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    • Bioshock...

      11 years ago


      Yeah, I forgot just how awesome this game is. I rented it last winter and finished a playthrough on the easy difficulty. Actually managed to get 31 of the 51 achievements all in that week of rental. However, now I OWN IT! And I'm playing through on normal, and I want to get all the achievements.

      That basically includes getting all possible tonic/plasmid slots, upgrading all the weapons, and taking shitloads of pictures. I've only fully researched Spider and Thug Splicer. That leaves:

      -Gun Splicer
      -Houdini Splicer
      -Nitro Splicer
      -Little Sister

      Researching those Big Daddies is gonna be a bitch. Fighting them is hard enough, but fighting them while taking assloads of pictures? Yeesh.

      If I manage to find all the audio diaries, awesome, but I'm not going to go hunting for them, and since the Jackpot achievement is only 10G, I'm not gonna bother with that either. I'll probably go for the Seriously Good At This (beat on Hard) one after I finish this playthrough.

    • Come on, get down with the sickness.

      11 years ago


      Fuck, I hate having a cold. They always come out of nowhere too; one day you're feeling fine, next you can barely breathe and everything is tiresome.

      I have to work tonight too... Bleh.

    • bleh

      11 years ago


      I hate being awake sometimes.

      now is one of those times.

      i'm too lazy to even capitalize right now.

      oh well, no classes or work tomorrow, so i get to sleep a lot!

    • JACKPOT!

      11 years ago


      Okay, so this video game store opened up in town this last month. Me and the roomies have been there quite a few times already; my one roommate acquired an original NES and by now has like 15 games for it.

      Well, anyway, yesterday I decided to trade some more of my stuff in:

      -Spare GBA
      -Pokemon Ruby, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Emerald, and Crystal
      -Warcraft III
      -Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
      -Diablo II
      -Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

      all in all, $100 in trade in. So, I cashed in and got:

      -Dark Sector for the 360
      -Black GameCube w/ controller (black)
      -Super Smash Bros. Melee
      -Memory Card
      -extra controller (silver)

      The extra controller brought the total up to like $115, but still, that's a nice bit of loot for only 15 bucks.


      As for Dark Sector, didn't play it much yet. It seems pretty badass, I love the Glaive. The controls and style of combat are EXACTLY copied from Gears of War, but that's okay. That game had shit for storyline anyway, where Dark Sector already seems pretty interesting.

      Need I say anything about SSB:M?

    • Shitberries.

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      Whoever typed up the achievement list for Tales of Vesperia needs to learn to spell.

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    • Back to normal. Mostly.

      11 years ago


      Well, after much searching and Googling, I finally figured out that both my lack of sound and my choppiness were both driver related. I found the correct sound driver at the Dell website (go figure (my computer is a Dell)), and then searched around for a solution to the choppiness. In the end, I went to the same section on the Dell site and just went through trying every video driver listed for my model of computer until one worked.


      At least now I know what to do next time.

    • Fuck you, technology. Fuck you.

      11 years ago


      So after getting a random message from my brother on Facebook about how he recently started using Linux Ubuntu, I figured I'd try it too. I thought "Hey, I'm more techno-savvy than him, it should be fine".

      Yeah. Right.

      Even though Ubuntu specifically prompted me to set the partitions for XP and Ubuntu, and I did so, apparently it didn't actually set them. What it did do was completely wipe out XP and all my stuff. So, I reinstalled XP and everything. In the end, not a big deal except getting my music and torrents back.


      Except for one thing. Well, two actually. I randomly have no sound at all now, and my Firefox runs like shit. Scrolling is choppy and laggy as hell for no reason -- I've never ever had a problem like that with Firefox before.

      If anyone has any suggestions for either of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Lately, in my gaming life.

      11 years ago


      Maybe...just maybe, I'll start doing more journals. I never know what to write about unless there's super big stuff or whatever, but hey, I'll give it a shot. Lots of people here just post their everyday stuff; why not me?

      What have I been doing lately? Well, gaming wise...


      A seemingly half-assed attempt at a sequel of FFX, it actually is a decent and playable game. The battle and job/dress sphere system is pretty awesome, but I don't exactly like what they did to Yuna's character. I mean, I understand -- she beat Sin, she can live her life now, but did she really have to turn into a complete ditz? Paine, the new character, is the best character, which I find odd, as generally the new characters in sequels are horrible.

      Only about halfway into the game at this point, and a storyline of any depth didn't appear until about a 1/3 of the way into the game -- I know because there's a Percent Completed on your save file, and it was at exactly 32% when I started noticing a storyline.

      What else is going on? Oh yeah, one of my roomies just acquired an original NES from the used game store that just opened up in town, so we've been playing that a lot and getting all the good games we can find for it.


      Do I need to even say anything about this? It's a classic.


      The TMNT game is pretty cool, except I can't seem to get past the SECOND LEVEL. You're underwater disarming 7 bombs or so, and I do okay until the end of it, where you've got to navigate through this S-curve of ELECTRIFIED SEAWEED.


      I couldn't find a screenshot of that exact part, but picture that in a large S-shape. And the controls for the swimming part are quite horrendous, which is a shame, because they're pretty good everywhere else.

      EDIT: Holy crap, I just noticed while reading over this after posting it how shitty the cover for the TMNT game is. ALL FOUR TURTLES HAVE RED BELTS/MASKS. What the fuck?! They all have their respective weapons, but they all look like Raphael!

      Ugh. So many errors in old games. Gotta love it, huh?

    • Yay!

      11 years ago


      For like two weeks now, anything on my computer that used Flash player didn't have any sound. YouTube, flash sites, the videos here on RvB... nothing. Finally, I just googled like fifty articles that had like 10 different fixes. Not sure which one did it, but I finally have sound again. Hurray!

    • Final Fantasy spree

      11 years ago


      ...So, basically my last three or four weeks worth of gaming have consisted of nothing but Final Fantasy. I finished up my FFXII game, and then started on FFX. In both games I actually went through the effort of getting (almost) all of the best weapons and summons and all that stuff, something I never bothered to do when I was younger -- i.e. playing FFVIII. Hardest = Ultima in FFXII. Fighting her was harder than the final battle of the game. Kinda sad... Nothing like having her Zombie your whole party and then cast Renew (full heal, whole party) on them. Oh, and all that is right after Dispelling all of them. Bleh.

      Going home tomorrow, hopefully I can find my copy of VIII so I can play it next. I also want to get the GBA remakes of the older ones once I have some money.

      Any other Final Fantasy fans out there? Which is your favourite?

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