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    • Laird

      9 years ago

      Just in case you care to see the crew of RvB in Vancouver, you should check out this site and attend the event in Vancouver May 29th, 2010.

    • blargblarg3

      11 years ago

      im a guy you duche

    • funiemonkie2

      14 years ago


      The Game of Tag
      If I tagged you... HA! You now have to follow the rules of the game:

      -You cannot tag someone who tagged you
      -You should tag at least 5 other people (those with 4 or less will be punished by flogging or any other way I can think of)
      -Random tagging is accepted
      -All tagging should be done in the personal comments section on the homepage of the tag-ee
      -Do not eat a live chicken
      -This game is only fun if people participate
      -The goal is for everyone on the site to get tagged EVENTUALLY
      -If you decide to participate, post the rules in your journal or link them to this journal
      -I have a space monkey in my pics section
      -There is no violence until I change the game to capture the flag
      -When capture the flag breaks out, the teams will cluck like chickens until I am satisfied (....???)

    • Rynth

      14 years ago


    • appledude211

      14 years ago

      Sev, cover me, Im goin for that turret

      Roger Delta 38

      Scorch is gonna love this...

      Republic Commando is THE BEST SW game I've ever played!

    • godlyhalo777

      14 years ago

      woo cool picts man

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