newest person on the team has to wear the headphones, sit there, and animate

      B: The craziest thing was we filmed immersion, we didn't realize at the time, but it was a block away from where we are now. Like we came out to the old airport because it was the only tarmac where we thought we could run this truck without the cops stopping us, ya know with our blow up dolls and Monty dressed as Yakuza. He beat the shit out of you

      Gus: I was gonna say he beat the shit out of me. He did not pull punches. He got me good. I had a bad bruise on my side from where he kicked me for like a week and a half.

      M: It was a very physical shoot. I remember Jack also got like a horrific sunburn. I surprised you remember anything, Jack, from that experience. But we also hadn't been working with Monty, we worked with Monty for a while I guess, but not doing much stuff outside of the office. Had we made that short before that?

      B: So here's the deal, the first PAX East, was when we showed the pilot episode of Immersion, and then we debuted Monty's worked.

      M: Oh that's right!

      B: So Monty had been working for us. Total secret for...

      Matt and Burnie: Six months

      M: So we had been working with him but we hadn't done that much outside the office, and you never know if somebody, on set or in the field, what it's gonna be like, how it's gonna be different, then, you know, in the office. Turns out he's just as crazy outside the office as he was in. Really enjoyed beating you guys up. That was a fun day.

      Gus: Yeah he had a blast with that.

      B: To show you how unfamiliar we were with Monty at the time, I said I felt nervous by asking him to play like essentially an Asian character in a sketch. Of course he was completely fine with it. And then I asked him, "do you have like a crazy suit that you can wear? Like really high fashion' cause I never...cause I didn't know at that point in time where I had seen Monty.

      M: I think his response was "how many do you need?'

      B: "Let me show you my collection of wigs that I have' But yeah, it's crazy to think like, Monty being a guy, who...he was so meticulous about the way he... presented everything, he was so meticulous about the work he did. The way he presented himself at conventions. All the time, you know, he dressed to the nine's. Dressed the same way twice that I can recall. It was amazing to me that somebody, knowing i hindsight, that he could go six months, like zero limelight, working so hard, and just knowing that this moment was coming.

      Gus: You know I was thinking about that today about the time we premiered his work at uh... PAX East, at the first PAX East, and um... I had never thought about it until today. That's the building where I met him for the first time. I met him at Anime Boston in 2007

      B: Right

      Gus: The week he had released Haloid, and um... I remember we shared it all amongst the office like crazy , and I think independently, all of us emailed him immediately. "You need to come work for us'. It's one of the few fanboy moments I ever had at a convention was, he emailed me back, and I was like, "I'm going to meet Monty'. I was so excited about it. He came by the booth and, we went off at the convention center,we talked for like an hour, like you know, his process and other things. So it was really cool, you know, 3 years later, he didn't come work for Rooster Teeth immediately, he went and worked in the video game industry, but eventually he came back and it was cool, 3 years later, to have the big unveiling and be there with him for, you know, we showed off the warthog breaking through the wall.

      M: That was funny too, because...everyone did email him and was like, "your badass! you gotta come work for us', but then there was a conversation, "so yeah, we should do stuff together' and he was like "okay, cool!' and then that was it, and he got a job at a video game place...

      B: Midway, in Chicago

      M: ...and he said to us, "oh, you guys were trying to fire me? I thought you were messing around'

      B: Said, "why do you think we're calling you?'

      M: "Oh cool, so let's working together now'

    • I want to make a community YT montage

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      but I need your video's for it to work.

      What to do
      Drop a link in this thread with the youtube link
      If possible, include time code's for the parts you want included

      Everyone will be credited for their video's and the video will not be monetized

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    • Are AH the most know Minecraft LPer's?

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      Just wondering if there's anyone more famous than Achievement Hunter that plays Minecraft. I would assume they would be at the top of the list

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    • I care about stats. Am i a bad gamer?

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      I have a confession to make. I care about my stats.

      I like to think I have some traits of a casual gamer. I never rage quit, I never lose my temper during a video game (normally just laughing it off). I play Wii Sports with my mother for **** sake.

