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    • How to not get a DUI on New Years (Eve)

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      At various times of year (e.g., between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick's Day) the American Automobile Association (AAA) clubs in various states arrange with local towers to provide a free "Tipsy Tow" service, under which motorists who feel they have had too much to drink to drive safely can call a toll-free number and get a tow truck to deliver them
      and their vehicles home safely. This service is available to everyone, including non-AAA members.

      Despite what is stated in the widely circulated Facebook post cited above, although this service is offered in a number of states, it is not available nationwide. Some state AAA branches offer it, and others don't; in some states, it is only available in particular areas (and may be limited to certain hours of the day). AAA advises calling them before New Year's Eve and verifying they are operating this service in your state.

      For more information about whether Holiday Safe Ride Program services are offered in your area, visit the Newsroom section of the AAA web site, call the AAA at the phone number listed above (1-800-AAA-HELP), or find and contact your local AAA office through the web site.

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    • my 'Best of: Achievement Hunter" series

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      If you go on the RT reddit you probably already saw these, but I've been editing down some of the Let's Play's to their best parts

      Achievement Hunt 42 - Jack vs Gavin (Trials with fixed screen rotation)



      Geoff's House (Minecraft)

      Best of VS: Lindsay


      3D ultra minigolf [FAILS]

      3D ultra minigolf [WINs]

      Minecraft 119.5

      GTA V - Free Play (sky high)

      New super mario bros U - Part 1

      Enchantment Level 30 (Minecraft)

      Feel free to leave any suggestions for future "Best of's"

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    • Karma at it's finest (RAOK)

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      Homeless Man Offers Student All His Money To Get Her A Taxi. Now She's Thanking Him In A Big Way.

      The story begins in early December. It was about 3 a.m. and Harrison-Bentzen was panicking. “I came out after a student night out … [and] realized I didn’t have any battery on my phone, I’d lost my friends,†the 22-year-old told BBC Radio 5. She’d also lost her bank card, she discovered, and she had no money. “How am I going to afford a taxi?†she asked herself.

      Just then, a homeless man, known only as Robbie, approached the young woman and asked her if she needed help. He proceeded to reach into his pocket and pull out all the money he had -- loose change amounting to about $4.60. He insisted that Harrison-Bentzen take it to pay for a taxi so she’d get home safe. It was, it seems, all the money Robbie had.

      Harrison-Bentzen, a student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, says she refused to take Robbie’s money and found another way to get home. But following her encounter with the generous man, she says she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

      For the next few days, the student searched for Robbie, driving around the streets with her mom and using social media in an attempt locate the man. In that time, Harrison-Bentzen says she learned more about Robbie and discovered that he actually had a reputation for helping strangers. For example, the student said in a Dec. 9 Facebook post that Robbie had been known to return wallets “untouched to pedestrians†and “offering his scarf to keep people warm.â€

      Finally, after four days of driving around Preston, Harrison-Bentzen found Robbie. “I was beginning to lose hope that I would see him again, to thank him personally for his kindness,†she said, per The Telegraph.

      Harrison-Bentzen was determined to do something to help change Robbie’s life. To “help him,†she said, as he had “helped many others.â€

      So, earlier this month, the student launched a fundraising campaign in Robbie’s name. She explained that she would be spending 24 hours on the streets, so as to “understand the difficulties†that the homeless face on a daily basis.

      “Please sponsor me $4.60 -- as Robbie attempted to give me his only $4.60,†Harrison-Bentzen wrote in the campaign description, adding that the money raised would go to helping Robbie get an apartment. “Together our small act of kindness can change someone's life this Christmas and finally get him off the streets safe and warm.â€

      Harrison-Bentzen, who spent the night on the streets on Tuesday this week -- an experience she called "far harder" than expected, says she had initially hoping to raise about $780 with her campaign. Her expectations, however, were quickly blown out of the water.

      Her story quickly went viral, touching the hearts of people in all corners of the globe.

      As of Thursday morning, 4,800 people have donated almost $50,000.

      "It just keeps on coming in," Harrison-Bentzen said of the outpouring of support, per The Telegraph. "The fundraising site keeps crashing because everybody is trying to get on to it." She added that she was blown away by the response.

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    • 3 Stories about cops being kind

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      Cops drove 87-year-old woman across Utah to see sick son

      Four troopers drove an 87-year-old woman 180 miles across five Utah counties to see her ailing son in the hospital Friday, Trooper Jeff Jones of the Utah Highway Patrol told USA TODAY Network.

      "She needed to get there," said Jones, who coordinated the effort.

      Helen "Skeeter" Smith of Panaca, Nev., was rushing to see her ill son on I-15 in central Utah when she was pulled over for driving passed a stopped police car on the side of the highway with its lights on, according to Jones, who pulled her over.

      Utah has a "slow down and move over" law that requires drivers to move away from stopped police cars to prevent accidents.

      After being issued a verbal warning by Jones, Smith tried to pull back onto the highway, but accidentally put the car in reverse and rammed the front of Jones' cop car.

      "Then she started crying and told me about (her son's) condition and what treatment he was under and how they had moved him to ICU. I said, 'I don't feel comfortable letting you drive.' She was almost in hysterics about not being able to go," said Jones, who has been a trooper for 11 years.

      Jones arranged to move her car to the sheriff's department parking lot and then coordinated a shuttle system with troopers in other counties.

      He drove her the first leg of the trip and then handed her off to another trooper, a system that continued until she arrived at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Ogden, Utah.

      She made it to the hospital in time to see her son.