      But I think there's a darker part of that. I used to play game's competitively ( as in for prizes). It first started out when I won a (then) $120 keyboard from playing Battlefield 2142. Then it was Killzone 2.

      These are my Killzone 2 stats.

      My highest rank is General of the Army. The only way to get this rank was being in the top 1%. Not 10%, 1%, as in 0.01. My (non defunct) clan was ranked in the top 5 in the world. Then there's my KD: 1.9. Out of the top 10 in the world I'm tied for having the highest kill:death ratio (12084 kills to 6357 deaths). I had a 1.97 win to lose ratio (270 wins to 137 losses) because as my name implies, I'm more of an objective player. 31.89% accuracy ratio out of 187118 Shots.

      After my clan disbanded (and I joined BotC), i tried giving up that life. it wasn't fun at all. too much stress and anxiety and hours lost sleeping just trying to be the best.

      I thought I had gotten it out of my system. Then came along The Crew. As it stands now, I have 13 world records. Why? Why do I always have to be #1 in every damn game I play.

      Does this make be a bad gamer? I honestly don't know.

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    • Tell us your 'small world' stories

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      To preface this, I should mention I currently go to school in Massachusetts, but live in Connecticut
      1) I just learned a good friend of mine from college went to my rival high school (she went to East Lyme, I went to Waterford)
      2) I have no idea how this happened, but my dentist's daughter posted a photo of a friend of a friend from college at a Rave. The weird thing is, Jul (as I'll call her) used to go to my college, but transferred to a college in Rhode Island. My dentist's daughter (I'll call her Jen) goes to college at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in MA. Jen lives in CT while Jul lives in RI. I have absolutely no idea how Jen photographed Jul other then pure coincidence. Who else has had strange coincidences in their world to make it all just a little bit smaller?

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    • The miracle weight drug exists

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      Disclaimer: If this is fake, this is the most professionally looking fake article I've seen


      Scientists have successfully used a drug to trick mice into revving up their metabolisms. The compound prompts the body to act as though it's about to have a meal, even if the meal isn't forthcoming. The researchers behind the medication, led by Michael Downes and Ronald Evans at the Salk Institute, are preparing to move the compound forward to human testing.

      DIET DRUGS ARE OF PARTICULAR INTEREST TO PHARMA COMPANIES In their tests, the drug stopped weight gain in obese mice, according to a report in Nature Medicine. That's not all, though. It lowered cholesterol, a known contributor to heart disease — and also helped the animals control their blood sugar, which is key for preventing metabolic syndrome and, eventually, Type 2 diabetes. The difference in weight gain wasn't because the animals were eating less.

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    • Photo-realistic Skyrim

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      Tamriel, also known as Dawn's Beauty in Aldmeris, is a gorgeous continent of awe inspiring and diverse landscapes.

      Dawn's Beauty is a group dedicated to showcasing the best in landscape photography throughout Tamriel.

      It is with great pleasure that I am able to bring you the first exhibition from the Dawn's Beauty group. I feel that the shots contained within this gallery bring together the best in landscape photography from the Elder Scrolls series. Beautiful mystical landscapes mix with photo-real screen-archery and stunning shots of the harsh but wonderful land of Skyrim.

      Thank you to everyone who has joined the group so far. These are your fantastic shots and you constantly amaze me with your skill and invention.

      I hope that you enjoy our first gallery and highly recommend checking out the photostreams of each of the screenarchers represented in the gallery. Links to their streams can be found to the left of each of the shots.

      If you would like to join the Dawn’s Beauty group please send me a request and I’ll be happy to add you.

      14169207155_159efa457a_h.jpgA brace of Mammoths in the lightning by rxkx22, on Flickr
      12139432264_4764e8e182_h.jpgSkyrim 2014-01-25 by Zilverborn, on Flickr
      13767002345_43cde34b50_h.jpgAn overcast morning... by Diethardt, on Flickr

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    • Youtube partnership network's

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      I had like 5 different invitations to join some company's YT network. I chose as they have a realistic 65%/35% cut and I couldn't find anything that says it's a scam

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