      "Four good-lookin' patrol boys brought me," Smith told KUTV about the experience.

      Smith's son was moved to hospice care Tuesday and she is with him, according to Dwayne Baird, spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety.

      Watch what this Alabama police officer buys for alleged shoplifter

      Officer William Stacy encountered a woman who had allegedly attempted to shoplift food but didn't ticket her. Instead, he bought her the item she was intending to steal.

      "I was dispatched to Dollar General who said they had a shoplifter," Stacy, 23, told ABC News this morning. "When I arrived on the scene, I confronted her. She said her sorry and was honest about what she did."

      Rather than making her pay for the alleged petty crime, Stacy had her wait outside in the parking lot while he bought a dozen eggs for her to take home to the children.

      "I can't tell you how many times she said thank you," Stacy said. "She even started crying and asked me for a hug. She tried to pay me for the eggs with the little bit of money that she did have, but I wouldn't take it. I told her the best way for her to repay me was for her to never shoplift again."

      A fellow shopper recorded Stacy's act of kindness and shared it on Facebook. Since then, the video has gotten over 500,000 hits. Since news spread of Stacy's kind gesture, the Tarrant Police Department has been flooded with calls from strangers who want to help Johnson and others who are less fortunate.

      "I can't believe that such a small simple gesture got this big," he said. "If it was the same circumstance, I wouldn't turn away somebody who was trying to help their kids in a time of need."

      Police Officers Deliver Surprise Presents – Not Tickets – During Holiday Traffic Stops

      At a particularly sensitive time for police forces around the country, one department in Michigan is inspiring people with its own version of goodwill and generosity.

      Officers from the Lowell, Michigan, police department surprised plenty of drivers last month when they were pulled over for routine traffic stops. Instead of tickets, the unsuspecting motorists were about to receive gifts from their very own Christmas lists, an act of kindness all captured on video.

      Officer Scot VanSolkema acted as the department's Santa, wearing a hidden camera and microphone as he chatted up drivers after he pulled them over. VanSolkema asked them what they wanted for the holidays, all while fellow officers were listening in and scrambling at a local store to rush items from the drivers' wish lists to the scene.

      The motorists' shocked and surprised expressions were captured on video as they received gifts like new televisions, Apple iPads, Xbox Ones, gift certificates and even some coveted but pricey presents sought by their children.

      Several overwhelmed drivers couldn't help question how VanSolkema pulled off his gifting, but he chalked it up to the magic of Christmas. "Well, we've got radios and sleighs and magic elves," he responded.

      The video's creator said he was inspired to shoot the project because of his belief in the hard work of those in law enforcement, who often quietly go out of their way to help people in need.

      "I feel there's tons of great police officers who are getting missed in all the negative police coverage," viral video marketer Rob Bliss, who created the spot, told PEOPLE.

      "A big part of police work is public safety-community outreach, the proactive side of police work," Bliss said, noting that the video, created on behalf of UP TV's "Uplift Someone" campaign, has earned nearly 1.3 million views on Facebook in the 24 hours since it was first posted.

      "The feedback has been enormously positive. I thought there may be at least a bit of negativity given all the negative police stories currently trending, but it has been across-the-board positive," he said

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    • I'm starting to make time-lapses

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      in video game's. Here's one I made for The Crew

      Let me know what you guys think

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    • Layaway angel pays off $20,000 debt

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      Employees at the Hartford Avenue Toys R Us say a “layaway angel†paid for $20,000 worth of layaway items on Wednesday, clearing the entire balance.

      The anonymous woman gave the store manager a hug and told employees, “If you have it, give it.†Described as an older woman and a local, she said she would sleep better at night knowing the layaways were covered, the Milford Daily News reported.

      More than 150 people received calls Wednesday from Toys R Us employees. As they learned that their gifts had been paid for -- a total of 124 items -- there were tears and cries of astonishment, said Trisha, a longtime employee of the store who asked that her last name be withheld.

      “A lot of emotion,†she said. “This is the first time that someone has paid off the entire store.â€

      A Franklin resident said when Toys R Us called, she thought it was to remove her layaway because she had missed a payment for a $50 purchase of Hot Wheels cars and tracks for her two sons, ages 10 and 11.

      “I didn’t believe it,†said Linda, who preferred not to give her last name. “I thought, ‘You have to be kidding me.’ I almost wanted to cry. It was only $50, but that someone would go and do that gave me chills.â€

      “What they did was so caring and thoughtful,†she added. “I feel like I was part of something special -- touched by an angel.â€

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    • Multitasking during podcast's

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      what are some of the things you've accomplished while watching any of the 3 podcast's RT has (Screen play/RT podcast/The Know)

      Just recently i managed to survive the longest race in The Crew (4 hours) by listening to the last 4 episode's of The Patch (there's something relaxing about Ryan's voice)

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    • The Last of Us Demastered

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      This is hilarious if you ask me

      That HD remaster of The Last of Us sure looks great on a hi-def television. But on a standard TV, it looks downright spooky.

      Twitter user Kamirenko connected a PlayStation 4 to a cathode ray tube TV via an HDMI adapter. While the resulting picture certainly isn't anywhere as good as you'd get on a regular HD television, it certainly does fit the game's dystopian mood, no?



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    • The Crew

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      I currently have a This Is... and TTDI (2 hour race)

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    • The Crew

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      I did the 2 hour race last night and it was probably the best thing in this game so far. I drove my Corvette from Detroit to New York to Miami to Texas to California to Colorado and back to Detroit

      Here's the livestream

      and this is the 2 hour race in 3 minutes

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